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The Movie Tavern has changed the theatre experience with a dine-in service that is reminiscent of your favorite all American upscale restaurants. Established in 2001, The Movie Tavern quickly settled itself as the industry standard in the cinema eatery segment. Serving families in nine states across the country, The Movie Tavern features 22 high-quality theatres and 189 digital screens.

In September of 2013, the Dallas-based movie theatre was bought by New Orleans based Southern Theatres, the eight largest theatre circuit in the United States. Southern is currently responsible for Grand Theatres, Amstar Theaters, and The Theatres at Canal Place.

Blending the traditional movie theatre experience with that of an eatery, customers can order their meal and drinks in the lobby, and their selections will be bought to them at their seat by dedicated servers who remain out of sight so they can enjoy the film.

The menu features diverse chef-inspired appetizers, entrees and desserts. The selections contain classic choices like grilled gourmet burgers, but also feature location specific dishes relative to where you are in the country. Of course, you have movie theatre staples like popcorn, butter, and brand-name candy and soft drinks.

On March 5th, 2015 The Movie Tavern was awarded the Gold MarCom Award for pioneering in the dine-in movie theatre experience. Recognized for the user friendly design and function of the website, Movie Tavern received the Gold MarCom for Best Business to Consumer website. The MarCom Award recognizes creative competition for any person or company involved in concept, writing, design of print, visual, audio or web materials.

Movie Tavern Interview Questions

Any suggestion you have made and considered successful? A ready answer is the best do not look hesitant on this. Relate to a suggestion you made and that was a success to the previous company, this one could really give you a boost and chance to be hired.

Have ever been demoted? They say the truth will set you free let it be, if you have ever been demoted say yes but if no let it be no. Keep in mind that you should never state anything bad about the previous organization, institution or co-workers since they will not believe you and make sure it is very brief.

If hired are you willing to work over time? Night? Or weekends? This one can be tricky though you are required to be honest to prevent future problems if asked to work overtime. As you are aware working overtime isn’t a good idea though at the moment you really need the job so a twisted yes can help.

Enlighten us about yourself? Being the most frequent asked question in almost all interviews, be ware to highlight from the beginning of your career to the present. Talk of what you have achieved and the vast experiences you have had throughout your career. Be confident and make sure that your statement does not sound memorized. Let your mind prepared answers be short, clear and within the job interviewed.

What do you think your former boss would say about you? There are numerous praises your previous boss can say about you for example respectful, dedicated, principled, mediator, loyal, energetic, works under pressure etc. Confidence is the commanding altitude that will earn you points to get the job.

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