Fandango Application & Careers


In the year 2000, a group of 10 exhibitionists together with some movie theatres came together and formed the company Fandango. The primary aim of the company was to provide and online platform through which movie lovers could purchase tickets.

The company was bought over by Comcast in 2007 and in 2011 when Comcast acquired a stake in NBCUniversal, Fandago automatically became a part of NBCUniversal. The company continues to conquer the movie ticketing industry through its acquisition strategy. So far it has acquired Flixter from Time Warner Bros.

Fandago is the US largest online seller of movie tickets. It sells ticket on behalf of at least 60% of the country’s movie theatres. It is also believed that more than 10,000 screens get their tickets from this company.

Over the years Fandango’s website has been the favorite destination for those looking to buy tickets online. The site allows users to preview movies, read reviews of upcoming movies, and choose a film to watch and a movie theatre to watch the film. Apart from their site, it is possible to use the services offered by Fandango by phone.

Fandango Interview Questions

Do you know anyone who works for us? Now, even if you do, do not mention them, unless you know that they are held in high regard in the organization. This is because work place ethics in any company or organization strictly observe against having related parties working together in the same organization. Therefore, the right answer in this case is always no.

What is your philosophy towards work? Your philosophy towards work is actually the source of your motivation, ambition and inspiration to get better at your job each waking day. For some, it could be something as simple as fostering a good working relation with co-workers, the thrill that comes with successfully getting a project done, if your organization takes initiative in corporate social responsibility-the joy that comes with being able to give back to society, or even feeling self-actualized in your career path. Just the mere thought that you are able to impact people’s lives either directly or indirectly.

What has been your biggest professional disappointment? This is the lowest moment in your career. Just give hints and details about it, and describe how it affected you as an individual. Be sure to give the affirmation however that you put it behind you, therefore you are not still affected by it. It could have been a project that went wrong, or a conspiracy within your previous organization. Whatever the case, you are well past it.

Are you a team player? Yes, you are a team player. Working in an organization entails being in sync with everyone; from co-workers to boss. This is because everyone is working towards the same goals. Hence the experience most times is so much so like team work. You can even give an example of an instance where your team playing antics actually paid off.

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