Manpower: ManpowerGroup is a major American human resource firm with thousands of offices in the United States and around the world. They perform a range of professional services including recruiting, outsourcing, holding human resource consultations, and operating employment agencies. ManPower group has multiple subsidiaries that focus on specific areas of human resource work.. See Manpower Application.

Comcast: Comcast Corporation is an American media company that generates more revenue than any of its competition. It provides television services in most of the United States and various locations worldwide. It also offers internet and phone services. Comcast owns and operates various television stations and owns the Universal theme parks. Despite their growth and financial success, Comcast is known for low customer satisfaction.. See Comcast Application.

Coca Cola: The Coca-Cola Company is a major American corporation that manufactures, sells, and advertises beverages in the United States and countries all over the world. Its most well-known product is Coca-Cola soda, but it also sells other types of sodas, such as Fanta and Sprite. In addition to soda, Coca-Cola sells Minute Maid Juices, Nestea Teas, Dasani Water, and Powerade sports drinks, to name just a few of their products.. See Coca Cola Application.

Convergys: Convergys Corporation is based in the U.S. and operates service centers in countries around the world. It sells customer management products to other corporations, especially those in the communications, technology, retail, financial, and government fields. Convergys also offers a variety of professional services in areas such as outsourcing and consultation.. See Convergys Application.

Kelly Services: Kelly Services, Inc. is an American agency that provides professional services around the world. It places temporary and full-time workers and participates in outsourcing, recruitment, and consulting services. Kelly Services places employees in a variety of jobs in technology, health care, education, marketing, and accounting fields, just to name a few.. See Kelly Services Application.

Labor Ready: Labor Ready is an American employment services company that manages issues related to temporary workers. This company has locations in North America and places recruited and screened individuals in jobs that require general skills. These workers are matched to jobs based on their skills and availability and will work for just one day or for a longer period of time if necessary.. See Labor Ready Application.

Dish Network: Dish Network, or Dish, is an American television provider with satellite service. It operates in the United States and in addition to television service, this company offers satellite internet service. Dish serves millions of customers and is a major force in the pay-TV industry; it also offers DVR technology and sells its services at competitive prices.. See Dish Network Application.

Randstad: Randstad Holding NV is a major Dutch company that provides human resource consulting services. This Netherlands-based company now has thousands of firms in countries around the world. In addition to providing human resource consulting, Randstad operates employment agencies and offers recruiting and outsourcing services for mainly temporary workers, but also some longer-term workers.. See Randstad Application.

Aerotek: Aerotek is a company that provides recruitment and placement services for workers and businesses. They often place workers in aerospace and defense industries, and sometimes also in technical, industrial, and professional fields. The company is part of the larger Allegis Group and offers services in North America and in European countries.. See Aerotek Application.

Time Warner: Time Warner Inc. is a major U.S.-based media company that operates in countries around the world. It has many well-known subsidiaries, and operates a variety of television networks, including HBO, CNN, the CW, and Cartoon Network. The Time Warner company also owns New Line Cinema and DC Comics, among others.. See Time Warner Application.

Directv: DirecTV is a major U.S.-based company that provides digital satellite television services. The company serves the United States, South and Central America, and the Caribbean islands. DirecTV offers a wide range of TV channels and pay-per-view and on-demand options. They provide services to customers’ homes and a variety of businesses.. See DirecTv Application.

Pridestaff: Pridestaff is an American company that offers temporary hiring and placement services for workers and businesses. There are more than 60 Pridestaff offices in the United States, and they help thousands of workers find jobs in a variety of career positions from entry-level to executive-level. Pridestaff specializes in personalized services.. See Pridestaff Application.

Greyhound: Greyhound Lines, Inc. is a major U.S. company that provides public bus transportation. It is the largest bus company in North America, serving millions of customers and transporting them to more than 3,800 destinations. Greyhound offers multiple transportation experiences, including Express, Connect, charter buses, and more. They also have discount bus services.. See Greyhound Application.

Old Dominion: Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. is a U.S.-based company that provides transportation services. They operate in the United States and in countries around the world. Old Dominion offers a variety of shipping services for businesses that transport supplies between regions, and can provide these services on demand if necessary. They also offer moving services for individuals.. See Old Dominion Application.

National Grid: National Grid is a major utility company that is based in the United Kingdom. They provide electricity and natural gas services to homes and businesses in the U.K., and they also operate in the northeastern United States under the name National Grid USA. The company is committed to providing customers with energy through sustainable practices.. See National Grid Application.

Suddenlink: Suddenlink Communications is a privately-owned telecommunications company that provides cable television service to more than 1 million customers. They are a smaller cable company, operating in just 17 of the United States, and often in more rural areas. In addition to cable television, Suddenlink offers high-speed internet, digital phone, and security services.. See Suddenlink Application.

