Raley’s Application & Careers

Raley’s Supermarkets is a family-owned supermarket chain that operates under the following names: Bel Air Markets, Raley’s, Food Source, and Nob Hill Foods. For years, the company remains to be the dominant supermarket operator in Sacramento, California.

Thomas P. Raley established the company on February 16, 1935. He ran the supermarket chain until 1991, when he died at the age of 88.

The Raley family ran the company until 2015, with couple James Teel and Joyce Raley Teel as board directors, and their son Michael as the CEO.

As directors, they maintained and at times, improved, the benefits package offered by the company. These are a 401(k) retirement plan, supplemental maternity leave, company pension plan, life and disability insurance, paid holidays and sick leave, and mobile phone use.

Employees have a lot to say about the company, especially when it comes to management-staff relationship. The management communicates clearly what it wants from and for employees. The higher-ups also encourage employees to work on their professional growth.

How old do you have to be to work at Raley’s?

Applicants may be as young as 16 years old, although they would only be accepted to courtesy clerk positions. Some jobs require applicants who are at least 18 years of age at the time of employment.

Raley’s Careers

The company is currently looking for individuals who have a great passion for food and customer service, and those who want to work for a fast-growing and innovative supermarket chain. The top job vacancies are as follows:

Store Team Leader

A thoughtful and strategic individual, the Store Team Leader schedules and monitors labor while he sets profit goals. Under his guidance, the staff is motivated to work efficiently and is able to comply with company policies and regulations.  He also interviews, hires, and coaches future department leaders.

Operations Team Leader

The Operations Team Leader is strategic, responsible, and efficient. He leads, coaches, and trains team members especially on performing the latter’s assigned tasks. Most of the time, he handles money transactions, accepts payments, and accurately gives change to customers. He is also in charge of planning store displays.

Center Store Team Leader

The key responsibilities of the Center Store Team Leader are: creating and maintaining excellent store conditions; supervising the ordering, stocking, and replacement of products; suggesting new ideas for the improvement of the business; adhering to safety and sanitation standards; and providing memorable and quality customer service.

Assistant Center Store Team Leader

The Assistant Center Store Team Leader shall work in varying shifts, and may be required to lift heavy objects. Aside from helping the Team Leader with his assigned tasks, the Assistant Team Leader assumes these functions in the absence of his superior. Thus, he must be detail-oriented, self-motivated, responsible, and agile.

Customer Service Team Leader

The Customer Service Team Leader shall work with all front-end team members, and coach them on tasks relevant to excellent customer service. Aside from assisting his team as they deal with customers, he shall act as the main go-to person for complaints, inquiries, and requests.

Team Administrator

The ideal Team Administator can efficiently and effectively handle cash transactions, process payroll, coordinate with cashiers and front-end teams, and ensure storewide compliance to asset protection, safety, and sanitation policies. He must possess a strong command of English and bookkeeping experience.

Dairy Specialist

A Dairy Specialist monitors orders and stocks at the dairy section, and ensures the products are still in good condition. He quickly replaces dairy products that are beyond their sell-by dates, and inspects whether they are presentable or properly stored. He enforces strict sanitation and safety standards for food items and his work area.

Wall Deli Specialist

The Deli Specialist is in charge of putting deli and meat products on display, while ensuring they are still in their best conditions. He always checks for the freshness of the products, and carefully wraps them for purchase. The Deli Specialist must likewise be knowledgeable about all his products so as to make necessary recommendations to customers.

Liquor Specialist

If there’s anyone a customer should look for when he’s buying wine, it’s the Liquor Specialist. He takes care of stocks, orders, deliveries, and product rotations. He is likewise in charge of store displays. The Liquor Specialist may be assigned other tasks, on top of his key duties.

Floral Specialist

The Floral Specialist ensures flowers are fresh and ready for displays, purchase, or deliveries. Creative and innovative, the floral specialist can quickly and effortlessly work on lovely bouquets and flower arrangements. His other tasks include minimizing product wastes, driving sales, and coordinating with the Store Leadership Team in implementing merchandising strategies.

Raley’s Application

The careers webpage of the company has an Apply button that leads the applicant to the online application form. The applicant is required to sign in using his email.

Next, he needs to complete the Candidate Profile. He can either connect his LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Google account to his application, or proceed to uploading his resume.

It’s important that applicants are ready with their cover letter, work samples, profile picture, and basic details. Upon submitting the necessary information and documents, the applicant has to wait for feedback from the recruitment team.

The hiring team prefers that applicants highlight their skills and relevant job experience. Resumes and cover letters must be neat, clear, and professionally written.  The standard 2 to 3 pages for CVs will do.

First-time applicants could likewise prepare for job interviews. Although such interviews are usually casual and short, applicants could be asked about their technical knowledge. They will also be a background check.

Things to Know about Raley’s

Raley’s believe that customers always come first. This philosophy includes making things convenient for customers, by launching personalized eCommerce shopping, same-day deliveries, and ready-to-go meals.

The company also sees to it the public eats only healthy stuff. In October 2017, the store began offering GMO-free pork in all its stores. In the words of Raley’s President Keith Knopf, this move translates to taking their customers’ needs seriously.

Raley’s likewise believes in purposeful giving. As part of its tradition, the company gives back more than $10 million to organizations across North California, and aims to inform communities about fresh and nutritious food alternatives.

Another project that the company is busy with is Food for Families. This program aims to end hunger by providing nutritious, natural, and organic food to communities who need it most. Truly, Raley’s is all about helping create a healthier world for people!

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