Harkins Theatres Application & Careers


There are a multitude of movie entertainment venues, however, one team stands out above the rest around the country. Harkins Theatres is a popular and reputable brand that has withstood the test of technological advances in the movie business.  Currently Harkins has 30 different locations within 5 states in America so far. This makes them the 5th largest theatre chain to exist in the country so far.

Harkins Theatre is the brainchild of an ambitious young man by the name of Dwight “Red” Hawkins. Red wanted to become a major factor in the world of motion pictures. On his journey, he attempted a good run to Hollywood, however, he was unsuccessful. Nonetheless, his set backs did not get in the way of his passion, eagerness, or determination. In 1933, the country experienced its worse phase of the Depression, yet that is the year Red opened the doors to his first theatre.

Over the years, Harkins has evolved under Red’s vision for the company. Their service for patrons looking to enjoy a new movie alone, with their family, or a significant other is superb. Regular visitors can always expect an atmosphere of fun and excitement the moment they step inside of a Harkins Theatre. There is no shortage of enjoyable snacks such as popcorn, a variety of candy options, and a multitude of sodas available.

Every location around the country offers the newest mainstream movies on a consistent (and rotational) basis. Many businesses utilize Harkins for private and/or team building events that extend outside of seeing a movie. The company offers a unique movie viewing experience plus option for clients who would like to host a private party, school field trip, or a birthday party.

Harkins Theatres Interview Questions

In a professional sense, what has been your biggest disappointment? You will want to tell the interview something that was out of your control. You will not want to be bitter, however. Just explain what happened, why you were disappointed, and how you recovered. If you learned anything from the experience, you can share that, as well, because it will show the interviewer that you took a bad situation and learned from it.

Can you tell me about the most fun you have had on a job? To answer this question, you should consider what the interviewer will want to hear. Your answer should be work related, so don’t talk about an office party or celebration. It may be a good idea to share a time you accomplished something that was fun and made you feel good.

Why would you excel at this job? Your answer to this question should include a simple list of a few skills, character traits and goals that you have. You may also want to say something positive about the company in this question, as well. Maybe say something like, “this seems like a company that would give me additional tools to succeed at this position, as well.”

What is your work philosophy? You don’t need to give a long, drawn out answer, but you should still cover the question. You can say something like, “My philosophy is to work hard and make sure the job gets done every day.” This will let the interviewer know that you are a hard worker, but you didn’t have to make a long speech.

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