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Apple Store ApplicationApple Inc., a computer and electronics industry, is a much known American corporation having a well-known reputation. It provides many products and services to people. Their products consist of personal computers, gadgets, software, online services. They design as well as develop their own products. Products from this incorporation are very famous. Almost all people worldwide uses it. Among their famous products includes Mac computers, iPod, iPad, iPhone, iTunes, App Store, iOS, and many more.

As a part of a very competitive industry, this incorporation strives with providing more product that would be attractive, user friendly, potent, and innovative. In spite having its well-known and high reputational product, the company still continues in making an effort in producing more and better products.

At April 1976 an idea in lieu of a company emerged, an idea which was not recognized, but officially begun in 1977. As time goes by, their pioneer products demand increased. By 1980, this company introduced another product and came with it, more demand along with more local store locations. Because of this, they felt needy of having more workers which reached thousands. Nowadays, Apple products demands more times than before. They’re now one of the largest computer & electronics companies worldwide, thus having more people in the company.

Working in this company is such a privilege since it’s a reputable corporation, not to mention wide range careers it offers. Also, because the reputation along with nature of the Apple store jobs, these would give challenging, but inspirational experience. The most wonderful part with having a career here is that you not only work for a big company, but contribute significant work for them.

They are always in search of the best candidates for their job opportunities. Applicants who are creative as well as passionate at what they are what the company is looking for. They continue on investing on people who they believe have a potential on producing excellent results.

If you think you’re qualified, make use of Apple job application online and become a part of their family. Apple store application is just a few clicks before finishing. It is very easy and very convenient. Grab that opportunity. Look through Apple store careers on their website. It contains complete information regarding the company. This includes job description, responsibilities, and other requirements.

Apple Store Careers

When applying, most people tend to forget or ignore some simple things. These includes forms, some requirements, even procedures when applying. Do not be too focused on more important matter that you forget some simple things. They may not be as important, but they are still significant. These mostly asked questions in connection with simple things few people forgets composes of the following queries.

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How to apply for Apple store online? Using your Apple ID, send you resume. If you don’t have one, it’s recommended you sign up. Where is the printable application for Apple store? There’s none. Is there a charge for the application? It’s a free application.

How old do you have to be to work at Apple store? It’s possible to work there at age 18. They also have work programs for students.

These are some requirements needed for qualifying. It’s listed by categories. Regarding complete requirements along with thorough job description, refer on their official website.


5 year experience in a business setting, Manage a team or a group, Manage operations, Helping other team members, Handling multiple challenges with composure, Strong people skills, Excellent oral & written communication skills, Flexible working hours, Bachelor of Art or Science graduate or similar (Market Leader only)


5 year experience in a business setting, 1 year experience selling products, Manage a group or a team in a business setting, Lead other team members, Good communication skills, Deep knowledge on technology usage, Deep understanding on their products, Flexible working hours, Strong presentation skills

Customer Support

Provide solutions towards product’s problems, Adaptively product change, Acquiring new helpful skills, Making fast but good decisions, Good time management skills, Tough people skills, Flexible schedule


Adapt fast-changing environment, Do problem-solving quickly, Meeting the deadlines, Good leadership skills, Excellent organizational skills, Flexible working hours

Employment at this company means that employees will be able to enjoy these things and more. More details about this will be further discussed once hired or during interview. Competitive compensation, Discount on products, Health plans, In depth training regarding using their products, Certified programmers or developers for their operating systems.

Apple Store Job Descriptions

There are many Apple store jobs offered. These jobs are divided into 4 categories. This list gives job that are currently offered. Grab a great opportunity. Apply for jobs at Apple store as soon as you think you’re qualified.


Individuals who have skills of communicating, managing people while providing a good working environment have been the target of jobs offered under leadership category. These are jobs falling under this said category.

Manager, Store Leader, Business Leader, Market Leader


Bright people having an ability integrating products with people are target people of Apple. These employees will also focused on giving costumers a happy experience while at the store. These are jobs falling under sales category.

Specialists, Expert, Business Specialists, Business Manager

Customer Support

People that are knowledgeable about their products falls here. They would not only provide solutions regarding products’ problems, but they will provide pleased interaction with every customers they have while giving them support when product queries are concerned. Jobs under said category includes

Genius, Creative, Service Specialist

Inventory Specialist

Detailed people or those who are keen regarding with details are very much qualified in this category. Inventory Specialist, only job under this category, essentially guarantees that products gets delivered accurately towards where it’s supposedly at. For detailed information, go to their official website. Link is provided below.

Apple Store Interview

Prepare for an interview. As soon as your applications have been process or receive, they might want a personal or phone interview. Online, there are plenty website containing sample questions during interviews. Try to review then form your own answers. Be very prepared if possible.

Advice For Application Process

Making sure that you’ll be having successful applications there, do not forget some useful tips, but your success does not fully lie on these tips. These will just help boost your applications. Familiarize yourself with the mission, vision, goals, history along with other basic information regarding this incorporation. This would mean knowing what kind of company you’re working for while knowing what king of career growth they can give. This may also help for the interview.

Apple store application process has a simple procedure.  Other companies requires that you download application forms or access printable application forms, but at this incorporation, these forms are not necessary. Interested applicants just have to have an Apple ID. Use that ID to apply online. There’s no need for an application form. Just send your resume using your account.

Being knowledgeable when it comes towards their products would probably help with the application, especially when you’re on sales job category. Having those knowledge advantage means that more training on this matter would not be needed. With that, only in depth training would be required.

Hiring qualifications at their company is not high as you would expect. Whatever your background may be, it doesn’t matter because it’s not focused much on that. Skills along with dedication have more weight than background. Commonly, companies refers at an applicant’s backgrounds. If you’re relying on your background, better be prepare in showing how much dedication you have so your application will be successful.

Scan through Apple store jobs online then carefully read through every detail with it. Find a job which perfectly fits your qualifications, if that’s your interest, then apply to that. With this, your application would be process immediately compared with applying to a job which doesn’t match your qualifications. If it doesn’t fit your qualification, but still applied, there would be a big chance that will just be ignored or that it will be processed but it will definitely take a long time.

When sending your resume or other documents, make sure that every information included is complete and accurate. Do not leave anything without an answer. Always be honest in providing your information. Formality wise, do not sugar coat your requirements, meaning, do not add information just to make your document look good.

Having Apple store careers are very good opportunity for career growth and advancement. For some people, qualifications may seem too much. As a computer and electronics company, Apple has many competitors. They may not be as popular, but these competitors will give an alternative career path as well as growth and advancement.

If you want a small company, you might like Fry’s Electronics. They only have 34 retail stores nationwide, but each retail location covers 50,000 to 180,000 square feet. Each retail store consists of more than 50 thousand electronic devices. Working environment is fun and unique because each store has different themes. There is no online application, only direct application.

P.C. Richard and Son, another company in the same industry, does not only sell electronics products, but mattress as well. They live by their motto “Honesty, Integrity, and Reliability”. They have been in this business for more than 100 years. Having a total of 66 retail store, P.C. Richards and Son still continues to expand their stores as well as hiring qualified individuals. Application is online.
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