Cricket Wireless Application & Careers

img- Cricket Wireless ApplicationAs a subsidiary of AT&T, it’s no surprise this is a company focused on phones. They provide prepaid voice, text an data services at a competitive rate. Most well known for their ease of use and customer service, they are a business that has over 3,000 locations nationwide. Started in 1999, with a dedication to make connectivity more accessible.

To further their mission, they merged with AT&T to provide larger and better coverage to more people. Now they have joined the ranks of many smaller companies that can stay competitive with the tech giants. Always an interesting place to work, one of the many Cricket Wireless careers will be engaging and constantly evolving to suit the company’s and you’re own needs.

The Cricket Wireless application process is smooth and sublime, much like their service. The industry is constantly progressing and things need to stay efficient to keep up. This will be the deciding factor on whether you would fit in or not at the company, as you will be in a market that keeps you constantly on your toes.

If you feel like you can cope with the ever changing scene to mobile connectivity, then good news, there is somewhere hiring. I will discuss ways to boost your chances of landing one of many challenging but potentially very rewarding jobs. Read on to find out how to make the free application process as easy and stress free as their customer support.

Cricket Wireless Careers

Through the use of a direct application process, you can posses a new and rewarding positions with one of Cricket Wireless jobs. They have many retail opportunities for the entry level applicant, who may just be looking for experience or looking to further their career in a new and interesting field. The hours are flexible and you can even work from home.

Due to the nature of the internet, much of the business is carried out online, so much of the employment is related to that same point. Cricket Wireless careers can be accessed solely online at this point and you can work your way up the chain from the comfort of your own office. However, there are still many corporate positions that need filling.

How old do you have to be to work at Cricket Wireless? At least 16 for most entry level jobs, but in specific circumstances 18 is the minimum. No matter you’re age, the hours can be as flexible as you need them in the right position and can even be chosen yourself if working in an online aspect. Even the corporate levels aren’t the typical back breaking slogs of hours, instead, they are rich in variety and enjoyment so you’ll never feel like you are even working.

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The benefits of working in the industry speak for themselves. Although, the benefits on the employment side aren’t to bad either. With paid vacation, personal days and overtime, it’s obvious to see the stress free environment you’ll be working in. Employment at some positions can even net you great healthcare.

Job descriptions and Salaries

Although there are many opportunities to snag any one of various Cricket Wireless jobs, you might need some help choosing, so here you go.
Sales rep- Typical sales position with the typical job description. Possibility in some areas to earn commission but overall a standard sales gig. Great entry level post for any age or background. Starting rate of about $10 hourly.

Store Manager- A more leadership centric role that requires necessary experience or time at the company. Requires obvious people skills that are entailed from managing an entire store of staff. Can be a great goal for entry level employees. Average salary of between $30K and $60k a year.

Assistant Manager- The Robin to the store manager as Batman. There to help with the overall running of the store by supporting the store manager. $25K-$50K a year expected salary.

Accountant- A vital part of any business and great opportunity for anyone with a relevant resume for the field. Great experience to be gained in this position for inexperienced applicants or a great career option for certified accountants. Median pay check of about $50K.

Account Manager- Pretty obvious job description but can be surprising in it’s content. Always changing while keeping one focused goal and task. Expect to require good customer service and experience. Base salary of about $60K. 

Cricket Wireless Interview Questions

A staple part of any online application is the real life interview, so I will go through a few examples questions to help the next part of landing on of the Cricket Wireless jobs online. 

Why do you want to work at Cricket Wireless? A rather pertinent thought for the interviewer to want to know. Be honest about your current employment situation and your motivation for this application. Pretty basic but a necessary part of the interview to gauge.

Do you live local to a Cricket Wireless store? Asked to gauge your viability of commuting. Definitely do your homework and figure out which store you want to work at if you haven’t done so before hand. Normally this is an obvious answer but you’d be surprised how often it’s asked.

What do you think is your greatest strength? Typical question to measure your ability to fill possible roles in the staff. The employer needs to know how you can link your strengths to strengthening the team as a whole. Be modest up to a point and definitely don’t start acting egotistical.

What do you think is your greatest weakness? Often a hard question to answer as it takes a good introspective look to reply to honestly. Definitely focus on the honesty part, people respect humility and self acceptance for a reason. Take your weakness in your stride and you will find the interview less stressful.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Used to see how ambitious you are and a great moment to set yourself apart from the crowd. Take the opportunity to explain the step this job will be in your career and how the opportunity will benefit both parties involved. 

Advice for Application Process

Now on to the meat of this article. After you download the application form (a printable application form for Cricket Wireless is available also) and figure out how to apply for jobs at Cricket Wireless online, make sure you read through it and plan out your answers thoroughly. Do a little more research about the company and really look at their core values in depth. This will help make you the applicant that stands out to the employer among all the other applications.

Once you have secured your interview, how to apply for cricket wirelessstart thinking about how you now want to present yourself in person. You want the interview to perceive you as being the suitable man (or woman) for the job. Dress appropriately to show respect and care in your appearance, as you would at any important occasion. Just smart casual is fine for most entry level applicants, but more corporate and managerial roles would normally require wearing a suit or presenting yourself just as proffesionally as possible.

The actual interview is rather informal and relaxed in it’s tone. Use the opportunity to modestly show off as much positives about yourself while balancing honesty and admittance of areas you lack in. While showing respect and what you can offer to the company, still include an insight to how you feel the opportunity will benefit you as well. The final frontier of what you started with the Cricket Wireless job application online.

Always be great-full of the time being given to you and be proactive in the process as a whole. No employer wants to feel that hiring you is more work than necessary. Make the opportunity to hire you seem as lucrative, efficient and almost necessary as possible. If you haven’t secured the job at the first interview, ask how to check up on the progress of hiring as, persistence is often rewarded by the Cricket Wireless application process. 
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