Tutti Frutti Application & Careers

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is a self-service yogurt store. Each Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt store is independently owned and operated.  The wholesaler of the yogurt and licensor is Wellspring Industry, Inc. located in Fullerton, California  The stores are individually licensed and not franchised.  This business model allows individual store owners more flexibility in how they operate the business.

It was founded by Jay Kim in 2008 in Southern California. The store offers a mixture of tart and creamy frozen yogurt.  Toppings of fresh fruit, nuts, chocolate, and many others may be added by the customer.  Some stores, also, offer smoothies.

Tutti Frutti operates over 100 stores and 25 countries. The company has experienced growth and recognition worldwide because each individual store is allowed reflect the culture it is in.  A unique flavor loved by a certain country may be only found in that country or culture.

The company offers flexible hours for part-time employees.  Full-time management receives benefit packages ranging including health insurance, paid vacation and sick leave.  Individual owners at various locations, also, offer some retirement plans like 401ks.

Employees at Tutti Frutti generally like to the product and the environment.  They get to serve a healthier alternative in a colorful store, and emphasize health and fun.

How old do you have to be to work at Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt?

The corporate application specifically asks if an applicant is 18 year of age or older. Individual stores in different states or countries may have ages that are lower than 18 years of age. The key is to be of legal age to work in the store.

 Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Careers

The number of jobs available at Tutti Frutti stores varies widely from place to place.  In the United States, the individual stores have small retail space.  The small size of the stores and the business model of self-serve limits the number of employees actually needed to run the day-to-day operation of the business.   Some of the careers of Tutti Frutti are described below.

Crew Member:  The crew member is a part-time position.  In many stores, this position is filled by high school students, and may be a first job.  There are no benefits associated with the job.  The crew member must stock toppings, refill frozen yogurt machines, and accept payment from the customer.

Crew Chief:  The crew chief is a part-time position.  In stores that employ multiple employees at a site the crew chief is in charge of the any other crew members working a particular shift.  The crew chief does not hire or fire anyone, but may handle phone calls and customer complaints.  The crew chief supervises the cleaning of equipment and makes sure bathrooms are clean, and trash is picked up.

Assistant Manager:  The Assistant Manager is usually a part-time position.  The Assistant Manager takes inventory at the direction of the Manager, supervises other employees, and answers customer questions and complaints.  The Assistant Manager often is responsible for closing the store for the day.  The Assistant Manager enforces the rules of the business.   The Assistant Manager requires a good knowledge of the entire business.  It is usually filled by in-house promotion of  a crew member with experience.

Manager:  The Manager of the store is a full-time position.  The Manager generally has a combination of college and prior restaurant experience.  The Manager is responsible for the operation of the business on behalf of the owner.  The Manager hires and fires most of the other employees.  The Manager enforces the rules of the business, and is responsible for the profitable operation of the business.  The Manager keeps account of the money of the business, and orders inventory.  The Manager salary includes benefits like sick and vacation leave, life insurance, and retirement or profit sharing.

Bookkeeper:  The individual owner of a Tutti Frutti employs a bookkeeper to prepare the profit/loss statements for the business.  The bookkeeper manages the money of the business.  This person is usually a part-time person with at least some college, and familiarity of accounting and computer software .  The bookkeeper assists the owner in preparing forms to advance capital from banks, and to do taxes.  The bookkeeper sets up the payroll system for the owner and is responsible for making sure that the business deducts the necessary payroll taxes and deductions from employee pay.

Janitor/Custodian: The janitor/custodian is responsible for the cleaning and sanitation of the store including work and bathroom areas.  It is either a part-time job or may be done by an independent contractor of the individual owner.  The janitor/custodian is responsible for the the more involved cleaning of floors, windows and bathroom areas such as monthly waxing of floor surfaces.  The janitor/custodian is trained on the job in the individual tasks.  It does not require any prior experience.

Equipment Technician:  The Equipment Technician is employed to repair yogurt equipment.  The Equipment Technician usually has vocational training and certification.  This person may be on the payroll of the wholesaler of the yogurt or may be employed on and as-needed basis by the individual owner. This job involves the ordering and replacing of individual parts of the yogurt dispensing machines.

Public Relations:  The Public Relations person is employed to do marketing for the business.  The Public Relations person is responsible for making sure that the individual store has an attractive website.  This person may be a part-time position or it may be independently contracted by the owner.  The Public Relations person usually has a college degree in an area like marketing and is knowledgeable on the use of social media to promote the business with the public.

Buyer:  The Buyer is employed by the owner to find the lowest and best inventory for the business. The frozen yogurt itself comes from the wholesaler, Wellspring, but  toppings may be bought from other sources.  Individual stores, in particular, like to promote the local produce of an area.  The Buyer negotiates with individual wholesalers and local farmers to get the best in season fruits for the toppings.  This position varies greatly by location. It may be part-time or contracted.  It generally requires a background in business or marketing.

Regional Manager:  The Regional Manager is responsible for two or more stores in a specific locale.  This is full-time and salaried position with benefits. The Regional Manager usually has a college degree and prior retail experience.  The Regional Manager is responsible for the hiring and discipline of lower management. The Regional Manager makes sure that each store operates according to the legal requirements of the state. The Regional Manager reports directly to the owner.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Application 

The corporate website has a job application that may be downloaded.  The website directs an applicant to email it to the individual store.  An applicant may, also, check for a website for the individual store.  That website may have a contact person to whom the application is to be sent.

Individual stores use the corporate job application.  The application may be emailed, but hand-delivered applications are accepted.

Application should be completely filled out.  The availability for work is especially important for part-time employees.  The online application is used primarily to fill the crew positions.

A resume is not required for the job application.  The application is primarily set up for the part-time crew person that may be applying for a first job.  A resume will be necessary for any full-time salaried position.

The interview is most likely to be painless for the crew applicant.  The questions will be most likely be general, and the job will go to the applicant who has the availability which matches the individual store’s needs.

Things to Know About Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt 

The culture of Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt comes from its origin in Southern California.  It is fun and healthy.

The Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt continues to expand beyond the the borders of the United States.  It is a truly international business. The brand encourages the development of flavors of frozen yogurt that satisfy the culture of the individual store, and has added several new flavors of frozen yogurt especially for the new country.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is known for its innovative business model.  It allowed customers to make their own yogurt product with a healthy choice of toppings.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is a big supporter of local organic farmers in places like California.  The wholesomeness of the product and the civic-mindedness of the brand gave the Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt brand a big start in Southern California.  This success has been duplicated in other states and worldwide.