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Time Warner Cable Enterprises Inc. is a cable telecommunications company that operates in the United States.  There are many diverse career opportunities available for enthusiastic individuals to join them.  To find out how to apply for Time Warner online, follow the link at the bottom of the page to submit your Time Warner application.

The company officially formed in 1990 in its present form, but it has longer history than that as it was created from the merger and acquisition of other smaller companies, most notably Time Inc.’s American Television and Communications Corp and Warner Cable, hence the name Time Warner.  But it also includes parts of QUBE and Paragon Cable as well as other acquisitions over the years.

The company has 31 different operating division locations and has operations across 29 states in America.  It is not just a cable company these days, but offers a range of products including digital cable, cable internet, digital phone service, home security, cable advertising, local news channels and regional sports networks.

Their products and services are available not just for domestic settings, but for business as well.  They are able to provide tailored solutions depending on the size and type of business with different dedicated departments.  Their business services include cloud, Ethernet and other Internet services.  With their phone packages they can also offer conference-calling solutions.

Time Warner Careers

There are many varied job opportunities with Time Warner careers.  Starting at the entry-level you can find many openings as Direct Sales Representatives and Customer Service Representatives.  Jobs for Installers may require more experience but training will be provided for those with the right attitude.  There are also vacancies with their Media Sales department.

For experienced professionals there are a number of departments accepting applications at many of their operating centers across the country.  You are able to search by location on their website.  The types of careers available are in the fields of Administration, Finance and Accounting, Engineering, Design, Business Services and Account Management amongst others.

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How old do you have to be to work at Time Warner?  You must be at least 18 years old or over to apply for jobs at Time Warner.

Time Warner jobs provide employees with a benefits package commensurate with industry expectations.  Employees are eligible for a health insurance package that includes medical and prescription insurance with dental and vision coverage as well.  You will also be entitled to a company-matched 401(k) retirement plan and an employee assistance program to help with your personal circumstances.

The company operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  For your exact working hours you will need to check your specific job description.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Installer – This job is suitable for applicants who want to combine their technical skills with customer interaction.  Your responsibilities will be to visit customer homes to set up their services and packages and to assist with any issues they may have regarding the services.  The average pay is between $12-15/hour.

Direct Sales Representative – If you’re a motivated and outgoing person then the role of a Direct Sales Representative is a good fit for you.  You will be expected to approach potential customers to explain the benefits of the various different products and services on offer and to help them to make the best decision.  The salary varies depending on your sales but can be up to $30k/year.

Customer Service Representative – For this role you will need to have excellent customer service skills.  You will field incoming phone calls and help customers to resolve technical issues either by troubleshooting with them or dispatching a technician.  You will also help with enquiries about services, billing and other issues.  The average hourly rate is $12.

Media Sales – Working in Media Sales is a very varied field.  There are many jobs focusing on marketing and advertising.  You will need to be able to build long-lasting relationships with clients to help them to maximize their marketing potential.  This role requires people who can think laterally and come up with new ideas.  Salaries vary between $20k-50k/year.

Time Warner Interview Questions

Try to practice some typical interview questions once you’ve submitted your Time Warner application to give yourself a good chance of employment.

Why do you want to work here?  This is a very common opening question in any job interview.  Remember they are looking for people who are dedicated to the company so show that you have done your research on them.

Tell me about a time when you dealt with a stressful situation.  This doesn’t have to be from employment experience but try to showcase skills you used to overcome the situation that would be relevant in the job you want.

What sales experience do you have?  This question won’t be relevant for all roles, but you may be asked even for entry-level sales positions.  Try to be specific about your experience, and if you don’t have any, elaborate on the skills you have that would make you suited to the role.

What skills do you hope to gain from this career?  By asking this they are looking for you to demonstrate that you understand what will be required from you when you’re working.  Make sure you understand the role before you apply.

How would you handle an angry customer?  Customer service is important in all Time Warner jobs, so this is a very important question to get right.  Show the hiring manager that you are able to remain calm and professional in tense situations.

Advice For Application Process

You can search for Time Warner jobs online to be directed to the careers section of their website.  If you are unsure of the role you want you can join their Talent Network, otherwise you can make a direct application to any one of the specific roles advertised.  They also have featured careers for which you can submit a Time Warner job application online.

The best way to submit any applications is to apply online as they most likely won’t accept applications in person and you can’t download a printable application for Time Warner.  All of their available roles are advertised online and you can submit a free application to more than one.  Fill in the online application form with your resume to apply.

Depending on the exact position you are going for, you may be asked to more than one interview and it is very likely that the initial interview will be over the phone.  This first interview is generally to assess your interest in the role and to verify details of your previous experience and personal details.

When you are invited to attend a face-to-face interview it is important to give off the right first impression by being well presented and displaying the right attitude.  Always remember to smile and greet your interviewer politely and give a firm handshake.  Give as much detail as you can when answering their questions.
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