Comcast Application & Careers

Comcast ApplicationComcast uses its creativity, experience, and leadership to mold the media and technology industry. They bring their customers the most innovative technological future.

With their cable services, customers are connected to people in a whole new way. They also enjoy entertainment in a different way. They provide both households and businesses with services in video, Internet, voice, home management and business.

They value diversity and pride themselves on their diverse staff.

Comcast Careers

This company has grown and expanded over the past decade. Because of this, Comcast is always looking to hire diverse new talent in order to keep innovating and keeping their place as the industry leader in the decade to come.

With Comcast careers, you could work in a variety of fields. If you are an entertainment and technology buff, a position with Comcast could be exactly what you are looking for. Apply for Comcast jobs online today to start your journey in the entertainment business! In order to be a successful member of this company, you should be passionate about technology and media, innovative, creative, and professional.

You should have great customer service skills and work well in a team.

If you think you are right for employment with this company, apply for jobs at Comcast now.

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How old do you have to be to work at Comcast? You should contact human resources about age limitations before applying. Hours of operation vary from location to location.

Both full time and part time employees receive a comprehensive benefits package. They receive health and life insurance, discounts, tuition reimbursement, and more. With great opportunities to grow within the company, Comcast’s benefit package is not the only incentive to work for the company. Salary and benefits directly depend on position, location, and hours worked by the employee. Check out a Comcast application and search for local openings.

Comcast Job Descriptions

Call Center

Employment at their call center will give you the opportunity to share your knowledge in order to help customers with their technological issues.

Call center employees will receive free XFINITY service, competitive compensation, and great personal and professional experience.

Individuals who are chosen to be part of the call center team will receive an 8-week training program to fully prepare them for the task.


If your expertise lies in sales and customer service, try a career with this company and start selling top quality products.

You could work in retail sales, media sales, residential sales, business sales, or security automation sales. Apply online for a job in sales!


With a career in technology with Comcast, you will be working alongside some of the most innovative minds in the industry. You could be a part of the future of technology.

With a wide variety of opportunities, find jobs in product development, information technology, technical operations, and more! If you are an innovative mind and want to be part of a team just like you, find Comcast jobs online at the link below.


A place at their corporate offices will give you the opportunity to provide customers with great entertainment experiences.

You can work in finance, human resources, legal, product management, marketing, or administrative services.

If you are a driven individual looking for an exciting career, check out corporate opportunities with this company to get started on your road to success.

Field Technician

To work as a field technician, you should be a good problem solver and have a passion for technology and customer service.

Upon hire, you will receive and intense training program, which will provide you with the technical skills and knowledge you will need.

Field technicians are compensated well and have career growth opportunities.


The leadership of this company is key to its success at all levels. Individuals in leadership positions believe in the company’s culture of integrity, respect, and diversity.

Work together with the best individuals out there to achieve a common goal and work to explore the future of the industry.


This great company also provides internship opportunities and rotational programs. These internships give students the opportunity to broaden their experience and develop professionally.

Summer internships are offered in finance, technology, and sales. Interns not only grow professionally, but they will also have the possibility of being hired with Comcast after graduating.

They also offer a two-year rotational experience, which is available for graduating college seniors. The two programs currently available are CORE Finance and CORE Technology.

For even more job opportunities check out their website today!

Comcast Interview Questions

Go into your interview prepared by doing background research on the corporation beforehand. Having done your research could make your interview stick out above other interviewees.

Practice answers to questions that you think may arise during the interview. Some questions that may be asked are:

  • Why do you want to work for Comcast?
  • How would you handle a dispute with an unsatisfied customer?
  • What makes you qualified for this job?
  • Are you interested in the entertainment industry?

Show up early. Get to your interview 5-10 minutes before the time scheduled. This will demonstrate your punctuality. Discuss your relevant background experience and education. This is a good way to highlight the value that you can bring to the business.

Act confident but not overconfident. The interview is a great way to demonstrate why you deserve the position, but do so without acting too arrogant. Answer questions using full sentences and try to include a relevant anecdote. This will make your interview more personable as well as memorable.

Demonstrate your communication skills in the interview. Customer service demands great communication skills; so do not let nervousness at this stage affect your chances. Maintain eye contact throughout and smile. At the end of the interview, be sure to thank your interviewer for their time and tell them that you look forward to hearing back. Lastly, if you have not heard from HR within a few days, follow-up by telephone or email in order to see what your chances are of being hired. Go to their website today and get started on the path to your future career. Download application form by following the link.

Advice For Application Process

In order to complete everything in the most timely and efficient manner, consider the following tips on the Comcast application. It may also be helpful to go to the store for which you applied and speak with the manager.

How to apply for Comcast online

In order to start the process you will have to create a user account.

Applying is straight forward, but first you must sign up for a candidate profile to access the application form online.  Once you have signed up, you will have access to the online application through a direct application. You can also apply for more than one position using this profile.

You may save as you work and log in to continue the process at a later time; you can also find a printable application for Comcast at the link below. The recruitment process is made up of 7 steps, which are: searching and applying for the job you want, an application review, assessment testing, interview process, pre-employment checks, and hiring. The process could range in length depending on the job; it can last anywhere from one week to several weeks.

Apply for a job that meets your interest and your experience. Start by reading the job description of the available positions. If you do not have the background to apply for a corporate job, but have experience in management, try applying for a management position in one of their store locations.

Proofread and edit your CV/Resume before submitting it. Make sure there are no errors in content or information. Make sure you have all relevant work experience as well as your educational background on your resume to insure that you get the best possible chance for the position for which you are applying.

Write an outstanding cover letter in order to further demonstrate what you can bring to the team. Proofread your cover letter and have a friend or family member read it through after you have done an initial edit. Writing the perfect cover letter is also a way to make your application stand out from the rest; while a well written cover letter will show off your writing skills.

Always act professionally when communicating with human resources. Responding quickly to questions or concerns will not only show your professionalism but also your eagerness to work with them.

Apply for Comcast jobs at the link below where you will find a free application. There you will find a short form to create your account and move forward with the application form. HR will examine all applications before the candidate is contacted with information on the interview process.

A career in technology offers a wide range of responsibilities and benefits. If you are interested in this area, but cannot find a branch of this company in your city, check out Time Warner or Dish Network.
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