AMC Movie Theater Application & Careers

American Multi-Cinema or AMC Movie Theater is one of the biggest movie theater chain in the world. This company introduced the first multiplex cinema in the entertainment industry.

Edward, Barney, and Maurice Dubinsky first founded the company as the Durwood Theatres in 1920. Then in 1961, Stanley Durwood renamed the company as American Multi-Cinema Movie Theater. The company continues to improve its services through the introduction of cutting-edge theater innovations.

AMC Movie Theater is popular as an iconic destination for movie enthusiasts. The company has more than 380 theater chains around the world and employs over 34000 employees.

The company offers competitive work incentives for its qualified workers. Some incentives offered by the company are medical coverage, 401k plan, life insurance coverage, and paid time off. Employees also enjoy free movie passes and flexible work schedule.

The company provides a collaborative and fun work environment for its employees. It is an excellent training ground for entry-level employees and career professionals who want to work in the movie theater industry.

How old do you have to be to work at AMC Movie Theater?

The company is open for job seekers who are 16 years old and above. Anyone who satisfies that age requirement can find work opportunities at the company.

AMC Movie Theater Careers 

AMC Movie Theater is an excellent place for job seekers who want to be part of the restaurant and movie theater industry. Interested applicants can find different entry-level and managerial positions at the company.

Dishwasher: The Dishwasher is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of all flatware, stemware, and cooking utensils in the restaurant. They clean all the dishwashing equipment in the kitchen. They assist the food and beverage team in providing the best dining experience for the guests. They also sweep and mop the walk-in refrigerators as well as the stockrooms.

Bartender: The Bartender is responsible for preparing quality drinks for the customers. They take accurate beverage and food orders from the guests.  They also possess full knowledge of the menu items at the bar and can make excellent food recommendations to customers.

Busser: The Busser is responsible for cleaning tables at the auditoriums, bar, and the lounge of the theater. They reset the tables and help the wait staff. They restock food service supplies and assist with crowd control at the theater. They also perform exit greetings at the doors of the auditorium.

Crew: The Crew is responsible for providing direction and assisting guests at the theater. They control access to the theater and monitor the behavior of guests. They maintain the interior and exterior cleanliness of the theater. They also monitor the lighting, picture and sound quality, as well as the temperature of the auditoriums.

Server: The server is responsible for providing accurate beverage and food orders to the guests at the theater.  They deliver the prepared food to the guests in a timely and orderly manner. They also help in the reserved seating strategies of the company.

Cook: The Cook is responsible for preparing food orders in accordance with the established guidelines of the company. They follow the recipes of the company and ensure the quality of food items. They implement all required sanitation procedures and maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen. They also operate and maintain large-volume cooking equipment such as ovens, grills, and fryers.

Supervisor: The Supervisor is responsible for ensuring friendly, fast, and excellent guest service to customers. They assist the management team and ensure the smooth operations of the theater. They ensure the comfort of every guests and observe the cleanliness of the workplace. They also help serve beverage and food to guests.

Kitchen Manager: The Kitchen Manager is responsible for assisting the daily operations in the kitchen. They maintain the cleanliness and safety of the facilities in the kitchen area. They monitor the recipes and conduct line checks to ensure the quality of food items. They also coordinate with the cooks to guarantee the accurate assembly of food orders.

Restaurant Theater Manager: The Restaurant Theater Manager is responsible for ensuring the daily success of theatre operations at the company. They ensure the proper staffing in every part of the theater. They review financial numbers and make operation adjustments when necessary. They also make sure that the associates meet the service standards set by the company.

Facility Maintenance Manager: The Facility Maintenance Manager is responsible for providing routine maintenance and repairs to the theater. They develop routine systems and monitor the critical areas in the theater. They conduct regular inspections and report facility problems to the General Manager. They also manage the theater’s operating expenses for supplies, maintenance, and repairs.

AMC Movie Theater Application

Interested individuals can check the career website of the company for possible job openings. The company uses its AMC Theatres Career Center to process the application of applicants.

Applicants can apply online or in person at any theater chain of the company. Applicants who prefer the online method of application can use the official website of the company to send in the application form.

Applicants should provide relevant and complete information in the application form of the company. The company also prefers honest and brief answers on this form.

Job seekers should submit a well-constructed resume to improve the chance of acceptance at the company. Applicants should also highlight communication and leadership skills in the resume.

Familiarity with the current and popular movies can act as an advantage for applicants during the interview process. Enthusiasm during the interview can also improve the application status of applicants.  

Things To Know About AMC Movie Theater

The company is committed in creating the best movie and restaurant experience for its customers. The company and its employees work together to provide fast and reliable service to its guests.

The company is home to different movie festivals and special screenings. Some of the latest film festivals at the AMC Movie Theater are the Asian Pop-Cinema, the Romanian Film Festival, and the Studio Ghibli Fest 2018.

The company is popular as an excellent dine-in theater where guests can order food and drinks while watching movies. The company also provides a cozy environment for guests and shows films in premium format.

The company started the AMC Cares Charitable Fund, AMC Giving Back, and AMC Matching Gift Program to help children, families, as well as different charities.  The company also supports the education of its associates through the AMC Associate Scholarship Fund.

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