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For over eighty years, Big Y Foods, Inc. has provided dedicated first class customer service to its loyal patrons.  You may more commonly recognize their business operating under the name “Big Y Supermarket”.  As a traditional style grocery market, the chain offers quality market produce and other popular grocery items in a store with a small town atmosphere.There are currently over sixty active stores owned by the company, including a few specialty markets.

Focused more on the quality of their products and taking excellent care of their staff, the corporate offices claim to not be as driven towards rapid growth within the company, rather they would prefer steady organic growth through continuing successful business operations.  Recently, the company branched out and opened their first gas station and convenience store.

With weekly specials and sales, there is much offered to the average customer. The company builds their pricing structure and sales to suit the needs of working families. In select stores, they even offer free child care for customers while they shop.

What started out as a family owned organization has grown into one of the largest private companies in America today. Winning a seat on the acclaimed “Forbes 500” list, Big Y has built quite the name for themselves since the company’s inception back in 1936.

With corporate offices located in Springfield, Massachusetts, the founding D’Amour family still manages the everyday operations of the business. Having been handed down generation to generation, Big Y has never let go of its dedication to those they serve.

Big Y Interview Questions

Are you overqualified for this position? You are well qualified for the position. Don’t indulge the idea of being too little or too much. Remember that this process is all about framing yourself as the proper and best candidate to fill the needed role. Refer back to that directive in any conversation about your qualifications. You can do all that you are needed to do and you are attentive to your instructions.

Do you have experience terminating the employment of others? Is it something you’re comfortable with? You want to make clear your understanding of the severity of firing people. You don’t treat it lightly, but you are aware of when it is a necessary course of action. If an individual is responsible for hurting or weakening the company, your prerogative is to act in the favor of the company and attempt to remedy the issue that has been created. At times, the best way to support the organization is to separate it from the individual source of a problem.

Who might you refuse to work with? You want to appear resolute. The only things that should bring about an objection for you should be violence, illegal activity, or company sabotage. This question if answered poorly is another that stands show your limitations and how they can alienate you from the company. In the vast majority of cases, you’re expected to work with most varieties of people, and get the job done.

What sort of pay do you expect? You don’t want to unknowingly place yourself against something as rigid as a company’s pay structure or conventional compensation, and you don’t want to theoretically end up with less than ideal pay for your own word choice. This is a question for which you need details to adequately answer, you can express that and ask about the pay range that’s already in place for your position. You can also answer cleanly with: “competitive”. This means that you only want to be treated with a fair degree of closeness to where their pay structure dictates and have access to the available channels of promotion. If you have an awareness of an industry standard pay range you can acknowledge it and assert that the job’s particular details bear weight in where in the pay range you would belong competitively.

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