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Key Food

If you are looking for a way to jumpstart some healthy lifestyle changes this year, you may want to stop in at a Key Food grocery store and ask about their Keys to Better Health™ program.  Key Food Stores Co-op, Inc., headquartered in Staten Island, stocks each of their independently owned East Coast locations with only the best ingredients to help you make the most of your meals – the healthy way!

At any of these grocery stores, you will find assistance with healthy living shopping lists.  In addition, through their Keys to Better Health™ program, the company has found a meaningful way to bring awareness to their customers on topics ranging from clean eating to strategies on how to make the most of a family meal.  What better way to show you care about your patrons?

With a bold acquisition move in 2015, the company has raised their number of available locations to over 200 stores found in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.  Chief Executive Officer, Dean Janeway, continues to mold the company’s image for the future.  A majority of their stores are run under cooperative ownership.  This style of ownership gives you, the consumer, a say in what you see on the shelves and how the store is run.

With a rich history dating back to 1937, the Key Food Store brand continues to please their patrons with quality products and strong ties to their communities.  Definitely a top notch choice for all of your grocery shopping needs!

Key Food Interview Questions

How would your coworkers describe you? The most successful way to answer this question is with a personal testimonial from a former employer or coworker. Try to provide an example from an employer or supervisor, or from someone who has worked closely with you. It is best if the quote describes specific qualities about you that demonstrate your ability to work well with others and that you have a strong work ethic.

What do you hope to gain from your work? Again, use general examples and positive scenarios that are realistic to the work environment of the company. Talk about how you want to feel: challenged, encouraged, and accomplished. You can say that you want to achieve goals in certain sectors, but focus more on the feelings and general aspects of what you want from your day-to-day work environment.

How do you manage people and projects? Stick to describing how you manage people in multiple scenarios, showing that you manage according to specific instances, instead of confining your problem solving skills into a few limited modalities. Avoid conforming to conventional standards, as the rise of technology and communication is making the traditional types of management dated, slow, obsolete, and potentially embarrassing for a company.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Stick to describing a positive, engaging, and productive work environment. Although this question sounds lofty, it is not. Do not describe an unrealistic fantasy job, or any job that is not the one for which you are applying because that would be counterproductive to showing that you want this position more than any other. Equally important is to not name the exact position for which you are applying. Instead, speak generally about a job in which you feel challenged, enjoy your team, and feel like you are a part of a worthwhile cause.

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