Peco: PECO is an energy corporation that is based in the United States. It serves well over a million customers and primarily operates in the state of Pennsylvania. The company offers electrical and natural gas utility services, and much of the energy they provide comes from nuclear sources and renewable sources.. See Peco Application.

Labor Finders: Labor Finders is an American temp service company that recruits and places temporary workers. They employ thousands of workers every day and have nearly 200 offices in the United States. Labor Finders employ blue collar and industrial workers in a variety of unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled positions in different fields.. See Labor Finders Application.

Duke Energy: Duke Energy is an American power corporation that primarily provides electrical power to the United States, Canada, and Latin America. They also provide natural gas power services. Duke Energy is the largest company of its kind in the United States, and in recent years it has added nuclear stations and proposed more eco-friendly practices.. See Duke Energy Application.

Charter Communications: Charter Communications is a U.S.-based telecommunications company that primarily provides cable services to millions of customers in 29 of the United States. Charter Communications offers cable television services, along with digital telephone and broadband services. Their cable services are called Charter Spectrum, and are part of a new all-digital network.. See Charter Communications Application.

Adecco Staffing: Adecco is a Swiss company that offers human resource consulting services. They operate in thousands of locations in countries around the world. Adecco offers a variety of commercial services, and they can recruit and send workers to different companies for employment. They also work in outsourcing and different types of consulting.. See Adecco Staffing Application.

Comed: Commonwealth Edison, or ComEd, is a utility service that provides electricity to homes and businesses in a region of the United States. It operates in Illinois and along the borders of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Indiana. ComED is a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation and provides electricity to more than 3.5 million customers.. See Comed Application.

Georgia Power: Georgia Power is an American utility company that provides electrical power to millions of customers in the state of Georgia. The company provides electricity in several different ways: by making use of hydroelectric dams, by operating nuclear power plants, and by burning coal and other fossil fuels in different plants.. See Georgia Power Application.

Alabama Power: The Alabama Power Company is an American corporation that offers electrical services to more than 1 million customers in the state of Alabama. It is a subsidiary of the larger Southern Company, which provides much of the electricity in the southern U.S. Alabama Power supplies customers with electricity primarily by using fossil fuel, hydroelectric, and nuclear plants. The company also operates its own appliance stores.. See Alabama Power Application.

Mediacom: Mediacom is a privately owned telecommunications company that operates in the United States. It is a smaller company, operating in the Midwestern and southern regions of the country. Mediacom offers cable television services to around 1 million customers; these services include basic and digital cable, along with high-speed internet and landline phone service.. See Mediacom Application.

Duquesne Light: Duquesne Light Holdings, Inc. is a privately owned holding company that deals in energy services. Their subsidiary, Duquesne Light Company offers electrical energy services to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in the United States. They offer greener options and tree cutting services for trees growing too close to power lines.. See Duquesne Light Application.

Schlumberger: Schlumberger Limited is a major oil-related company that is based in Germany. This company provides oilfield services and operates in more than 85 countries around the world. Schlumberger assists oil companies by helping them find, evaluate, and process drilling sites. They also aid with extraction and storage. The company has taken eco-friendly initiatives and has invested in carbon sequestration.. See Schlumberger Application.

J.B. Hunt: J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. is an American trucking company that operates in the United States along with Canada and Mexico. They have thousands of trucks and trailers that are used to transport a variety of goods across the continent. In addition to carrying cargo, J.B. Hunt offers labor and system services and provides different types of equipment for customers.. See J.B. Hunt Application.

Cox Communications: Cox Communications is a major company in the telecommunications industry that operates in the United States. They are a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, and they serve millions of customers, offering cable television services, and internet and telephone services. Cox offers their cable to individuals and businesses, and they also produce home security systems.. See Cox Communications Application.

Tesoro: The Tesoro Corporation is a major oil and gas company that is based in the United States. The corporation has oil refineries in the U.S., and once their products are refined, Tesoro markets them to gas station companies around the country. There are hundreds of Tesoro branded gas stations in the U.S., and thousands more stations sell Tesoro gasoline under other brand names.. See Tesoro Application.

Dole: Dole Food Company is a privately owned corporation in the agribusiness industry that is based in the United States. They are responsible for growing and distributing food products, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. The company also produces packaged fruit dishes and salad ingredients. Dole products are sold in grocery stores around the world.. See Dole Application.

Mcmaster Carr: McMaster-Carr Supply Company is a privately owned company that ships industrial tools and other building supplies. They are based in the United States and ship items to other companies and especially industrial facilities. McMaster-Carr is known for quick deliveries and helpful customer service. Businesses and individuals can select a wide range of products for order from their website.. See Mcmaster Carr Application.

