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The Market Basket is a catering and gourmet market/grocery store based in New Jersey. Do note that it is different from the supermarket chains DeMoulas Market Basket based in Massachusetts and Market Basket based in Texas.

The company was founded in 1960 in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. It is a small business that is family-run. And it has been going strong for the past five decades.

Despite not receiving any awards from the food industry, this company boasts of high prestige, especially in New Jersey. Its online presence may be weak, but it garners a lot of positive reviews and is highly rated. When it comes to employee count, it has around 200 to 500 employees.

The company provides standard benefits to its employees. Since most positions available are entry-level, employees do not receive any comprehensive or high-end benefits that most restaurant chain employers offer.

The work environment is a fun place to be. The employees are a tightly knitted group and there are strong connections and relationships among all employees regardless of position — a kind of setup that is unique to family-run small businesses.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At The Market Basket?

The Market Basket does not specify the minimum working age of applicants. However, it is recommended that you be at least 18 years of age when you apply since positions are limited. Small businesses tend to prefer older and experienced workers.

The Market Basket Careers

The company is small, and it has a lot of longtime permanent employees. It does not have a lot of entries in job listing sites or advertisements for any opening. Nonetheless, most of the positions that do get vacant are entry-level ones.

Cashier: You will serve at the front lines. Your main responsibility is to verify items and collect payment from customers. The cash register and its content will be your main responsibility. Also, customer service and communication skills are highly required to get this job. It is an excellent entry point in the retail industry.

Stocker: You will be moving the items from the warehouse to the sales area. You will also be responsible for managing the unloading of supplies from supply delivery jobs. You need to be physically fit and able to at least carry at least 80 pounds without assistance. Having a flexible schedule and high availability are two traits that can help you land this job.

Clerk: You will be rotating between tasks and jobs as a clerk. Your main responsibilities might change every day and are entirely dependent on your team leader or manager. Since you will carry multiple responsibilities and perform various roles, it is a great experience to have if you want to build a strong career in the retail industry career. Also, having good physical health, strong communication skills, and friendly attitude can get you this job.

Bagger: You will arrange and bag the purchased items of customers. You will regularly be in contact with them and other employees like clerks and cashiers. Aside from bagging, you will assist customers in transferring their goods to their vehicles. The ability to carry multiple heavy bags and good customer service attitude are desired qualities for this position.

Deli Clerk: You will be serving customers with deli and other products in your respective counter and area. You will also be tasked with preparing meals and providing deli recommendations. You will be in constant contact with customers, so you will need to be friendly and have a “customer first” attitude.

Meat Clerk: You will process meat products. The things you will usually do are pricing, wrapping, weighing, cutting, and slicing. Just as with other clerk jobs, you will deal with customers often. You must be able to answer their questions and inquiries about the products you are handling.

Produce Clerk: You will manage the produce section of the store. You will be tasked with assuring that all products are fresh and the product shelves are organized and clean. In addition, you will typically do the restocking of the goods yourselves. Also, you will assist and even educate — at certain times — customers when it comes to the items you sell.

Bakery Clerk: You will mainly manage the bakery in the store. This job entails different tasks and the tasks are dependent on your knowledge, skill, and assignment. Some of the tasks are baking, working on displays, packaging, and handling payments.

Cake/Pastry Decorator: You will work closely with a bakery clerk. Your main job is to decorate cakes and other pastries. In The Market Basket, you will focus on chocolate products. Knowledge and some experience in baking bread and pastry are required.

Kitchen Crew: You will primarily work in the kitchen. The range of products that you will handle is wide. Since the company also offers catering, expect that you will need to become familiar with multiple cuisines and cooking techniques.

The Market Basket Application

The only way to apply to the company is by going to the store directly and applying in person. This makes the jobs in this business limited to people in New Jersey. Make sure to bring your resume and dress appropriately. Look for the store manager and declare your intent.

There is no online application process. Its website does not even have a careers page. Nonetheless, should the company decide to expand, the possibility of online application features might be added.

Since there is no available online application on the company’s website or third-party websites, you do not need to worry about this part.

Competition can be fierce when a job opens up in the Market Basket. Thus, it is crucial that you include all relevant experiences in your CV. Once you have your resume covered, it is essential that you spend a lot of time practicing for an interview.

To up your chances of scoring an interview, you must be aware of the company’s advertising for an open position. Note that job postings are often posted a month in advance. On the other hand, the interview is basic and easy. It’s not lengthy and complicated like in the corporate world. The people who’ll be interviewing you will most likely be your potential bosses.

Things To Know About The Market Basket

As a family-run business, everyone knows each other in the company. Also, the culture is warm and welcoming in this place. Expect to connect with fun and friendly colleagues. Aside from that, do not be surprised if you see the big bosses of the company just wandering about inside and talking to the staff.

This company does not produce any headlines, meaning it is rather low-key and keeps a low profile. Nonetheless, if news outlets start to talk about topics related to supermarkets and groceries in New Jersey, expect that it will be mentioned. On the other hand, the company is consistently considered as one of the Best of Bergen Caterers for the past few years.

The company is known for its fresh seafood, deli, and catering. It has become the norm for people in Franklin Lakes to rely on the business if there are parties and events that require good food. Aside from that, its daily lunch specials are a hit to people who want to eat out.

Since the company is relatively small, its contribution to the community is not widely known. However, it is understandable that it does not provide huge assistance to any organization, cause, or the less fortunate due to the size of its business.

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