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Founder Robert Stephens started this company in 1994 and today offers a myriad of services providing specialized computer assistance. The company is known for operating 24 hours a day for 365 days a year and giving their customers the best help possible with their technical difficulties. For a Geek Squad application you will find the link bellow.

The company offers help within various departments of the industry. You will find assistance available for computers, home theatres, portable and mobile, car and gps, appliances, networking and data and your smart home. Services also include support plans such as Geek Squad protection, tech support, home networking made simple and internet security software.

The company has a five point pledge that outlines their values. The employers all stand behind their work, respect the equipment they work with or on as if it was their own, offer excellent service, always do what it takes to make it right and teach the customer to use their system. This allows the company to guarantee great service and customer satisfaction.

Geek Squad jobs offer a great working environment. Team work, having fun while working on what you love and dressing oddly are well recognized trademarks for the company, allowing their employees to feel at home in the workplace. The company strives to make its workers happy so that they will provide top quality customer service.

Geek Squad Goods Careers

When searching for Geek Squad jobs online you will find various career opportunities are available to you. You may choose from Computer Agents, Home Theater Agents and Car Autotech, having multiple choices within each option. Within Computer Agents, you may choose store agent positions, field agent positions or covert agent positions.

Home Theatre Agents can also make their choice between installer our specialist position. Car Autotech allows you to go for an autotech or a MECP autotech position. These will imply more job specific hiring requirements.

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While you make your free application you may wonder, how old do you have to be to work at Geek Squad? The minimum age for any jobs at this company is 18 years of age. Other hiring requirements include excellent customer service skills as well as exceptional computer and electronics skills.

Geek Squad careers are accompanied by great benefits. In accordance with the position you apply for and time of service, you may have access to paid time off, healthcare options, complimentary uniforms, flexible scheduling, discounts on products and services, retirement plans and assistance programs.

As you apply for jobs at Geek Squad it will be important to remember that the company’s hours of operation are 24 hours a day, 7 days per a week. Paying close attention to the job description will help you when you apply online just so you have a good idea of what sort of schedule you will be required to do.

Geek Squad Job Descriptions

Counter Intelligence Agent – This position comprises of basic technical troubleshooting, customer service, using popular operating systems like Windows, Apple or Linux and explaining technical processes in an easy way. It will require good people skills and an associate’s degree or better. Salary for such a position is around $9 per hour.

Covert Agent – The responsibilities attached to this job are assessing clients’ needs and scheduling appointments as well as contacting with customers on a daily basis. Requirements include basic technological knowledge in order to be more efficient quickly, speaking more than one language and experience in sales. The pay for job opportunities like this is around $15 per hour.

Field Agent – The Field Agent position involves frequent travel, in house coaching, installation, education and troubleshooting services. The minimum age for this position is 21 years old and other requirements include, six months experience, associate’s degree, trade licenses and low voltage licenses as well. The salary for this job is around $30000 a year.

Home Theatre Cadet – Duties for this job option include assisting in two person installations, clearly communicating with clients, completing paperwork, excellent customer service and communicating with the call center. It requires certifications and licenses according to the law and one year of similar experience, amongst others. The compensation for this position is around $12 per hour.

Geek Squad Interview Questions

The next step, after making your Geek Squad job application online is to prepare for interview questions, much like the ones that follow.

Why would you like to work for this company? To better answer this question study the company’s services and values. Know what the company stands for and talk about what you find is in line with what you like and believe.

Can you tell me about a time you operated an information system? Working with this company you will have to have technical knowledge so make sure you are ready for technical questions. Talk about previous experiences outlining your qualities as an employee.

Can you tell me about a time you helped a frustrated customer experiencing difficulty with a product? Customer service plays a big part in most roles available so keep your best customer service experiences at hand. Explain the process through which your went, how you felt and how your resolved the situation.

Why should we hire you? Focus on your qualities, and talk about how excited you are to have this opportunity. Remember what you like about the company and let them know how loyal and dedicated you can be.

What can you tell us about your previous experience? Focus on good feedback you have from your previous employers and relevant experience. Speak about how it can be helpful in the job you are applying for and how it helped your personal growth.

Advice For Application Process

Geek Squad jobs are excellent employment opportunities, however the company doesn’t possesses a printable application form. If you wish to make a direct application at your local store or one of the many locations available, you may do so by submitting your resume and cover letter. This may also give you the opportunity to have an interview straight away.

As there is no printable application for Geek Squad, if you apply directly at the store without a download application form, you must have your computer knowledge and experience at hand and be prepared to answer technical questions, so make sure you take a look at the responsibilities and requirements for the Geek Squad careers.

If you want to know how to apply for Geek Squad online, the online application link is available at the bottom of the page. Take care to give all the information necessary when filling in your application form and review it before submitting. Your Geek Squad application, or applications, should be reviewed by a hiring manager within one week.

To know how you application is progressing you may contact the company through phone, email or personally having the opportunity to interact with the colleagues who you might be working with soon. To help your possibility of a career with the company, be sure that you set yourself apart from other applicants, show knowledge and great people skills at all times.
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