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Grocery stores are a staple in our society. They are the primary source of purchasing food for our family. With that in mind, there are a great variety of positions that are provided by this type of industry. People of all ages can find opportunities in these stores, as well as people of all levels of education.

For high school students, grocery stores offer great opportunities for first jobs. For everyone else, they provide you with flexible hours and incredible job security. They have a lot of positions that are catered to ones strengths and capabilities. There are so many different types of positions that you can obtain at one of these facilities.

There are night shifts for stock crews to dealing with customers daily, there is something for everyone offered in this industry. It is easy to work your way up in higher or differently positions if you put in time and effort to impress. There is no discrimination of the variety of people that can work in grocery stores.

If you need a career with flexibility or looking for a second job, this is a great option to consider. The working conditions are generally very safe and there is room to grow with success. Overall, this is a very desirable sector to work for.

Job Opportunities

There is a wide variety of positions to choose from in the grocery industry. Here are just a few opportunities available:

Cashiers: These are the people who are responsible for scanning the items and receiving payment as the customer leaves the store. Often times they are tasked with bagging groceries. Cashiers are responsible for working with the cash registers. They need to be up-to-date with the sales and have excellent customer service skills. Training is usually provided on the job, and anyone of high school education or above can gain this employment. The hourly salary for this position can range from $7-$10 per hour.

Janitorial Staff: Janitorial staff is generally responsible for working during the night shift, though some are staffed during the day to maintain the cleanliness of their facility. They are responsible for the cleaning of the store including buffing floors, cleaning windows and ensuring the shelves look need. Janitors are also needed for general maintenance of the upkeep in the facility. A high school degree is preferred to obtain this type of position, as is the ability to clean well. You can make from $10-$16 per hour for this job.

Managers: Each manager runs different departments within the stores. It is up to them to ensure that the employees are efficiently doing their required tasks. Some are also in charge of checking and ordering inventory. Some managers are in charge of things like payroll or scheduling. Also as part of their duties, they train new employees. To become a manager, you are expected to have a lot of experience with the customer service field. A high school degree minimum is required, but it is preferred for them to have higher education in the business or accounting fields to obtain this position. The average yearly salary for this position can be around $50,000 to $70,000.

Stock Persons: This job goes beyond just stocking the store’s shelves. They also receive shipments, price items, and keep track of inventory in their department. Stock persons are in charge of setting up the displays and ensuring they stay as required by the store’s standards. They will keep track of items on the shelves to ensure nothing is expired and that everything is priced properly. In some stores, they will also be expected to help give advice to customers on which products to purchase and helping customers find the items that they are looking for. In this position, you will need customer service skills. The average hourly salary for this type of position is $10-$11.

Job Outlook

The outlook in this industry has always been good. This is as a result of a high turnover rate seen around this field. This makes it ideal for people out in the job force for the first time or people looking for part-time work. As the customer needs change, this requires more departments and merchandise which then in turn requires more employees.

The growth of this industry will remain the same from 2008-2018. This is as a result of other competition from different industries, including wholesale clubs.

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