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Harmons is a supermarket chain business based in the United States. It is more of a grocery store, because of its specialization in supplying grocery items to households. The business operates through both online stores and physical stores located in different states in the US.

The company’s history dates back to 1932 when it was founded. George Reese Harmon and his wife founded the grocery store as a small shop initially called “the market spot.” Over the years to date, the business has grown tremendously. Currently, there are 16 Harmons stores located in different areas in the country.

Harmons offers a variety of products and services to its clientele. The product mix being offered have improved ever since its inception. However, the company mainly deals in grocery items that include general food items like vegetables, fruits and cereals and flowers.

The company’s culture is centered on providing an outstanding level of quality so as to retain its clients. This has enabled Harmons to continue offering a high quality of service to its customers over its long period of existence without compromise. The business is also run by values which include: integrity, community, tradition, innovation and quality.

Its excellence in offering high-quality services has not gone unnoticed. For instance, Harmons was voted the Grocery Retailer of the Year by RETAILTECH Magazine in the year 2000 in recognition. This was in recognition of its continued use of Internet Technology to improve its store operations and services.

Harmons Interview Questions

What position do you prefer on a team working on a project? Being a team player means that you do have a certain role that you carry out exceptionally well. Mention it, and emphasize on how skilled you are at producing the wanted results through taking part in this role. If you are more of a hands on person, or one that is so good at coming up with ideas, or one that is good at giving useful instructions, be able to point it out.

Are you willing to put the interests of the organization ahead of your own? Ideally, you should not have any trouble putting the organization’s interests ahead of your own. You must always remember that by getting hired by the organization, you must always be on the fore front to serve them whenever they ask of you to. It is therefore more like a duty for you to always have your organization’s best interests at heart.

What irritates you about co-workers? There could be a few things that irritate you, but it is obviously nothing that you can handle. Try as much as possible not to sound trivial. If something seriously irritates you, for instance a colleague that uses very explicit language or makes disturbing sexual advances at you, be made it known that your levels of tolerating such behaviors are very minimal.

Describe your work ethic: this is basically the do’s and don’ts you adhere to when it comes to ensuring a peaceful co-existence with co-workers. Talk about observing boundaries, respect for others, working diligently, putting forth the organization’s interests before your own, being result oriented, avoiding conflict and situations that could lead to it, fostering a good working relation with co-workers and in some instances even the ability to mind your own business.

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