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El super
El Super is a major food retailer on the West Coast that provides outstanding produce and grocery products to their valued customers at low competitive prices.  The company operates under the name El Super, but their legal corporate entity name is actually Bodega Latina Corporation.  They are owned by Grupo Chedraui, which is a large supermarket chain south of the border in Mexico.

As a multi-national chain, the store covers a variety of cultural specialty items in their stores, and strives to cater to the tastes of their regular customers.  They are currently a publicly traded grocery and department store with stock available on the Mexican Stock Exchange.  Their trading symbol is CHEDRAUI.

The company was founded back in 1927 by a local family living in Xalapa, Veracruz.  They are claimed to be one of the largest chain retailers in Mexico.  They moved into the United States in 1997, when the chain opened stores in California.  The company has it’s headquarter offices in Paramount, California, and currently operates around forty stores employing over 30,000 people.

As a Mexican owned company, the chain aims to embrace the Hispanic culture and stocks their stores with quality products that suit the needs of their loyal customers.  In addition to their popular grocery stores, the chain has branched out and also works with real estate transactions in a separate branch of the company.  They are committed to the communities they serve, and plan to continue providing low prices and great products in each of their friendly and inviting stores.

El Super Interview Questions

Describe your management style: the best way to approach this is by indicating that you like to work in accordance with the situation at hand. You analyze the situation and then decide how best to handle it. This creates the impression that your judgment will always be fair and unbiased. Thus the organization can trust your ability to make important decisions on their behalf when the need arises.

Are you willing to work overtime? Nights? Weekends? Be candid. If you are not willing to, give valid reasons as to why you cannot. Could be you are a family person, a single parent maybe. If you do not mind working the extra hours, show genuine interest by inquiring if and how much they pay per extra hour. Also ask about the precise number of extra hours you will be needed to work.

What kind of salary do you need? In most cases, it is good to honestly state your ideal salary expectation with regard to your position and line of work. You will be paid in the exchange for your services after all and it is only fair that you are paid in accordance. You however do not want to create the impression that you are money-minded. Therefore address this subject with just enough seriousness.

Why should we hire you? Expound more on your experience in that particular position and why they need someone of your caliber in terms of experience and skill set. Once more, it’s a matter of creativity in how well you present your skills. But also, do not cook up things to present. Be as candid and straight to the point as possible.

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