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Fareway Stores, Inc. is a grocery store chain that currently operates over 100 stores across multiple states in the Midwestern Region of the United States.  The company’s founder, Paul Beckwith, opened his very first store Iowa back in 1938.  With a family first business model, each Fareway store is committed to providing superior customer service to each of its patrons, and stocking its shelves with home grown fresh produce and more.

The company prides itself in the value they have built over the years.  They put quality first in every aspect of the business, which their dedicated staff placed in each store strive to achieve on a daily basis.  For over 75 years, the company works to enrich the communities in which their stores are present by offering a welcoming and unique shopping experience to its customers, as well as participating in various charitable outreach programs.

Fareway Stores, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Reynolds Cramer, continues to live out the founding family’s vision and mission for the company.  Running a company with an average annual sales total of $1.2 billion comes with great responsibility.  Cramer hopes to lead the company into further growth in the future, with the goal of leaving their stores in a better state than when he came on with the company.

With shelves neatly stocked with fresh produce and quality products for all of your grocery shopping needs, Fareway Stores has been able to hold onto its old fashioned atmosphere.  It brings a certain charm to the homegrown chain of stores that sets it apart from other mainstream grocery stores.

Fareway Interview Questions

What is your desired salary? The employer knows you would like to make the most money possible from the position. So, be honest here and answer with the lowest salary you would accept. If you would not work for the company for less than $15/hour, don’t let them think that you would. Hopefully, the company already expressed a range of compensation when you applied, and you’ll be able to answer this question with the rate already suggested by the organization.

Have you ever had to fire someone? If so, briefly explain how you felt about the situation. If the answer is no, you should still explain how you might react to such a decision, as honestly as possible. In the case that you have fired someone in the past, explain how you felt it was a benefit to the company you worked for at the time, how other options for the employee had been explored, and why you feel it was the right decision. It is important to be extra confident in this answer, and that you show that you can be thoughtful in a position of power, as well as that you will able to make difficult decisions with good reasoning.

If you won the lottery and did not need to work for money, would you quit your job? Whatever your answer is, explain what goals you would work toward accomplishing even if you did not need to work. Let the employer know that you are a passionate, driven, and ambitious person, even when it is not necessary for you to be that person. Explain also how the position you are applying for would actively drive you toward your long-term goals, so that if you did no longer need the position for money, you would at least not regret having worked there for the time that you did.

Do you work well in a group? Let your employer know that you can, and have, gotten along with all sorts of people, and worked with such people to accomplish something successfully. Try to think of a situation where there was a small amount of conflict that you were able to overcome by working out a compromise. The employer will know that not every situation you’ve encountered has been entirely smooth, but you need to let the company know that you will be able to work through problems with them, and with their other employees, instead of giving up.

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