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With its roots based out of sunny Southern California, Pavillions – a subsidiary of Safeway Inc. – is a chain of specialty grocery stores that offers their patrons savory organic products to fill their kitchen.  The company lines the aisles of each of its locations with a great election to help you make the most of your meals.

To stay a step above other vendors, the company searches for the best kept cooking secrets worldwide then brings them to the shelves of their stores for the ease and convenience to the consumer.  They recently added a new specialty department, “The Natural Market” into many of the stores which offers only natural selections of food, oils and even cosmetics.  This new addition to the stores further exhibits the company’s commitment to support the healthy lifestyles of their customers.

In 2015, Pavillion’s parent company (Safeway) completed a merger with Albertsons, another large grocery store chain. After the completion of the large transaction, the company expanded substantially in size. Locations can be found in multiple states.  In market news, investors can continue to monitor the success of the company stock on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SWY.  Even though the upscale chain of stores runs under the Safeway brand, they still continue to uphold their vision to stand out from your other everyday shopping options.

The chain continues to deliver only the highest quality products to each of their customers.  By supplying healthy selections to its customers, Pavillions is the right choice for all of your grocery shopping needs, and more!

Pavilions Interview Questions

What should we know about you? Expect to hear this routinely-asked question from interviewers because they want to know how you handle a non-structured, conversational situation. Although the question seems vague, oddly personal, and surprisingly dull, if you answer it correctly you will show that you are quick-thinking, can communicate naturally, and can organize your thoughts without sounding fake. Do not tell your life story; instead, answer this question by talking about the qualities that make you a great candidate for the position, and provide concrete examples from previous jobs of how these qualities helped you achieve specific goals.

Describe your work ethic. Demonstrate that you are an asset to the company by discussing your desire to set goals and accomplish them thoroughly and on time. Talk about your drive, consistency, and healthy attitude toward hard work and group efforts. Mention your personal work philosophy only as it relates to specific skills needed for the position.

What questions do you have for me? Make sure you have something to ask! Take time before your interview to write some thoughtful, detailed questions. Being curious about the company will demonstrate your complex and critical thinking skills, and show that you will make an effort to be a productive member of their staff. Some possible questions are: In what kinds of teams can I become a member? Will I need in-house training to make contributions to some teams? What can I get started on right away?

Do you have any friends or family members who are currently or were previously employed by us? Find out what the protocol is on working with family members. If the company frowns on such connections, make sure to let the company know that you are qualified and excited to work for them, independently of any familial connections. If the company encourages referrals, then name your friend or relative and discuss how well you two get along and how much the person likes working for the company, but again state that your independent interest and skills are the reasons that the company should hire you. If the company encourages referrals, but dislikes your friend or relative, acknowledge the discord, and as always, bring the conversation back to what you can uniquely offer the company.

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