Quaker Oats: The Quaker Oats Company is a major food corporation that is based in the United States and sells products in grocery stores around the world. As their name suggests, they are best known for their oat-based products. Quaker Oats produces many different breakfast foods such as cereal, oatmeal, grits, and breakfast cookies. They also make a variety of snacks, packaged rice and pasta, and beverages.. See Quaker Oats Application.

Ceva Logistics: CEVA Logistics is a privately owned company that operates a supply chain and has locations in hundreds of countries around the world. Based in the United Kingdom and operating out of the Netherlands, CEVA manages freight and transportation of supplies for different businesses by air, sea, and land. They also assist businesses with logistics.. See Ceva Logistics Application.

Jea: Jacksonville Electric Authority, or JEA is a publically owned utility company that provides energy to thousands of customers in the state of Florida. Some of the energy services they offer include electricity, sewage treatment, and water services. They provide clean drinking water from wells and water lines, along with chilled water to use for air conditioning purposes. JEA also operates a large sewer with treatment plants.. See Jea Application.

Seattle City Light: Seattle City Light is a publically owned and operated utility company that is based in the state of Washington. It offers electricity services to customers and businesses in the city of Seattle and surrounding areas. The company operates unique hydroelectric power facilities, and most of their operations produce little to no greenhouse gases.. See Seattle City Light Application.

Southern California Edison: Southern California Edison, also known as SCE Corp, is a utility company that is based in the southern region of California. They offer electric power to millions of customers in the state, along with businesses. The company is a subsidiary of the larger organization, Edison International. Southern California Edison also offers natural gas power and drinking water services to their customers.. See Southern California Edison Application.

Gulf Power: Gulf Power Company is a utility corporation that is based in the United States; they are a subsidiary of the Southern Company. Gulf Power provides electrical services to thousands of customers and businesses in the state of Florida. Their power plants are powered by fossil fuels but the company has managed to grow while still cutting their emissions production.. See Gulf Power Application.

Bright House Networks: Bright House Networks LLC is a privately owned communications company that is based in the United States. They serve millions of customers in the state of Florida, offering media services such as cable television, home and business phone service, home internet, and home security. Additionally, the company operates two local news television channels.. See Bright House Networks Application.

Bechtel Construction: Bechtel Construction is a major privately owned construction company that is based in the United States and operates in countries around the world. In addition to construction, they are responsible for engineering and project management. Bechtel is involved in global infrastructure, mining projects, the production of nuclear facilities, and much more.. See Bechtel Construction Application.

Burns And Mcdonnell: Burns & McDonnell is an engineering company that is based in the United States. They are responsible for engineering, designing, and constructing a variety of buildings and facilities, and they are also involved in aviation and military projects. Burns & McDonnell aims to provide safe, high-quality services to their clients.. See Burns And Mcdonnell Application.

Halliburton Construction: Halliburton Construction is a major oilfield services corporation that is based in the United States and operates in countries around the world. They primarily find, extract, and produce products for the fuel industry on land and offshore. Halliburton is also responsible for constructing oil wells, producing cement, among other things.. See Halliburton Construction Application.

Kbr Construction: KBR, Inc. is a publically owned engineering and construction company that is based in the United States and operates in countries around the world. They are responsible for producing technology related to the fuel industry and they often complete projects for the government. These projects may be related to national energy issues or infrastructure. KBR is also involved in private military contracting.. See Kbr Construction Application.

Kiewit Construction: Kiewit Construction is a privately owned construction and mining company that is based in the United States and operates there and in Canada. The corporation is owned by employees and is responsible for engineering a variety of projects and constructing facilities and constructing military equipment and various parts of the national infrastructure.. See Kiewit Construction Application.

Spherion Staffing And Recruiting: Spherion provides exclusive staffing and recruitment services focusing on the local market trend. It has an absolute hold on the job market locally and nationally and keeps itself updated and connected throughout the community.. See Spherion Staffing And Recruiting Application.

Abf Freight System: ABF Freight System was founded in 1923 with establishments in Fort Smith, Arkansas. This transportation company has over 10000 active employees and handles a network with regional and national truckload transportation infrastructure for varied commodities.. See Abf Freight System Application.

Landstar System: Founded in Stamford, Connecticut (1988), Landstar System is a transport company that focuses in initial logistics and third-party logistics. The company provides its services worldwide, especially in the US, Canada, Mexico and various other countries.. See Landstar System Application.

Panther Expedited Services: Panther is a premium company providing logistic services worldwide. It was founded in 1992 and has over 11,000 customers. Its clientele database includes Fortune 500 corporations; blue-chip transportation and various government agencies.. See Panther Expedited Services Application.

