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Cinemark USA, Inc. is an American movie theater chain company. Its headquarters is currently located in Plano, Texas within the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They are also the biggest movie theatre chain in Brazil owning a 30% market share.

Lee Roy Mitchell founded the company in 1984, in California, Utah, and Texas.  Even now, the year it was found is still unclear, as they previously claimed it was in 1983 while records show they were already open in 1977.

The company also operates in other brands such as Century Theaters, Tinseltown, Rave Cinemas, Cinemark XD, and CinéArts. They currently own 525 locations in the US and Taiwan.

The company’s employees get many benefits, such as free movie passes when they feel like watching movies during off-days. They also offer a 401k plan, health insurance, and flexible schedules for their employees’ convenience.

People praise their working experience for the company because of the free movies. The great staff trains employees about what they should do. They also liked how exciting the experience was because they met many people while working.

How old do you have to be to work at Cinemark?

People who want to work for the theatre company should be at least 18 years old. Teenagers can also apply for the jobs, provided that they are no younger than 16 years old. 

Cinemark Careers

The company offers various kinds of careers for aspiring applicants with different skills and specialties such as sales and customer service. Applicants should be skilled in customer service since they will be dealing with different patrons from various walks of life.

Usher: Ushers give guidance to the theatre’s patrons. They help people find their seats, check for tickets, and give directions such as where to find the comfort rooms or refreshments. Their attitudes should be pleasant since their job requires that they interact with different patrons during their shifts.

Ticket Sales Representative: Ticket sales representatives sell tickets for the cinema. They sell tickets through the theatre’s website, or through meet-ups. Their job includes meeting sales quotas per month. They need to have the courage and drive to work hard so they can meet the quota. They also need sales talk skills.

Concession Worker: Concession workers help prepare the day-to-day food service operations of the theatre. They must also have good customer service skills since they work at the front desk. It is also their job to adhere to the rules and guidelines in food preparation and sanitation.

Retail Sales Associate: Retail sales associates ring the customers’ purchases in the cash register. They help them pick which products to buy and must have good customer service skills since they talk with the patrons and from time to time, they encounter tough customers. They must also check the store’s stocks.

Cook: The cooks prepare the foods in the menu. They normally cook fast foods such as hotdogs, burgers, and sandwiches. Cooks will cook the same food every day and ensure to make a consistent taste to these food items. They also need to follow the rules and guidelines regarding sanitation and food preparation.

Cashier: Cashiers take payment, return change for customers and answer their questions pleasantly. They operate the cash register and handle the establishment’s money. They also study the sales data at the end of their shifts to make sure that there had been no mistakes.

Manager: Managers manage the theater’s day-to-day operations. They give the team the tasks they have to do and then evenly divide the workload amongst all of them. Their utmost goal is for the establishment to perform at maximum efficiency. They also talk to customers to make sure they had the best movie experience.

Custodian/Janitor: Custodians make sure that the establishment is clean for the satisfaction of the movie-goers. They sweep floors, clean bathrooms, and clean theatre seats. They can also be tasked to perform light repairs when necessary. Janitors should always present themselves neatly.

Assistant Manager: Assistant managers perform the manager’s task when he is not around. They lead the employees to perform in the best way they can and make sure that everyone is doing what they have to do. They also provide customer service for customers by answering their questions.

Theater Security Team: The job of theater security team members can vary. They can work at the doors to check the belongings of the patrons to make sure they do not bring anything illegal into the establishment. They watch out for people who are violating the establishment’s rights or are ruining other customers’ movie experience.

Cinemark Application

People who want a job at Cinemark only need to go to any of the company’s locations nationwide and submit a fully filled out application form.

For applicants who do not prefer an in-store application, the option of online application is available for their convenience. They just need to go to the careers section of the company’s website.

In filling up the in-store or online application form, applicants need to make sure that they have read and understand the form completely to avoid any error and only put factual information.

For those who prefer to submit a resume, they must make sure that it is designed for the job they are applying for. Also, it must be kept short but must still contain substantial information.

Job interviewees must arrive wearing the proper clothing for the occasion, which is corporate attire. They must also arrive on time, but it would be better if they arrive a bit ahead of schedule.

Things To Know About Cinemark

The company’s culture is about fun and team building. While working, employees work in a good environment and the theatre chain ensures that they are properly compensated not just in salary, but also through their benefits.

In February 2018, the company announced its decision to ban customers from bringing big bags that exceed the 12”x12”x6” size limit for security reasons. This is to prevent shooting incidents from happening and shows how the company values customer safety.

The company is known for its comfortable and luxurious movie theaters and how they provide the best movie experience for their patrons. Their facilities are the best in the country and the employees are top notch in giving customer service.

Every year, the company hosts their annual Charity Dinner and Golf Tournament. They conduct this event as a way of raising funds which they use to fund charity projects for the benefit of less fortunate people.

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