Best Buy: Best Buy is a North American electronics retail company. Stores offer a range of products including computers and computer software, a variety of mobile devices, cameras, stereos, televisions, video games, movies, and also household appliances. Unique features of Best Buy include product warranties on many items and Geek Squad services, which help customers who experience problems with their electronics.. See Best Buy Application.

Radioshack: RadioShack is a North American chain of retail stores that sells a variety of electronic devices and accessories. The company has faced financial difficulties but still operates more than 1,700 locations in the U.S. and Mexico. In addition to selling stereos and audio equipment, RadioShack sells cell phones, batteries, computers, video games, toys, digital cameras, and more.. See Radioshack Application.

At&T: AT&T is a major telecommunications company with headquarters in the United States and cell phone service around the world. It is one of the world’s largest companies and competes with Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile. It also provides cell phone plans, fixed telephone and Internet services in America, and satellite and digital television services. AT&T has multiple subsidiaries including Cricket Wireless and DirecTV.. See At&T Application.

T Mobile: T-Mobile is a German communications company that provides cell phone service in Germany and other European countries, as well as the United States and some of its territories. This company is committed to providing customers with affordable plans and excellent cell phone service. It is a major provider in the U.S., with numbers just below Verizon and AT&T.. See T Mobile Application.

Fye: f.y.e. stands for “for your entertainment” and is a retail company that sells various entertainment products. Most of these products are electronic, such as movies in different formats, CDs, and video games, but some stores also offer books. f.y.e. stores are found in U.S. shopping malls and allow customers to sell used items for store credit.. See Fye Application.

Sprint: Sprint Corporation is a major telecommunications company that serves the United States and several of its territories. It offers cell phone and Internet services to millions of customers. The company emphasis is on affordable rates and as part of their ad campaigns they claim they will charge rates that are half the price of Verizon or AT&T, who are their biggest competitors.. See Sprint Application.

Verizon: Verizon Communications is a major U.S. based telecommunications company that provides cell phone, landline, digital television, and internet services to millions of customers. Verizon offers wireless service for individuals, residential service for families in their homes, small business service, and larger enterprise service. This company is the largest telecommunications company in the United States.. See Verizon Application.

Apple Store: The Apple Store is a subsidiary of Apple Inc., and has hundreds of locations around the world, along with a successful online store. Locations exclusively sell Apple products including computers, cell phones, electronic devices, and televisions. Stores also sell accessories and software for these products. A unique feature of the Apple Store is the Genius Bar, where employees help customers operate or repair their devices.. See Apple Store Application.

Hhgregg: FoodMaxx is an American chain of grocery stores with more than 200 locations that are operated by the larger Save Mart Supermarket company. FoodMaxx stores have a warehouse format and allow customers to buy in bulk without purchasing memberships. They are committed to selling quality grocery items at low prices.. See Hhgregg Application.

Boost Mobile: Boost Mobile is a communications company that provides wireless service to the United States and Australia. Boost is a subsidiary of the larger Sprint network. The company focuses on providing affordable cell phone plans; their slogan makes the claim that Boost Mobile will cut the price of customers’ current cell phone plans in half.. See Boost Mobile Application.

Geek Squad: Geek Squad is an American company that provides tech support services to customers in North America, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. It is a subsidiary of Best Buy. Geek Squad operates in Best Buy stores, as well as providing internet services 24 hours a day. Tech support workers can assist customers in stores or in their homes by coming in person or working with them on the phone.. See Geek Squad Application.

Centurylink: CenturyLink, Inc. is a major U.S.-based company that operates in the communications industry. It serves more than half of the United States and it also serves countries around the world. CenturyLink primarily offers communications services for landline phones, as well as Internet and digital television services. They provide these services to customers’ homes and to small and large businesses.. See Centurylink Application.

Cricket Wireless: Cricket Wireless is an American company that provides cell phone services to millions of customers in the United States. They offer a variety of inexpensive, prepaid voice, text, and data services. The company recently became a subsidiary of AT&T. The company is unique because it offers no-contract services with monthly payments.. See Cricket Wireless Application.

Fry’s Electronics: Fry’s Electronics is an American retail company that operates electronic stores. The company is privately owned and is a small chain with fewer than 100 locations in the United States. Fry’s sells a variety of electronics, appliances, and hardware and software for computers. Their large stores each have a unique theme, such as music or science fiction.. See Fry’s Electronics Application.

U.S. Cellular: United States Cellular Corporation is an American company that provides wireless communication services to millions of customers. The company operates in 23 of the United States and offers a variety of services including voice, data, text and picture messaging, and mobile television services. They also offer popular cell phone brands. U.S. Cellular is committed to providing excellent customer service and has high satisfaction rates.. See U.S. Cellular Application.

Micro Center: Micro Center is a privately owned retail company that is based in the United States. Their stores sell a variety of electronics along with computers and software. They also sell video games and consoles. Micro Center is a small chain with just 25 stores in 16 of the United States.. See Micro Center Application.

Metropcs: MetroPCS is a telecommunications company that is based in the United States and partners with the larger company T-Mobile to provide wireless cellphone service to customers. MetroPCS offers prepaid, contract-free talk, text, and data plans at comparatively low prices. Their stores sell a variety of phones, tablets, accessories, and MetroPCS offers several different promotions that reduce the prices of their plans even further.. See Metropcs Application.

National Instruments: National Instruments Corporation is a publically owned company that is based in the United States and operates around the world. They produce a wide range of engineering software products that deal in activities such as programming, real-time testing, data management, circuit design, and much more. The company is known for their annual conferences, which involve scientists, engineers, and inventors from around the world to pitch their ideas to developers.. See National Instruments Application.

Texas Instruments: Texas Instruments Inc. is a publically owned company that is based in the United States and designs, manufactures, and sells a variety of electronics. The company is best known for their calculators, but they also produce digital signal and light processors, along with integrated circuits, analog semiconductors, and more. Texas Instruments products are distributed in countries around the world.. See Texas Instruments Application.

Telus: TELUS is a publically owned company that is based in Canada and offers telecommunications services. This major corporation offers wireless cell phone service, internet access, satellite television services, and more. TELUS serves thousands in Canada and also provides outsourcing services and operates contact centers around the world. The company often sponsors sporting events, especially hockey games, and their advertising campaigns frequently feature animals and natural themes.. See Telus Application.

Brandsmart Usa: Brandsmart USA is a retail company based in the United States that sells discounted electronics. These products are name brand and include household appliances, televisions, computers, stereos, and other electronic devices. Their stores are notoriously large and can be found in Florida and Georgia. Brandsmart offers two ways to make their products more affordable: apply for their credit card or their Acceptance Now credit building program.. See Brandsmart Usa Application.

P.C. Richard And Son: P.C. Richard and Son is a privately owned retail company that is based in the United States. The company was founded in 1909 and originally sold hardware. Today they sell a variety of home appliances and electronics in more than 50 locations in the northeastern U.S. P.C. Richard also sells mattresses and home furniture in addition to appliances, televisions, stereos, computers, electronic devices, and video games.. See P.C. Richard And Son Application.

Helio: Helio is a wireless telecommunications company initially known as Hello Inc. with headquarters in Los Angeles. Founded in 2006, this company uses Sprint’s network to provide wireless services to Continental United States. It has over 10 locations and is currently acquired by UBI Telecom.. See Helio Application.

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