Tmc Transportation: TMC is the biggest flatbed trucking enterprise that is absolutely owned by its employees. The company has its hold for over 40 years in the transportation industry. Once you are a TMC employee, you are sure to have a sturdier freight base and excellent service delivering facility.. See Tmc Transportation Application.

U.S. Xpress: U.S. Xpress provides top-notch quality transportation solutions completely tailored as per your requirements. It provides the best available transportation vehicle and innovative transport solutions across North America to smoothen you complete moving experience.. See U.S. Xpress Application.

Holland Usf: Founded by Cleve and A. J. Harrell, in 1929, Holland USF provides comprehensive transportation network throughout North America. The company is an essential part of YRC Worldwide Inc. and offers industrial, retail and commercial goods shipping.. See Holland Usf Application.

Baltimore Gas And Electric: Baltimore Gas and Electric is an electric and natural gas power company with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. It provides electricity to around 1.2 million customers and natural gas to around 650,000 customers in its service areas, which includes Baltimore City and major parts of Central Maryland.. See Baltimore Gas And Electric Application.

Chesapeake Energy: Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Chesapeake Energy is a public limited oil and natural gas company. It ranks second among the largest producers of natural gas in the United States with an employee strength of around 5,500 and was founded in 1989.. See Chesapeake Energy Application.

Consolidated Edison: Well known as Con Edison, this company is owned by the investors of USA. Consolidated Edison was founded in 1823 in New York City with an employee count 15,000 approximately. It provides utility services including electric gas and steam services.. See Consolidated Edison Application.

Delmarva Power: Delmarva Power was established in 1909 and is a subsidiary of Pepco Holdings Inc. The company offers electric and natural gas services that are completely safe and secured for American customers throughout Delaware and Eastern shore of Maryland.. See Delmarva Power Application.

Holland Board Of Public Works: Established in Holland Michigan, Holland Board of Public Works being a municipal utility company offers various utility services including drinking water; sewage treatment and electrical power to various areas including Laketown Township; Holland City; Park Township and Fillmore Township.. See Holland Board Of Public Works Application.

Indianapolis Power And Light: Founded in October 1926, Indianapolis Power and Light serves the entire Indianapolis area with its electric power. It is one of the largest utility subsidiaries of AES Corporation. The company runs with more than 1500 employees and serves around 470,000 customers in service territory.. See Indianapolis Power And Light Application.

Kansas City Power And Light: Founded in 1882 by Edwin Weeks, Kansas City Power and Light is a public limited electric utility company that serves the Kansas City metropolitan area. Great Plains Energy owns the company with a unique slogan, “Energizing Life”.. See Kansas City Power And Light Application.

Long Island Power Authority: Long Island Power Authority is a government owned Energy Provider Company that has its roots in Uniondale, New York. It serves various counties of Long Island, Rockaway and Queens in New York with electric power. Public Service Enterprise Group handles the company’s operations.. See Long Island Power Authority Application.

Los Angeles Department Of Water And Power: With establishments in Los Angeles, California, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power employees around 8,611 employees and ranks highest amongst the utility providers of the United States. It provides electricity and water to over 4 million US residents.. See Los Angeles Department Of Water And Power Application.

Memphis Light Gas And Water: Ranked 3rd in the utility providers list of the US, Memphis Light Gas and Water serves over 420,000 customers across Memphis and Shelby County in Tennessee. The company provides water service, natural gas and electricity since 1939, ever since it was owned by the city of Memphis.. See Memphis Light Gas And Water Application.

Nashville Electric Service: Nashville Electric Service stands 12th amongst the electric utility companies of America. The company has been distributing electric energy since 1939 to over 350,000 customers across Tennessee; that is the Nashville/Davidson county and parts of other six nearby counties.. See Nashville Electric Service Application.

Nicor Gas: Owned by AGL resources, Nicor Gas was founded in 1953 with headquarters in Naperville, Illinois. The company is a natural gas distribution company and serves over 2 million customers across its service area, which includes Northern Illinois except of Chicago.. See Nicor Gas Application.

Nisource: Ranked largest of all the utility companies in the United States, NiSource Inc. is a public utility company that provides natural gas and electricity to over 3.5 million customers and 500,000 customers respectively. The company provides it services across 7 states with employees over 7,000.. See Nisource Application.

Pepco: Pepco is a public invested utility company that serves around the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and surrounding sectors of Maryland with its electrical power. The company is owned by Pepco Holdings, Inc. and is operated since 1920.. See Pepco Application.

Scana Corporation: Founded in 1924 and headquartered in Cayce, South Carolina, Scana Corporation is public utility Company that provides natural gas and electric power to more than a million and 662,000 customers respectively in South Carolina.. See Scana Corporation Application.

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