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img- Boost Mobile ApplicationBoost Mobile or Boost Tel Pty Limited is a wireless telecommunications originated in Australia founded by Peter Adderton in Sydney Australia and New Zealand in 2000. Then in 2001 Peter Adderton and Kirt McMaster launched the company in Irvine, California and it is called as Boost Worldwide Inc. Boost is a brand for prepaid wireless service used by two independent operators in Australia and United States.

When the establishment was founded in Australia, Peter Adderton brought it together with two people, Kirt McMaster and Craig Cooper in US last 2001 and became a joint venture with Nextel Communications. With Nextel, Boost provided unlimited push-to-talk services, costing only a dollar a day when unlimited talk was still rare. Then Boost became solely owned by Nextel in 2003 and started to expand around United States in 2004.

Then in 2006 Sprint Corporation stepped in and acquired Nextel Communications and Boost Mobile became a subsidiary by the merged company. And because there are so many competitors, Boost Mobile started the monthly unlimited plan in January 15, 2009. And it was a success because it brought a net gain of 674,000 customers in just three months after launching. However, Nextel lost 1.25 Million of contract subscription.

After years, the business emerges and declared Samsung Galaxy Prevail, the first CDMA-based Android, then went HTC Evo Design 4G using Sprint’s 4G WiMax network, Blackberry Curve 9310 was launched after offering BBM Unlimited plan, which provides unlimited talk, text and Blackberry Messenger a month. In 2013, Boost announced that they will start to provide for Iphone 5s and 5c, including Iphone 4s.

Then they released Samsung Galaxy S5. The business offers lots of services all over United States starting to unlimited talk and text to 4G LTE network, the company develops and even started to sponsor sports team and sporting events. As they expands, jobs and career offers widen too, offering job seekers several of opportunities and benefits, if you’re interested, you can visit their website on the link provided.

Boost Mobile Careers

The company got various job opportunities and benefits to offer aspirants out there. The firm’s employees are being paid a competitive salary and advantageous benefits, and also an opportunity to receive a performance bonus. There are retail management hiring positions available, such as Call Centers, Marketing, Finance, Sales Management and more that may enjoy everything the company has to offer.

Check the jobs on their website, you can see their jobs/careers for hire at specific locations where they are in need of an employee. You could also see the full job description and responsibilities of the positions you may want to apply for, and also for your convenience, of rather having a direct application, you may choose for an online application in Boost Mobile jobs online.

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How old do you have to be to work at Boost Mobile? For you to be able to apply for Boost Mobile jobs, you must be at least 18 years old and above. But age requirement may vary according on the position you are going to apply for, so check the job age requirement of the specific position.

The company has a schemed and structured working standards and the compensation is reasonable for you. Customer service representative and Technical support representative will both have an hourly rate payment plus benefits and monthly commissions. Compensations may vary on a specific position, so if you want to enjoy these amazing offers, apply for jobs at Boost Mobile, you may check the information of the Boost Mobile careers.

So how to apply for Boost Mobile online? Check the Boost Mobile jobs on their website and find the position that suits you, you’ll see a button to which you can apply online, fill out a printable application for Boost Mobile. It is a free application so the printable application form is free of charge, you may also download application form. Then submit it together with a contact information.

You may check the website now for more and start your Boost Mobile application, look for a local location, fill out the application form and be part of this industry.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

Customer Service Representative – If you want to apply for this position, being bilingual is a plus, for you will be assisting and resolving customer billing problems, account activation and phone and plan selections. You must be able to handle a number of inbound and outbound calls properly. You will have a starting hourly rate of $11.90 per hour plus $400 monthly commission and benefits.

Technical Support Representative – If you are going to apply for this position, you must be a tech savvy and well-knowledgeable with the latest technologies. You are going to solve technical issues and help the customers with products and services, you will be troubleshooting when it comes to product issues. You will have a starting hourly rate of $11.90 per hour, plus $400 monthly commission and benefits.

Assistant Store Manager – You will be partnered with the Store Manager and together, you will lead a whole store team. You will monitor and analyze reports of the performance of employees and the progress of the store, you will give them directions, coach them and plan effective strategies that will help the store performance. You will set a standard operational procedures, and also implement the business’s code of conduct.

Retail Sales Associate – You will provide sales solution to the customer needs, whether it’ll be with their wireless/mobility needs. Also you will have to sell the customers devices, accessories and service plans. You have to deliver satisfaction for the customer with the firm’s products has to offer, also you must comply with the boost mobile policies. You will be paid basic salary, plus monthly sales incentives and benefits.

Boost Mobile Interview Questions

If you are determined for your Boost Mobile application and employment, then here are some questions to get you ready for most challenging part of job application.

Describe yourself. You won’t describe your physical features with this question. You will have to state the interviewer your attitude, your characteristics, what are you as an individual. The interviewer wants to know you and get through you. You can also state your work tactics, how are you at work and how do you handle issues at work.

Why do you want to work in the company? The interviewer wanted to know your point of view with their business, he wanted to know if you are well-knowledgeable with the company you are applying to. So you’ll have to say the background, history and benefits one will get in the company, tell him that you genuinely want to be part of their team and that you are really interested.

Why should we hire you? This is where you will tell him your work scheme, your skills and your knowledge with the industry, you can state here what you can contribute to the establishment and how it will help the customers and the business itself. Confidently say your abilities and how you will give quality service to their valued customers.

How well can you handle pressure? This is most commonly asked for customer service representatives. If you are applying for this position, you may deal with a lot of clients who are irate and has a lot issues, and you must be able to give them proper service and solutions. Here, you can tell your experience if you have been pressured and state how you handled it.

Where will you be if you will not be hired in the firm? This is a commitment and perseverance test. They will see if you are committed with their corporation, how you want to be in the establishment and how you will do to have the employment. You can say that you are positive you will get hired, and you’ll do everything you can to be in the position you want.

Advice for Application Process

During the application process one must be ready every time, once you submitted the filled out application form, the hiring management may contact you any time, so you must always be prepared. Gather and prepare your most updated resume, have your supporting documents with you, and make sure to have forms filled out neatly and legibly. This will show them your preparedness and your willingness for your employment.

When you are invited for an interview, be prepared. Have a little bit of research about the business, history, founders and more. They will see your awareness with their establishment and with the position you desire. Also, it is good to conceptualize what could be the questions will be asked to you during the interview, practice a little bit and be honest and concise with your answers.

Display positive attitude, respect and gratitude. This are the most important keys to an interview, do not show any sign of depraved attitude and also be respectful, you are going to meet a hiring manager and it’s one of the important person in the business, so you must show respect. Also, show how thankful you are for being invited and given the opportunity to be a considered candidate.

Dress, answer and act smartly. Dress smartly, you will be having an interview so you must dress appropriately, wear something smart and neat. Answer intelligently and clearly. Don’t shout, just answer the questions with confidence and clear. Plus you must speak in a smart way, not in a way like you are just to talking with your peers. Be prim and proper, act intelligently and properly.

If you are really sincere with working at the establishment you must be prepared and you must have known the things you ought to do and know. Being prepared ahead of time will boost your confidence plus points for your preparedness showing that you are determined to have the employment for your desired position. It can be challenging, but it will be worth it when you succeed with the application
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