Foodtown Application & Careers

Foodtown is an American supermarket cooperative. They sell a wide variety of fresh and processed produce, and other products. They also sell baked goods and pharmaceutical products. Customers also have the option to shop for groceries online.

Twin Country Grocers, headed by Martin Vale, founded Foodtown in 1955 in New Jersey. It became one of the biggest grocery shops during the 1980’s.

They now have more than 70 stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. There are some stores in South Florida that focus on selling international products.

Working at Foodtown is a great training ground for people who are willing to learn. Managers and other full-time employees have healthcare benefits, 401k, and paid vacations.

Employees have flexible time schedules and good working hours. They enjoy working with friendly management and co-workers. The jobs are not complicated which are perfect for people who don’t have any working experience yet.

How old do you have to be to work at Foodtown?

The minimum age requirement for entry-level jobs is 18 years old. There are still some jobs that are available for applicants as young as 16 years old. Make sure to ask about the age requirement for the desired position.

Foodtown Careers

There are many full-time and part-time careers available. Entry level jobs are available for non-experienced applicants. All these positions are open to all applicants who are willing to learn. Most of the job openings available require customer service skills. They provide training to all new employees.

Cashier: Cashiers ring up purchases and collect payments at checkout stations. They answer customers’ inquiries and make sure that products are correctly priced. They must keep their areas clean and return items that were not purchased to the shelves. They should have a friendly attitude because they’re considered to be the face of the store.

Deli Clerk: Deli Clerks are responsible for assisting customers in the deli section. They offer and recommend food samples of meats and cheeses. They also provide cutting, weighing and packing services. They update displays for better sales and offer special promotions. They must be friendly when answering customers’ inquiries and requests.

Produce Clerk: Produce Clerks provide quality customer service and manage stocks. They ensure the freshness of products and restocking shelves. They must have basic knowledge of different produce and inventories. They are also required to unload trucks and have the ability to carry at least 50 pounds.

Seafood Clerk: Seafood Clerks check and maintain the cleanliness of seafood stocks. They’re responsible for cleaning and packaging fresh and processed seafood for customers. They receive and organize inventories of delivered products. They must have enough knowledge to answer customer inquiries of the products.

Bakery Clerk: Bakery Clerks check and restock display cases with baked goods. They operate equipment like bread slicer. They also use cake decorating tools to make personalized orders. They need to confirm that all labels and prices are correct. Bakery Clerks need to constantly check and change baked goods prices. The prices change based on the freshness of the goods.

Courtesy Clerk: Courtesy Clerks are in-charge of assisting customers throughout the stores. They help customers search for products they need. They also make sure to arrange and organize products. Their other tasks include bagging products and assisting customers with carrying their items.

Kitchen Clerk: Kitchen Clerks check the quality and quantity of food items delivered into the kitchen storage room. They must maintain the cleanliness and order in the kitchen. They also need to have customer service skills to assist customers when they’re needed.

Food Service Clerk: Food Service Clerks have to scan items correctly and quickly. They need to help customers by answering questions. To make every shoppers’ experience delightful, they need to have an appealing and friendly personality.  The management might require and ask other tasks if needed.

Housekeeper: Housekeepers maintain the overall cleanliness of the store. They make sure to clean any unexpected mess caused by customers or employees immediately. They gather shopping carts and clean inside and outside the store. They’re required to have the ability to lift at least 35 pounds.

Salad Bar Clerk: Salad Bar Clerks cut fruits and vegetables. They stock and replenish the salad bar constantly. They must maintain the cleanliness of the salad bar. They’re also needed to provide good customer service through efficiency and a friendly attitude.

Foodtown Application

Interested applicants need resumes and must fill out application forms. The forms are available at the stores. Despite having many branches, their application forms are all the same.

The applicants may apply through the company’s website. They can also visit their desired branches. Job openings are also found in many job search websites.

It’s better to check out the job openings and descriptions before filling out an application form. Make sure that the information written down is not falsified. Review the information before sending or passing the form.

Make a presentable resume that stands out. Include the set of skills that the job applied for requires. Don’t add any false information for the sake of having an impressive resume.

Don’t get overwhelmed when asked with many questions. For experienced applicants, explain the accomplishments and acquired skills from the previous jobs. For non-experienced applicants, research and relate the skills in the resume to the duties of the desired position.

Things To Know About Foodtown

Foodtown is known to deliver the best quality products and for their friendly staff. They offer special services like online grocery shopping and home delivery which are easy and convenient.

Foodtown has been partners with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for more than 15 years. They have been selling pin-ups for people living with MS. This earned the company the MS Society’s Corporate Honoree award.

They appreciate cultural diversity in the workplace. Having a diverse workforce means that there’s a helpful clerk for every kind of customer. This gives everyone a fair chance of getting employed.

They value customer’s welfare by promoting healthy eating and living. They have a resident dietitian who provides customers with healthy recipes and nutrition information. All of which are found on their official website.

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