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rave cinemas

Rave Cinemas is a recognized major cinema chain in the USA. It was founded in 1999 under the name of Rave Motion Pictures. In 2009 it became the Rave Cinemas, LLC. There are Rave theaters located in many states throughout the country. In several states Rave Cinemas is now part of Cinemark.

Fans of Rave Cinemas list a number of features that appeal to them. Several of these features come under the heading of “comfort”. Included in this list are seating design elements such as additional leg room, reclining seat backs, over sized seats, cup holders and tray tables, just to name a few.

Regular patrons also identify affordable ticket prices as another thing about this cinema chain that appeals to them. Senior rates, low cost matinees, and student ticket discounts make movie entertainment available to a lot of people on tight budgets. Concession stand prices are also quite reasonable.

In many communities the Rave Cinema has a reputation for drawing a multicultural audience. This aspect adds to the sense of comfort many patrons feel. The urban feel adds to their sense of sharing the experience with their neighbors.

One other feature that many customers comment on is the appearance of most of these theaters. They are described as clean, well maintained and beautiful. These surroundings add to the moviegoer’s sense of comfort.

Rave Cinemas Interview Questions

Have ever been in a position to fire anyone? If so, how did you take it? A good person should have a sense of humor, do not let your answer sound that you love firing people instead show them your determination to ensure that the work is well done and to defend the company’s policy.

What is your weak point? A tricky question it is, beware never to highlight any blind spots that you have let the organization find them. I believe everyone has their weak points but as for this do not let them undermine you with this in fact make it very brief.

What is your dream job? Answer the question as if you have already landed at your dream job company, don’t specify since you will miss the chance to get hired. State something like you are longing to work where people are willing to co-operate and deliver the best as needed by the organization, remember to create an impression that the organization you are applying to work for already has the stated qualities.

Are your interests more important than the organization? You must portray your total dedication and loyalty to the organization; this is a straight forward question that you should be brief and clear. Remember you are not there for your own benefits but for the interest of the company any personal interests should never come up.

Do you have anyone familiar in this organization that you know? When applying for any job at any company be sure to know the rules and regulation that govern the institution especially the policy of family and relatives. The only one you can mention is a friend who is well thought of.

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