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Smoothie shops are a relatively new concept, but they are becoming increasingly popular. They are a great place to stop with your family for cool refreshments. It is also a popular hangout place for younger people and their friends. They tout that their beverages and offerings are healthier than the ones you can get at other establishments.

This type of establishment can offer its employees flexible hours to work around other schedules that they might have. It can also provide job opportunities for teenagers or first-time job seekers to gain employment. Since there isn’t educational level required to hold most of the positions here, which means most people of any skill set can gain employment in this industry.

This type of shop allows for employees to work their way up the corporate ladder as they gain necessary and valuable experience. That will give their employees opportunities to gain higher paying positions within the company if they prove themselves to excel at their fields.

As long as this fitness craze and belief in which smoothies are the superior beverage of choice, smoothie shops will continue to flourish. It can provide many job opportunities for those who are searching for employment.

Job Opportunities

Here are some positions that you can gain employment within this industry:

Cashier: Sometimes referred to as a “team member”, the cashier is the first person that the customer sees inside the shop. They will take the customer’s orders and receive payment for those orders. Cashiers are responsible for ensuring the right customer gets the right order. During the downtime, they should clean up the main area of their store as well as their counter areas to ensure that it is clean and organized for the customers. To do well in this position, a person must have excellent customer service skills and have in-depth knowledge of their products. There is usually no mandatory education level for this position, and some places allow anyone over the age of 16 to obtain employment as a cashier. All training is done on the job. A cashier usually makes the state’s minimum wage per hour.

Smoothie Maker: This is the person who is actually making the customer’s smoothie. Much like a barista in a coffee shop, the smoothie maker must have excellent knowledge of their company’s recipes to make a proper smoothie. They must follow the recipes exactly to make the beverage to company’s standards. They should also have knowledge of all the nutritional value of all products in store and be able to answer any such questions that the customer might have about the products. They must also help with the other responsibilities of the shop, like cashier duty. They are in charge of making sure the blenders are properly cleaned after each use, as well as keeping their station clean and organized. There is no required level of education to obtain a position like this and all other training is done on the job. A smoothie maker can make around $10 per hour.

Shift Leader: A shift leader takes care of the daily tasks in the store. They will fill in wherever they are needed within the shop. They will help out the staff when needed, and help train staff to do their jobs efficiently according to their company’s standards of operation. Not only do they help lead the staff during their shift, they often can be responsible for dealing with the guests of their shop to ensure everything was to their satisfaction. A shift leader is generally someone who has worked previously as a cashier and/or smoothie maker. They must be able to do both jobs in order to fill in as necessary when short staffed or busy. There is no mandatory education level to obtain a position like this, only on the job experience. A shift leader can make around $12 per hour.

General Manager/Shop Manager: The manager is tasked with ensuring that the daily operations of the facility run smoothly. The manager is responsible for hiring, firing, training, and disciplining their employees. They can be responsible for the sales and profits within their store, and ensuring that everything is maintained to the company’s standards. They must also be sure that the store is set up according to the standards of their company. Some general managers focus on ways to market their store and keeping customers up to date with any specials or other information about their shop. There is no required level of education to become a manager, though at least a 2 year college degree is preferred. Most often, a manager has worked their way up from an entry level position. A general manager can make about $18 per hour.

Job Outlook

The growth in this field is right on track with the 11% national average. Jobs in this industry are always open as current employees move onto other careers. This can also be as a result of part-time employees leaving and new ones getting hired through during seasonal operations in the store.

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