Piggly Wiggly Application & Careers

Piggly Wiggly is an American chain of supermarkets. They currently operate in the Midwestern and Southwestern regions of the United States and its headquarters is located in Keene, New Hampshire.

In 1916, Clarence Saunders opened the company’s first store in Memphis, Tennessee. It was such a hit that he managed to expand the business into a few more branches by 1932.

In 2016, a Piggly Wiggly store in Prairie du Chien, Crawford County, Wisconsin received the Governor’s Exemplary Employment award. This is due to the store’s efforts in hiring persons with physical disabilities.

The company’s employees receive many benefits such as a 401k plan, as well as a healthcare insurance. They also offer their employees paid vacations and sick leaves.

Their employees love working for them because the management takes care of their team well. Aside from that, they are also given flexible hours which makes their work less taxing.

How old do you have to be to work at Piggly Wiggly?

The minimum age requirement for applicants to get accepted into entry level jobs is at least 16 years old and must have the necessary skills.

Piggly Wiggly Careers

The company offers fulfilling careers for people of varying skills and specialties. Here are a few options you can look into:

Cashier: The main responsibility of cashiers is to operate the establishment’s cash register. They process the customers’ purchases, receive payment, and give appropriate change. It is necessary for them to have a nice attitude since they interact with the customers.

Bagger: The bagger works at the counter alongside the cashier and bags the products that the customers bought. They need to know how to maximize the space of the plastic bags for increased efficiency. They can also be asked to help customers get the bags to their vehicles.

Customer Service Clerk: Customer service clerks provide customer service to anyone who requires it. They give information, assistance, and suggestions to customers. If customers have a problem with the establishment, they are tasked with resolving the situation or reporting it to the proper department. Their job requires them to have a good attitude since they talk with the customers.

Grocery Clerk: Grocery clerks provide help for the customers in the grocery section of the supermarket. They provide customer service and suggestions to the shoppers. In case some of the shelves run out of some products, they can be tasked to restock them.

Produce Clerks: The main responsibility of produce clerks is to ensure the quality of the store’s fruits, vegetables, poultry, and meat products. They help customers pick the freshest goods and reach for them when customers can’t. When products on sale begin to decline in quality, they will have to refresh the displays. They also need to have a good attitude to interact with customers.

Deli Clerks: Deli clerks work at the deli section of the supermarket and provide customer service by providing suggestions, assistance, and responsiveness. They ensure that they serve high quality food and prepare spaces for the next customers. They can also cut, weigh, and pack products.

Stock Clerk: The job of stock clerks is to manage the supermarket’s stocks. They unpack the products once they arrive, check for any quality issues, and put the products where they need to be. They are also responsible for updating the inventory records and for restocking the shelves when needed.

Bakery Clerk: Bakery clerks provide customer service to the customers of the supermarket’s bakery by giving assistance and suggestions. They also need to be knowledgeable in baking since their job requires them to help in the preparation of pastry goods. Another skill that they must have is attention to detail, which will help them in preparing customized orders. When stocks run out, it is their job to replenish them.

Department Manager: Department managers manage a certain department of the supermarket. They assume a leadership role and must make sure that everyone is doing their task and doing it efficiently. Their job requires them to have leadership skills so that people will follow them. They are also responsible for any staff-related issues.

Human Resources Coordinator: The job of human resources coordinators is to help the company in dealing with HR-related tasks. They recruit employees, manage the staff, train new employees, manage employees’ payroll and benefits, and update the employee records. They are also responsible in making sure that there are no quarrels between employees and everyone maintains a good relationship.

Piggly Wiggly Application

Job seekers who wish to get a job at the company will have to go one of the company’s supermarkets and submit a completed application form.

For those who prefer not to make an in-store application, they can opt for completing an online application instead. They can apply by opening the careers section of the company’s website and there, they can begin looking for a job that suits their skills.

In filling up the application form, applicants need to make sure that they fill it up neatly and free of any errors. It will also help if they read the form first, this would enable them to think of the answers ahead of writing them down.

In submitting a resume, applicants are advised to not overdo it. Instead, they must keep the format simple and make sure that the information they give is relevant to the job that they are applying for.

For applicants who have been called in for an interview, it helps to prepare for the questions that might be asked. Lastly, do dress in a business attire. It shouldn’t be anything fancy, but you do need to make a good impression.

Facts About Piggy Wiggly

The workplace culture is praised by employees because it is a culture of friendship. The staff makes sure that everyone is getting along with each other and enjoying while they are working.

In February 2018, it was announced that the company’s store in Cherokee, North Carolina will be reopened in March 24. The owner, Tracy Wix, also announced that applications for it will be accepted in her other store, Peoples Drug and Variety.

The company is known for being the first ever true-self service supermarket since its foundation in 1916. It is also renowned for offering a wide variety of products and only selling the freshest goods.

In order to help the community, in 2016, Piggly Wiggly Birmingham and Coca Cola Bottling Company UNITED, Inc. teamed up to start a community food bank to feed less fortunate families.

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