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Randalls is an American supermarket chain owned by Albertsons Companies LLC. They also operate under the Flagship Randalls name. Their headquarters is located in Houston, Texas.

In 1966, the company was co-founded by Robert Randall Onstead, R.C. Barclay, and Norman N. Frewin by buying two existing supermarkets. By 1985, the company was the second-largest grocery store chain in the Greater Houston area.

The supermarket chain currently owns 43 stores, which are all located in Texas. The company is praised for offering almost everything that the customers need.

Employees who work for the company get many benefits such as a job training program, which can help them not only when working but also for their future endeavors. They also get employee discounts when they shop at the company’s locations.

Employees love working for the company because they always learn something at the end of the day. They also love the nice co-workers and the employee discount.

How old do you have to be to work at Randalls?

Job seekers must ensure that they possess the necessary skill set and the job requirements and that they can pass the minimum age requirement of at least 16 years old in order to hiring consideration from the company.

Randalls Careers

Randalls offers fulfilling careers for people regardless of gender, religion, race, and age, who can help them deliver the best shopping experience for their customers.

Delivery Driver: A delivery driver ensures that orders get to the customers’ addresses safely. They need to be skilled drivers and must have an extensive knowledge of the area in order to make fast deliveries. They are also responsible for ensuring that the delivery vehicle is road worthy. Delivery drivers receive payment from customers. Because they represent the store, they must have good customer service skills.

Cashier: A cashier ensures that the customers get a great checkout experience. They operate the establishment’s cash register. Their duties include receiving money, processing transactions, and giving change. They also answer queries and provide information about the products. Cashiers need to have good customer service skills and the patience to do repetitive tasks.

Bagger: A bagger assists the cashier to ensure that the customers have a great checkout experience. They bag purchased products and since bags are added expenses for the company, baggers need to maximize the space in every bag. They also bring products to the customers’ vehicles upon their request. Baggers need to work quickly to prevent long queues.

Deli Clerk: A deli clerk works at the deli section of the supermarket. They cut, weigh, and pack deli products. They also provide customer service by providing suggestions, assistance, and responsiveness. Deli clerks ensure that they serve high quality food and they also prepare tables for the next customers.

Bakery Clerk: A bakery clerk provides service to the customers of the supermarket’s bakery. Their duties include accommodating customers, restocking shelves, preparing pastries, and cleaning the bakery. They also answer questions and provide suggestions. Bakery clerks need to know how to use baking equipment and they also need to follow the rules and guidelines regarding sanitation to make sure that they produce high quality products.

Pharmacy Technician: A pharmacy technician works under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. They give medicine to the customers and provide information about the products. They can also prepare the products according to prescriptions. Pharmacy technicians need to have good knowledge about pharmaceutical products.

Cake Decorator: A cake decorator prepares the cakes for the bakery. Their duties include baking cakes and designing them for different occasions. They can also prepare cakes according to the customers’ preferences. Cake decorators need to have creativity since cakes are always the center of attention on a dining table. Furthermore, they must have a background in baking.

Stocker: A stocker’s duty is to restock the store’s shelves. They check the shelves if some products need restocking and bring supplies from the stockroom. They also check for damaged or expired goods. Stockers need to be physically fit since they have to walk around the whole supermarket and take heavy products.

Store Manager: A store manager watches over the establishment’s day-to-day activities. They direct employees and act as quality control by checking product quality, talking with customers and ensuring their satisfaction, and observing how employees work. Furthermore, they also manage the payroll and the paperwork. If needed, they can make business and staff-related decisions. Store managers need to have good leadership, communication, and management skills.

Assistant Store Manager: An assistant store manager helps the manager keep an eye on the establishment’s day-to-day operations. They do a variety of jobs such as operating the cash register, providing customer service, organizing the shelves, and bagging products. If the manager is absent, they will have to manage the store. Assistant store managers need to have good management and multitasking skills.

Randalls Application

Job seekers who wish to be employed at Randalls only need to make sure that they have the necessary skill set, gather the job requirements, and submit an application to any of the company’s stores.

For applicants who don’t prefer in-store applications, they can go for an online application. All that they have to do is access the employment section of the company’s official website, find their ideal job, and submit an application

In filling up the application form, the applicants should avoid making erasures as they can make the paper look untidy. Instead, they should kindly ask for another form when they make a mistake.

For the resume, the applicants should use a format that can promote their achievements and skill set. They should also use simple font formatting for better readability.

When it comes to the job interviews, the applicants must exhibit confidence in answering questions. Job seekers should also be attentive to the interviewer and act in a professional manner.

Facts About Randalls

Randalls has a great work culture, it is a place where every employee, may it be in a management or entry-level position, are treated with respect and are given the opportunities to show their talents.

In 2018, the supermarket chain announced that they will close their location in 1525 D. Mason, Katy, Texas. According to spokesperson Dawne Proffitt, the company has no more plans for closures in Houston.

The company is known for offering a wide selection of grocery products, for being easily located, and for being one of the largest supermarket chains in Texas.

The supermarket chain gives back to the community through the Good Neighbor program. Since 1996, when the program was started, the company had already donated almost $48 million to thousands of participating organizations.

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