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If you are looking for a healthy snack during your busy day, Juice It Up has you covered.  Since they opened their doors in 1995, the chain aims to please by serving a variety of refreshing juice blends and smoothies.  The company currently runs over eighty stores, with plans to open additional franchise locations in the future.  If you are looking to become a business owner, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to step into franchise management.

The President and CEO of the company, Frank Easterbrook, runs his business with strong teams at each of the locations dedicated to serving the Juice It Up mission.  The company is based out of Irvine, CA, but you can find many of the stores scattered up and down the California coast line.

One of the goals the company focuses on is bringing attention to living a healthy lifestyle.  For many people, busy schedules can make it difficult to access the best choices when it comes to meals and snacks.  At any of the Juice It Up locations, they make it easy to swing in and pick up a delicious juice smoothie.

They offer a wide variety of options on the menus, and try to incorporate in the highest quality ingredients possible.  To support the healthy living lifestyle, the company strives to offer only the best juice blends and other drink selections.  The next time you are craving a satisfying snack, stop in and try out one of the many choices on the Juice It Up menu.

Juice It Up Interview Questions

Tell me what you know about our company. Do not simply list facts about the organization. Instead, do some investigating beforehand and describe the projects you admire in the company, and what you could contribute to them if you are hired. Find out the trajectory of the company and discuss how you want to be part of that growth. Research the history of the company, and see how they have handled previous setbacks, and how they have continued to flourish.

What would you uniquely offer to our company? Take time to prepare for this question. This is your chance to showcase the special combination of your skill set and personality, and how the combination of these qualities makes you the best candidate for the job. Many applicants will have similar experiences and interests, so think carefully about how you can take your unique style, attitude, and intelligence that will allow you to offer more than any other applicant can to the company.

What is your best quality? Do not limit your answer to one quality, as different skills will be the “best” ones at different times. Offer several examples of your attributes, such as your excellent communication, your management techniques, your timeliness, your commitment to group efforts. Discuss how these qualities, combined with your continued desire to learn new things, will help you grow with the company.

What is your most fun work experience? Tailor this response to show how you have made a contribution to the organization. You can freely discuss the pleasure and enjoyment of your work, but only in the context of working on a project and offering something to the company. Discuss the joy of creating something larger than that of your own desires.

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