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img- Randstad ApplicationRandstad, a Netherlands based company started out in 1960 with 1 old bicycle, 2 school rooms and 500 Dutch gliders. They believed in a different way to work than the traditional laborer. The labor markets could become flexible instead of the rigidity that had to date been the only way to work. Work with the 2nd largest staffing agency; click the link below for a Randstad application today.

The original company, in which it succeeded, Uitzenbureau Amlstelveen, had evolved 4 years later into Randstad Uitzenbureau.  3 years later they had 32 branches in 4 countries. In 1983 the ever growing the company had taken over the Tempo Team staffing agency. By 1990 the company was featured on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Get one of many Randstad jobs online. You’re one step away from joining the 22.5 billion dollar industry.

The company was responsible for staffing the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA, employing 16,000 workers. Between 1989 and 1999 international network doubled due to gaining the U.S., Germany and Spain. By 2010 the company had joined forces with Vidior and acquired holdings from FujiStaff and celebrates 50 years.  The following year in 2011, the SNF acquisition created the 3rd largest in North America. See below for a few Randstad careers.

2013 brought in the partial acquisition of USG people, a European based company. 2014 heralded the hiring of CEO van den Broek.  2015 The company is celebrating 15 years of the company Award, celebrating excellence. With $22.5 billion in global human resource services, Randstad jobs are an industry leader becoming the 2nd largest staffing specialist worldwide.  By consulting the website on how to apply for Randstad online, your Randstad application and resume can be uploaded to the company’s database.

Randstad Careers

In the staffing business, the retail end of the company is that of the employees it fills jobs with. Their presence with over 500,000+ personnel in 4,587 branches is impressive. Filling demand for temporary employees with continuing supply of jobs is the main focus of Randstad. Get your printable application for Randstad today.  For a career in a changing environment which supports job opportunities worldwide, apply for jobs at Randstad.

Corporate careers are like any other company’s corporate responsibilities. Instead of marketing a product they market their employees’ assets.  The multi-billion company which makes up the 2nd largest temporary personnel corporation in the world is accepting applications online. Apply online for Randstad jobs. For job descriptions, benefits, and locations of employment opportunities go to the website, sign in and check out your dashboard.

How old do you have to be to work at Randstad? You must be at least 18 years old or older to apply with the company. Due to the positions and or experience needed for some jobs you may need to be older. Every job has a different skill set and qualifications that may pertain to age and or education.

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Benefits of contractors include but not limited to weekly paychecks, medical, vision, and dental, 401(k), Life insurance and Short and Long Term Disability Insurance, MetLife Home and Auto, Hyatt Legal Plan, and transit commuter benefits, Verizon Wireless Discount Program, 1-800 Flowers, and Extended Stay Programs to name a few. Use the online application to download application form and submit it to the local office.

Hours of operation is from Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm, closed Saturday and Sunday. For employers hiring based on experience, should put in a direct application to the site explaining what you’re looking for in regards to experience or education.  By working with the company, hiring applicants whose salary requirements are comparable to other applicants, the employer can interview the candidates for the jobs.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

HR Assistant/ Recruiter – This position reviews incoming resumes and applications, conducts phone screens for entry level and internships, coordinates recruiting process, tracks and maintains employee performance reviews. Applicant needs 1 year of recruiting, experience with supporting a human resource team, proficient with Microsoft word, excel and outlook. Average wage is $17-$18/hour

Legal Administrative Assistant – This position is looking for experienced candidates performing administrative tasks in a legal environment. Candidate must have 2+ years’ experience personal injury, social security, and workers compensation preferred. Have excellent communications and ability to work in a high pressured environment. Average wage is $11 -$12/hour.

Staffing Consultant – This position is a sales position.  It sells work solutions. Candidates will have high energy, results oriented professional by building and maintaining support customers with phone calls and in person visits which fosters a consultative relationship which increases business with client.  Sell value of Randstad service increasing and achieving business goals. Average wage is $46,628.

Executive Recruiter – This position requires 1 to 2 years’ experience with Accounting and Finance Permanent Recruiting experience, 1 to 2 years’ experience with Sales and Cold Calling, Accounting or Finance degree.  This position is essential in matching the correct employees with the right employers so they can reach their full potential.  Average wage is $53,237.

Randstad Interview Questions

Whether or not your application form was an online free application or a printable application form, you have been accepted for an interview to show off your experience and skills.

Why do you want to help others find work? This question can only be answered by an honest response. Do you like helping others? Do you find it to be challenging work? What about the position is it that draws you to helping others find work? Are you good with networking in general?

Can you answer phones and continue to multitask in a fast paced environment? This is where having prior experience with multitasking in a hectic environment comes to play. Mothers seem to do this well. Be honest with this question it will come back to bite you if you can’t perform under the above circumstances.

Have you been looking for employment outside the company? There should be no qualms here less it is against contract. But the main purpose is to see if you’re committed to working with them. They don’t want to say yes and then have you for a week and the perfect job for you comes along.

How comfortable are you about making 100 calls a day? This is essential in the world of staffing agencies. Making calls especially cold calls tends to generate more employment opportunities than waiting for a position to be posted.  The amount of calls is voluminous but is vital to setting up interviews, clients and employers.

What is your understanding of the position? Be honest, knowing what you’re getting yourself into is crucial to the job. Some people have an idea of what a position with a staffing agency does but have no real idea of the intricacies of the position.  Be sure you have clear understanding of the job responsibilities prior to the interview. You can do this by researching the position.

Advice For Application Process

Be proactive in your application process. Research the internet for the company’s website, annual reports, and newspaper and other media articles about them that are factual. The more you know the more you can prepare your answers and address them as a solution to the company’s current issues till you are comfortable with answering them.

Make sure your shoes are polished, your belt is worn, and you’re business casual attire is both classic and trendy. This allows you to show a bit of personality and still commit to the business at hand. Make sure that your hair is washed and brushed, do not detract from yourself.

Be confident in yourself. Speak of the results and successes of your previous employment accomplishments as well as your responsibilities.  This shows your diversity and doing them in the STAR method is a great way to showcase them in brief chunks. Smile this helps convey your confidence in yourself.

At the end of the interview ask what the next steps are and how you should follow up. Also ask when you will be starting.  This clarifies what steps are next whether it is a 2nd interview or being hired. Insinuating yourself as hired seems counterproductive but actually has been shown to work more so than doesn’t, also allows you to send off a thank you email.
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