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Movie theaters are always a popular place for date nights, hanging out with friends, or a fun night out with your family. There is not too much that is more iconic than going to see the newest movie releases and enjoying that bag of popcorn. They have been a staple in entertainment for ages, and as movies become more popular this will not change.

What is great about movie theaters as an industry for an employee is that the hours are flexible and there is something for everyone to do. This means it can be a great job for someone who is looking for a second job on a part time basis to gain a little extra money. This is also great for high school and college students that are looking for employment around their school schedules. This industry can also be ideal for high school students or other people out in the job force for the first time since no previous experience is required to gain employment.

Between midnight releases and a boost in employment during certain times of years, there are many opportunities that open up for people to get a job in a theater. In most positions, the only requirement is having excellent customer service skills.

Job Opportunities

Here are some employment opportunities that a person can find in an industry like this:

Cashier: This position is a bit different in this industry than it is in a retail one. While they must receive payment from the customers for their tickets, they must be aware of payment policies. They are required to check the ID’s of all the customers to ensure that they are of an appropriate age to see the movie, if necessary. They must have knowledge of all their showings that are playing in order to answer any questions about the features that their guest might have. This includes any information about the showing’s rating and other movie content that the guest needs to be aware of. The cashier needs to ensure the box office area that they work in is always in a clean and organized state. They must have excellent customer service skills and be able to handle a large quantity of people, as this can be a very fast-paced job with a lot of people coming through the box office. They should behave according their company’s policies on maintaining a professional attitude and kindness to the guests. No previous experience or education level is required for this position. A cashier can make the state’s minimum wage, around $8-$10 per hour.

Usher: When approaching the theater that the movie you are attending, you come across a person who takes your ticket and tears it before allowing access to the hallway where the theater is. Ushers also walk around the movie auditorium to ensure that guests are following the rules of the area, and helping guests find seats to watch their movie. After the movie is over, the usher is responsible for cleaning up the auditorium so that it is perfectly clean for the next showing. They are tasked with making sure that any age requirements of the showing are being met. They will deter any poor conduct that a customer might partake in that goes against the company’s policies, so that the satisfaction of the other guests is maintained. They will watch the presentations in the auditorium to ensure that the sound and picture quality of the feature is up to the standards of their company. They will clean up the main lobby area and restrooms during downtimes, and assist customers with anything they might need. This includes information on the movies that are being shown. The usher is also tasked with changing out the marquees to make sure that they are up-to-date. There is no education level that is required for being an usher, nor is their previous experience that is required. An usher can typically make $8-$11 per hour, depending on the state’s minimum wage and experience.

Concessions: A person who works at the concession stand is the person who helps the guest get whatever snacks or drinks that they would like to enjoy with their feature. They will make the popcorn and assemble the boxes so they can quickly serve the guests as needed. They will run the casher registers in the concession area, and receive payments for the goods from the customer. They should clean the cooking equipment and the shelves and counters frequently so that it always looks cleaned for the guests. The concession stand personnel must maintain all the equipment according to their company’s standards. A person in this field does not require any special level of education. They can earn around $9-$10 per hour.

Manager: The movie theater manager is responsible for all of any day to day operations within the facility. They are responsible for hiring, firing and training all employees. They must ensure that all of their staff complies with the company’s policies for behavior and their department’s duties. A manager will be in charge of their inventory in the concession stand and schedule of their staff. A manager is responsible for the budget of the theater and any marketing that is necessary to keep the business running. They will deal with the payroll of their staff. They should also have knowledge in performing all the tasks their employees have so that they can fill in when short staffed. There is a minimum of a high school diploma that is required for this position. Sometimes managers work their way up the ladder into that position while others have college degrees in business or some related field. A manager can make around $80,000 a year.

Job Outlook

The job growth in this industry estimated to be around 10%. This is just about the national average, which is 11%. The reason for this is because most people gain their employment experience here, and move onto careers in other industries. This can also be as a result of seasonal employment during busy times of year.

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