U.S. Cellular Application & Careers

img- U.S. Cellular ApplicationThe United States Cellular Corporation is the 5th biggest wireless telecommunications network in the USA, boasting over 4.5 million customers along with one of the highest approval ratings of all telecoms companies.  To find out how to apply for U.S. Cellular online follow the U.S. Cellular application link at the bottom of the page.

The company was originally founded in 1983 and currently has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.  U.S. Cellular has nearly 7,000 employees and its network serves 23 states across America.  Services include the sale of cell phones, other communications devices and their associated service plans and providing cell phone and wireless network coverage.

U.S. Cellular is particularly proud of its affiliation with the U.S. military and has been listed among the top 100 military friendly employers.  It offers help with transitioning and support services.  In addition to this it also has good connections with military installations and often helps to provide disaster relief.

Search U.S. Cellular jobs online to see full details of all the various locations along with the many different positions you could make a free application for.  It has a comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion policy when taking applications so there really is a role for everyone plus training and advancement possibilities for the right candidates.

U.S. Cellular Careers

U.S. Cellular careers provide many job opportunities for store-based roles, particularly Cashier/Greeters, Retail Wireless Consultants and Assistant and Store Managers.  These roles largely focus on customer service and sales, and candidates will preferably have experience in both.  There are many opportunities for advancement up the management chain for talented and dedicated individuals.

You can also make a U.S. Cellular application for technical or operational roles.  These vacancies will require you to have experience in the area that you’re applying for but will also provide you with further training not only in technical skills but also other professional skills to help you advance your career to whatever level you want.

There are numerous U.S. Cellular jobs in the corporate sector as well.  These openings cover various departments from Marketing, Operations and IT among many others.  All of these roles still include a strong emphasis on customer service, on helping the store-based employees to be able to deliver exceptional customer service.

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How old do you have to be to work at U.S. Cellular?  You must be at least 18 to be eligible for U.S. Cellular jobs. 

The store hours are 9am-9pm with reduced hours on Sundays.

There are many benefits to working for U.S. Cellular including medical, dental and vision insurance.  All employees are eligible for 401(k) retirement plans and selected employees may be able to get other pension plans.  You will also be entitled to paid leave as well as a generous employee discount when buying a computer.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Cashier/Greeter – It’s important to make the customer feel welcome and happy at all times and so Cashiers are expected to maintain the friendly atmosphere in the stores by helping out customers with their needs and dealing with transactions.  The wages are usually paid at an hourly rate of between $11-12/hour. 

Retail Wireless Consultant – Retail Wireless Consultants are the frontline staff whose primary responsibilities include customer service.  You will need good communication skills and in-depth product knowledge to be able to handle customer enquiries.  Experience in sales is also necessary as this is a crucial part of the role.  You will get a base pay of around $12/hour plus commission and bonuses.

Cell Phone Service Technician – The main duty in this job is to resolve customers’ cell phone issues.  This will involve thorough knowledge of the products and you will need to have the technical skills necessary to handle problems.  This role also involves a large amount of customer interaction.  The expected salary is between $30-35k a year.

Store Manager – As a Store Manager you will be expected to supervise all aspects of the stores from the back office administration to customer satisfaction.  You will have duties including staff management and training, and setting and driving sales targets.  You will need to set an example for your employees by demonstrating excellent industry knowledge.  The salary can be up to $60k annually plus bonuses.

U.S. Cellular Interview Questions

After you apply for jobs at U.S. Cellular it’s a good idea to practice a few interview questions to make sure you’re prepared.

How would you handle an angry customer? Good customer service is extremely important, even if you happen to have a difficult customer.  Make sure you get across that you can remain calm in a tense situation and handle the customer appropriately.  Tell the hiring manager about examples you have from your previous employment.

How do you cope working in a team? Team building is a vital part of any job.  It helps to give examples of when you have successfully worked in a team situation, either from your former jobs or from any team activities you might have participated in at school or college.

What would you do if a customer gave you new information on a product? It’s important to keep your cool even if a customer catches you off guard.  Of course it’s great if you have such superior product knowledge that this will never happen, but you can always refer to your manager to verify new information.

What is your greatest strength? You don’t want to come off arrogant but don’t be afraid to talk yourself up as long as you relate it to the job description.  You need to convince the interviewer that your personality and skills make you the ideal person for this job, so make sure you don’t go off on a tangent about talents that are irrelevant.

What sales experience do you have? This is a fairly self-explanatory question but when answering make sure you describe what you have learnt from your previous experience.  If you don’t have any then talk about what skills you have that would make you a good salesperson and give detailed examples to compensate.

Advice For Application Process

You can make a U.S. Cellular job application online via the portal on their website.  The different career sectors are broken down to help you make a direct application for the position that you would be most suited for.  Always double-check your online application form before submitting to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes.  When you apply online you can also select the option to let recruiters contact you.

There is currently no option to download a printable application for U.S. Cellular, however you can take you resume down to your local store and hand it straight to the manager there.  In this situation it would be helpful to your application if you include a cover letter to give more information about yourself and why you would be suited to a job there.

Once you have made your U.S. Cellular application you may be contacted for a brief initial phone interview to assess your suitability.  If this goes well you may be asked to come in for a second interview.  Previous applicants have said that the interviews are very detailed and they like you to give lots of examples to help your answers.

Always make sure that you remain positive and polite in your interview.  Remember that customer service is particularly crucial to working here so use the interview as a platform to show off both your communication and listening skills.  Dress professionally and make sure that you have a few questions of your own prepared for the interviewer to demonstrate your interest.
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