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Based in Salisbury, North Carolina, Food Lion now has numerous branches across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states. The grocery store proudly offers a variety of different products, ranging from fresh food to household products, to beauty essentials.

The first Food Lion store was established in December 1957 by brothers Brown and Ralph Ketner, and business partner Wilson Smith. In 1967, Ralph Ketner offered 10% discount on about 3,000 items, a move that changed the game.

By 1983, Food Lion has reached its first billion in sales. The grocery now has over 1,100 branches. To this day, the company houses more than 63,000 employees, serving more than 10 million customers on a weekly basis.

As an employee, some of the benefits include yearly week-long vacations, health insurance, and good pay. Food Lion also grants sick time, paid vacation leaves, and holidays based on the employee’s eligibility.

People would love working for this company, because it gives equal opportunity to everyone, regardless of skin color, race, gender, and sexual orientation. Employees are treated as assets – rewarded for their performance and given on-the-job training for more learning opportunities.

How old do you have to be to work at Food Lion?

The minimum employment age at Food Lion is 16 years old for entry-level jobs. There are cases where applicants under the age of 16 who may get accepted, if they can secure a permit from the local government.

Food Lion Careers

With Food Lion, there is a variety of different entry-level positions for applicants to choose from. The application process is simple, plus all positions allow employees to gain significant experience dealing with customers.

Specialty Merchandise Associate: Provides quality customer service, specifically in the Specialty Merchandise section. Here, the successful applicant shall handle General Merchandise, Specialty Foods, J-Hook program, and Health and Beauty Care. The specialty merchandise associate is also responsible for maintaining the store’s standards using the Grocery Standard Practice Manual.

Product Associate: The product associate provides customer service in the Produce Department. In addition, product associates shall properly receive, handle, and product products, as well as maintain quality control over products in the Produce Department. They need to interact with customers.

Center Store (Grocery) Associate: The main responsibility of the center store (grocery) associate is to place sealable merchandise on the grocery store shelves. He or she maintains shelf allocations and organizes items per tag and in the designated department in the grocery store.

Deli/Bakery Associate: Works in the Deli/Bakery Department and operates machines. They should properly write messages on cakes for customers. He should also be able to make coffee, tea, sandwiches, and salads, and fry chicken and dispense drinks.

Frozen Food/Dairy Associate: provides quality service in the dairy, eggs, milk, ice cream, and frozen food section of the grocer. He or she shall unload trucks containing these dairy products, as well as receive and properly store these products for longevity.

Quality Assurance Associate: The quality assurance associate is responsible for maintaining cleaning standards across the howl store, in accordance to the Standard Practice Manual. He or she shall buff, clean, as well as maintain and keep the store mop room clean and organized.

Front End Sales Assistant: The Front End Sales Assistant directs the Service and Sales Associates according to the responsibilities delegated by the Customer Service Sales Manager. He will maintain office operations and procedures involving deposits, checks, register checkups, and cash reports.

Market Associate: They will weigh, wrap, and arrange fresh meat cases and should have knowledge about all cuts of meat. He or she processed seafood and meat, as well as keep weighing scales and wrapping stations clean always.

Cake Decorator: The Cake Decorator knows how to maintain ovens and airbrushes used for cake decoration at the Deli/Bakery Department of the grocery. He should also prepare cakes, cupcakes, pies, decorated cookies, and other baked items for the display cases.

Retail Pricing Coordinator: The Retail Pricing Coordinator maintains proper pricing for all products in the store. He replaces tags for each item, in all departments of the grocery store, and make corrections, if any., according to price changes.

Food Lion Application

If you want to apply for a job at Food Lion, you can easily go on their website and click on “Jobs” under the “Careers” category. There you’ll find a list of the available job positions, including information on the location of the job position.

Aside from walking in the store, Food Lion also accepts applications through Delhaize Careers. Simply choose a job opening that you’re interested in and click “Apply On-line” at the end of the job posting.

Make sure to have your resume ready, as well as important information such as your Social Security Number and a valid e-mail address to receive updates from your application.

For your resume, ensure that your work experience reflects performing duties and responsibilities that are needed for the position you are applying for. This gives you an advantage and shows that you are indeed ready for the job.

When you are scheduled for interview, make sure to dress in your neatest outfit. Bring a copy of your resume with you in case the employer asks for one. Also, don’t forget to smile, greet the interviewer before and after the interview, and to be confident in your answers.

Facts About Food Lion

Food Lion is committed to diversity and inclusion, enabling its employees to move towards growth without setting limitations to race, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and other defining factors. Among the company’s values include determination, integrity, courage, humility, and humor.

Being more than just a grocery store, Food Lion also engages with the community by hosting hunger relief efforts and making charitable grants. In 2014, Food Lion Feeds was created, a philanthropic program that donates meals in partnership with Feeding America. Food Lion wishes to eliminate the dilemma of most customers when choosing from a menu. It also helps customers with limited budget when faced with the choice between food and paying rent, or buying dinner or buying gas.

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