Dillons Application & Careers

Dillons is a grocery superstore franchise under Kroger Company, identified as the first store in the State to implement a “Cash and Carry” payment concept.

Formerly known as “J.S. Dillon Cash Store”, back in 1890’s, by John S. Dillons, developed their Cash and Carry concept due to more stores relying on credits. The store branched out by 1957, until it joined forces with Kroger Company in 1983.

Currently, there are more than 12000 employees serving in 93 establishments, including 24 gas stations. Most establishments are composed of groceries and a pharmacy.

Benefits of the employees include competitive pay, company discounts, health insurance, and 401k retirement plans, and profession growth, which includes good promotion opportunities. Trainings are also implemented for employee development.

The well compensated employees with the heart for attending customer and co-worker concerns is a healthy factor that makes their workers love their job here in Dillons.

How old do you have to be to work at Dillons?

There is no age limit for getting a job at Dillons. Whether you are a student needing a part-time job, or a veteran who needs income and a lighter way to serve the people, being in this company is for you.

Dillons Careers

If you are a person who likes servicing others, while earning and helping yourself and your loved ones in return, Dillons is there to help you with your needs, especially with getting a job.

Assistant Supply Chain Manager: The Assistant Supply Chain Manager supports the Senior Superior in the daily tasks of a marketing sector’s source connections, and dispersal system. One also handles total circulation and retail actions, leaning on merchant supply chain agendas to afford lesser price of goods. One must have a bachelor’s degree of related field, with 3 or more years of experience.

Assistant Store Manager: The Assistant Store Manager is in charge of daily actions and growing progress of the shop, implement the company’s core values, and support the Store Supervisor. Must have a High School Diploma, and pass the Division Management Training Program. Strong leadership skills is also required.

Bakery Clerk: The Bakery Clerk is accountable for the preparation and presentation of the goods following the guidelines provided by the management. One is also responsible for assisting the consumers their needs, and implement company’s core values in the process. Experience with related field is required, and availability to work during weekends and holidays.

Dairy Lead: The Dairy Lead manages and trains the grocery workers in regards to the establishment well-being, merchandise procedures. One also records the performance of the co-workers, and the progress of the market. Experience with related field is required, and availability to work during weekends and holidays.

Pharmacy Technician: The Pharmacy Technician assist the pharmacist in certain jobs that non-pharmacist are allowed to take over; managing the inventory, files, records, transactions and the Pharmacy Computer System, and performing polite customer service. Experience with related field is required, and availability to work during weekends and holidays.

Receiving Clerk: The Receiving Clerk will be accountable for confirming the quantity of merchandise received and handling retailer statements and repossession, and manages the records in regards to all the transactions. Experience with related field is required, and availability to work during weekends and holidays.

Supervisor: The Supervisor oversees the ongoing progress performed by the subordinates. One also checks on the worker’s records from the Human Resource, trains and develops them, and records the development. High School Diploma or higher, and 2 or more years of leadership experience is required. Availability to work during weekends and holidays is also a must.

Order Selector: The Order Selector is the one accountable for packing stockpiles’ orders in a precise, prolific and secure manner. One is also in charge of managing and recording the order of the merchandises. Must be 18 years old or older, with High School Education or General Education degree, plus a year of related experience.

Night Stock Clerk: The Night Stock Clerk is the one in charge of the order of the stockpiles, after loading and unloading them in and out of the truck. Experience with related field is required, and availability to work during weekends and holidays.

Health and Safety Manager: The Health and Safety Manager teams up with health operatives to encourage employee and client health and safety; manages the analysis of well-being and safety concerns and deliver remedial actions. Must have a health-related degree, with First Aid Certification, and 3 or more years of field-related experience.

Dillons Application

For onsite applications, please inquire to the outlets near your location, or check their website for the list of existing branches. Don’t forget your printed resume!

Online Application is also available. To access this, find the career link at the lowest part of the company’s official site. Browse for the jobs available, or use the search bars for a specific job.

Click on the job title, and after reading the description and making sure that it’s the job you want, click on “Apply Now”. You are required to have an account in their site before proceeding to fill up the rest of the application information.

Be specific with the inputted details, and read the description carefully and take note of them. Remember facts like the age limit, required educational attainment, and preferred years of experience. Your referred work must stand out on your resume; your information must be really related to your choice of job, aside from the basic details.

Score your interview by putting on your best attire, and also making sure your resume information and your interview answers will match.

Things To Know About Dillons

Dillons is your have-it-all. From consumer service and suitability, the wide variety of products one can acquire from the stores, to job availability to everyone.

Get in touch with their newsletter, mobile app, and social media pages for their promos such as card freebies, and updates with regards to the fuel points.

With the goal to serve you at your convenience, Dillons will always make sure that your needs are met; from online shopping, their mobile app, and their 93 stores.

Beneficiaries at this company doesn’t limit to its customers, but also to the less fortunate. Programs like The Dillons Community Rewards and being in partnership with United Service Organization, to show that they are make stand for their company’s objectives.

Application Links

Company: https://www.dillons.com/

Careers: https://jobs.kroger.com/dillon-stores/go/Dillon-Stores/587500/

Application: https://career8.successfactors.com/careers