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PriceSmart is a chain of membership warehouse clubs, the largest of their kind in Central America and the Caribbean. They currently have over 770,000 membership accounts and over 1 million cardholders. They also have online shopping in areas where their stores are located. For information on your PriceSmart application, read on below.

PriceSmart was founded in 1993, out of a merger between Price Co. and Costco merger. Price Co., or Price Club, was founded by Sol Price in 1976. Today, there are 36 stores across 12 countries and 1 United States territory. PriceSmart is currently headquartered out of San Diego, California, even though their market is in Central America and the Caribbean.

This company believes in giving back to their local communities. Through their Aprender Y Crecer (Learning & Growing) program, they show their dedication in helping support education in Latin America and the Caribbean. This program came out of the Price Charities, a private foundation founded by PriceSmart. This program gives educational materials and other school supplies, one set per student, in participating schools.

This is a company that takes people and their local communities very seriously. They want the best customer service for guests to have a positive customer service experience while in store. They also want to place a heavy importance on giving back to the local communities, because social responsibility is an important value to them.

PriceSmart Careers

Between the store level and corporate office, there are many different opportunities for people looking for jobs. At the store level, they have many entry-level positions available for those who are looking to turn their job into a PriceSmart career. Some positions at the store level include a store associate, cashier, and store manager.

The corporate level has a wide variety of employment opportunities for people of all skills and talents to find something that is a good fit for them. They corporate level does have some entry-level positions but most positions are higher level positions with more requirements to gain employment. Some corporate positions include buyer, administration manager, and senior accountant.

Different positions at this company have different requirements in order to gain employment. Entry-level positions may only require a high school diploma or equivalent with little experience. Higher level positions may require a college degree and several years of experience. How old do you have to be to work at PriceSmart? The minimum age of employment is 18 years of age.

PriceSmart offers benefits that are similar to others in their industry. Employee eligibility for benefits can depend on job title and hours worked weekly. Some benefits include paid time off, a 401(k) plan, and various insurance options. Employees may also receive paid job training, and competitive wages. They also provide room for employees to move up the ranks in the company.

Hours of operation can vary depending on location and holidays. During some holidays, there may be either full day or half day closures. For more information on hours, check your local PriceSmart. In general, hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 8:00am to 10:00pm and on Sunday from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

Job Description & Salaries

Cashier- The cashier is responsible for handling customer transactions at the register. They should be able to do so quickly. They must be able to lift heavy objects, as this is a wholesale company that sells items in bulk. They will also handle ringing up coupons. Since they handle dealing with customer transactions, they should be aware of company policy regarding payments. A cashier may earn minimum hourly wage.

Store Associate- A store associate is responsible for assisting customers on the store floor. They will also help stock shelves and assist customers by bringing items to their car. They will also help maintain and clean the store floor to ensure it is safe, clean and organized for customers. Store associates can be found in various departments performing department specific duties. A store associate may earn around $9 per hour.

Assistant Manager- An assistant manager is responsible for helping the store manager with the daily operations of the store. They will help train new employees. They may also help perform employee reviews. An assistant manager may also fill in where needed if the store is short-staffed or exceptionally busy. A store manager may earn around $30,000 a year.

Store Manager- A store manager is responsible for running the daily operations of their store. They will hire and fire employees as necessary. A store manager will also conduct job interviews for potential employees. They are responsible for the budget and payroll in their store. They are also responsible for scheduling their staff. A store manager may earn around $45,000 a year.

PriceSmart Interview Questions

These are some questions that you may be asked during your job interview.

Why do you want to work at PriceSmart? This question may require research prior to your interview. The interviewer is looking to see what you know about the company and their values. Discuss which values that you feel you share with this company and why that makes you a good fit to work here.

Are you able to lift items around 50 lbs. or more? Most jobs at this company do require heavy lifting. The interviewer wants to make sure that you are aware of this, and wants to see what you physical limitations are. Answer honestly, mentioning any physical limitations that you may have.

Is teamwork important in completing goals and have you ever had to work as a team to accomplish a goal? To make the store run smoothly, it requires all employees to work together as a team. Tell the interviewer any time that you had to work as a team to accomplish a goal and why working as a team was so important.

Why should we choose you over the other candidates? The interviewer is giving you the opportunity to sell yourself as the best person for the job. Take this chance to highlight your strengths and why the company would benefit from them.

What was the best customer service that you have received? The interviewer wants to know how you view customer service. Discuss a time when you received amazing customer service and why it was so memorable.

Advice for the Application Process

Wondering how to apply at PriceSmart? You can apply for a PriceSmart job by going to PriceSmart jobs online and sending your resume to the email address provided. You may also fill out an application form at your local PriceSmart. There are no downloadable applications online. There are no printable applications online. There is no way to apply directly online.

The company website does have some job descriptions clearly stated for potential job seekers to find a job that they may qualify for. You should only apply for a position that you qualify for, otherwise your application may not be considered. If you are filling out an application form, fill it out completely. When you send in your resume, remember to submit an updated copy.

After applying, you should hear back within a reasonable amount of time. If not, you can call to check the status of your application and see if they are still hiring for that position. They may be able to provide additional information, such as when interviews will begin if they have not started already.

You should prepare for your interview beforehand. You can do this by asking yourself potential interview questions and answering them aloud. This will help you be less nervous during your interview. This will also help you be more confident and more articulate for your interview. You should remember to dress in a professional manner. This will help increase your chances of gaining employment.
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