Sweet Factory Application & Careers

The factory sells candy in bulk. They sell every kind of candy a person can dream of. They sell different types, colors, and brands. Some examples include chocolate, butterscotch, and soft gummies. Their stores are vibrantly colored to attract all types of customers to their store. They also have a special occasions section for holidays, birthdays, and any other special life events.

Their corporate office is located in California. The factory was founded in 2002. The CEO used to be John Kim. He left in 2015 and they haven’t replaced him yet. The factory is a private company and there is no exact information on who founded the company.

The factory has over 30 locations. They are spread throughout California, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, and Washington. They have over 1,000 employees. The company is looking to open more stores in the right locations. This will help increase their revenue.

Part time workers are not offered insurance or health benefits. They receive a 50% discount off of candy. They also receive free samples of candy while working on their shift. They sometimes receive Christmas bonuses depending on their productivity. Corporate staff receives health insurance benefits.

People enjoy working here because they learn responsibility. The jobs teach independence. They learn how to deal with a fast paced environment. Free samples and discounted candy is appreciated too. The staff are genuinely friendly and helpful.

How old do you have to be to work at Sweet Factory?

You must be at least 18 years old to work here. Their jobs include a lot of responsibility. Sometimes employees are completely alone while working at the factory. This is because some stores are much smaller than others and require less workers. Some managerial positions require a license because they sometimes have to travel.

Sweet Factory Careers

The factory is an equal opportunity employer. They have a wide range of different career opportunities. These positions are all involved with retail. There is room to be promoted to a manager without a college degree. All a person has to do is be willing to work hard. 

Cashier: This position requires a person to be friendly. They must be knowledgeable of the candy that is sold. Must be responsible and accurate in dealing with money. They may have to train new employees if the manager’s are unable to do so at the time.

Store Salesman: This position can be in store, at a kiosk, or in the mall. The company is focused on expanding so this person may be required to travel and know all about the candy sold. They must be able to recommend and sell candy to all types of customers.

Sales Associate: This position is very important for proper function in the factory. They are responsible for greeting people, assisting customers and vendors, as well as answering any questions customers may have. This is the role between that connects salesman and cashier.

Sales Representative: This role requires one to greet customers. They must answers questions regarding orders. Customers can make orders online, in person, or by calling the store directly. This person follows up if the customer may have any issues or concerns.

Customer Service Representative: They are responsible for answering the phone with any questions customers may have. They also help the sales representative if necessary or things escalate. This role requires someone with a calm and pleasant manner.

Key Holder/Sales Associate: This role also greets customers. They are responsible for restocking bins daily. This is an important role that can lead to a managerial position. This person is responsible for dropping deposits, and assisting all other roles as needed.

Associate Manager: This position is usually the manager of a specific department. It could be for sales or cashiers. They oversee the daily day to day operations. They help the store run smoothly. Leadership skills are necessary for this position.

Assistant Manager: This position is above the associate manager. They deal with specific administrative tasks like payroll and scheduling. They are responsible to make sure things are run efficiently.  They assists the store manager in conducting interviews.

Store Manager: This position is similar to the assistant manager position. They are also responsible for daily administrative tasks. They are responsible for conducting interviews. Different stores may alternate between different managerial titles.

District Support Manager: This is one of the highest levels in management. This role is usually one that oversees 5 to 10 stores or however many stores may be located in the state. They report back to corporate on daily functions and make recommendations for improvement. This position requires a driver’s license to be able to travel from store to store.

Sweet Factory Application

If you are applying for a corporate position, you must apply online. These positions are only listed online. For all other in store positions, you must go in person to a store. You can also call their direct store number(s) to inquire about open positions.

An online application is required for corporate positions if there are any available.  An in store application is needed for in store positions. Positions can differ depending on the size and need of the store. A PDF version of the application is available online. You can print it out, complete it and submit it in person.

Filling out all required sections on the application is necessary. The information must be complete and accurate. Be sure to list past experience and education. Education is important if you have no prior experience.

A resume isn’t required for an in store application. They have a section where you can list past experience. Make sure your contact information is current in case they call you for an interview. For corporate positions, it’s important to have proper grammar, spelling, and job skills. Be sure to list all relevant qualifications.

As for the interview process, it’s best to ask a current employee in the store. They can give you exact details about the process. They can tell you the types of questions that were asked and examples of what their answers may have been.

Things to Know About Sweet Factory

All employees are considered experts. It is their job to know about all types of candy to make great recommendations and sales. They are able to explain products and suggest gifts for customers. It’s a priority to make sure customers are satisfied and that they will return.

The factory boasts that they are the best financed candy retailer. They state that the company has a strong annual growth rate. Their retail marketing has helped them significantly. Their factory is trying to control the bigger share of the 24 billion dollar opportunity.

As mentioned before, the company was founded in 2002. Their goal is to mix entertainment with excitement. They do this with top quality candy and bright colorful stores. They aim to achieve retail success as a bulk candy retailer.

The factory is known for their stand out colors. They are very bright in their presentation. They guarantee the freshest candy. The bins are restocked every day. They have a customer service team that answers phone calls and responds to emails.