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the fresh market

Based out of Greensboro, North Carolina, with stores sprinkled across the country, the Fresh Market is a specialty grocery store that provides an experience unlike the “big name” chain stores.  With close to 200 stores nationwide, each location offers their loyal patrons superior grocery products in a friendly atmosphere.

To consistently provide the best ingredients possible to their customers, the company considers both quality and value to be of utmost importance.  By keeping these key factors a priority, the Fresh Market continues to grow their success as a company.  Their mission focuses on delivering exceptional customer service, and since the incorporation of the company in 1982, they have worked to integrate each of the markets into the communities in which they operate.

In an effort to support the company mission, many locations also partner with various charities and organizations works hand in hand with organizations throughout the market communities.  With food bank donations in excess of $17.8 million dollars in 2014, the company is committed to corporate responsibility and making an impact.  Sustainability, responsible sourcing and waste reduction are just a few ways that the Fresh Market continues to demonstrate their passion for improving our environment for the future.

Last year, the publicly traded company appointed a new CEO who is leading the company in continuous improvement initiatives in an effort to, not only increase shareholder value, but to keep the local, home grown feel of the market available for its every day customers.  The Fresh Market is the perfect place to purchase just the right ingredients for your next gourmet meal!

The Fresh Market Interview Questions

How would measure your success on this job? There are many different ways to measure success, but you will want to tell the interviewer how you measure success. If you need your supervisor to tell you that you are doing a good job, then that is also an important thing to share with the interviewer. Maybe you just need to meet your personal goals, and that is fine, too.

What has disappointed you about one of your previous jobs? You don’t want to be negative while answering this questing, so don’t say anything bad about the company or your former co-workers. You can, however, say that the job didn’t challenge you or that you weren’t given enough responsibility to be satisfied in the position. Answers like these let the interviewer know that you are up for a challenge and that you are ready to work.

What would previous supervisors say your strongest qualities or skills are? While there are many different answers you can give for this question, you should still be able to keep your answer fairly short. Make sure that you give an answer and explain it. You may say, “My previous supervisor would say that I am a hard worker, because I was always willing to stay late to meet deadlines,” or “my former supervisor would say that I am a quick learner who is very professional in the workplace.”

Why should you be the person we hire? You never want to compare yourself to other candidates when you answer this question. Instead, point out how all of your attributes and experiences make you the ideal candidate for the job. You can also add a little additional information about your goals or skills when you answer this question, if you haven’t mentioned them already.

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