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This chain of fruit drink stores is renowned for their unique blend of orange juice. It began as the brainchild of Julius Freed, who simply loved oranges, and his friend Bill Hamlin who also liked oranges but was unable to eat them due to their high acidity. So, they came up with the idea of adding certain ingredients to the juice to make it less acidic and tastier. An Orange Julius application is an application for a company with a long and successful history.

Julius created his first orange juice stand in 1926 in Los Angeles. In 1929 the new concoction with the aid of Bill was added to the menu, and sales increased dramatically, going from a modest $20 per day to $100 per day. It may not seem like a lot of money now, but back then it was a good income. By the 1960s Orange Julius was being sold in many outlets as well as county and state fairs.

International Dairy Queen purchased the Orange Julius chain in 1987, and the chain was expanded, with the drinks being sold in many of the mall Dairy Queen stores, also called Treat Centers. A new line of fruit smoothies were introduced in 2004, as competitors such as Jamba Juice and Smoothie King hit the markets. In 2012, the Orange Julius line of drinks was added to Dairy Queen restaurants.

Orange Julius Careers

There are a number of Orange Julius jobs available for entry-level workers. These include positions such as cashier, crew member, cook, dining room attendant, and cake decorator. For a lot of these you do not need qualifications, however preference may be given to those who have experience in that field. Orange Julius jobs are advertised on their website.

Also there are a variety of Orange Julius Careers available for those with extended education and qualifications as well as experience. Management positions include assistant restaurant manager and general restaurant manager. Other roles they are often hiring for are business and financial analysts, marketing, business consultants, regional distribution director, accountants and pride check consultant.

How old do you have to be to work at Orange Julius? You must be 16 years old to apply for jobs at Orange Julius.

Entry-level workers can often advance their career into a management role with the assistance of paid training programs. All staff receives competitive hourly pay and salary options. Other benefits that may be available for eligible staff include product and merchandise discounts, medical, dental and vision plans, life insurance, disability coverage, group medical assistance, 401(k) retirement plan and profit sharing plans. The opening hours are generally Sunday – Wednesday from 11:00am – 9:00pm and Thursday – Saturday from 11:00am – 10:00pm.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Team Member – The main responsibilities of a crew member are centered on customer service. This includes serving the customers and making beverages. Other duties include cash handling, answering questions, and making sure the work environment is clean and organized. Health and safety guidelines must be strictly adhered to at all times. Salary ranges from minimum wage to about $12.00 per hour depending on experience.

Cashier – Similar to the team members, cashiers are responsible for taking customer orders, relaying the order to the team members and all aspects of payments, including card payments and receipts. The starting wage is usually minimum wage.

General Manager – The general manager is responsible for the day to day running of the store. This includes creating work schedules, setting sales goals and making sure all employees follow the company policies. Recruitment, hiring and training of staff are also requirements of the general manager role. The average salary ranges from approximately $35,000 – $45,000 per year.

Assistant Manager – The primary responsibility of an assistant manager is to fully support and assist the general manager in the day to day running of the store. When necessary the assistant manager also needs to be able to fill in for other roles including that of crew member. The assistant manager also performs opening and closing responsibilities. The average yearly salary ranges from approximately $25,000 – $35,000.

Orange Julius Interview Questions

To prepare for an interview it is a good idea to think about what type of questions may be asked and how to answer them.

Why do you want to work for Orange Julius? This question is a common job interview question for most companies. You could talk about what you admire about the company, and why you think it would be a good place to work.

What do you know about the company? Research the company before your interview, and have a few points that you can talk about easily to show how much you know.

Why do you think you would be the best candidate for the job? This is your opportunity to sell yourself as the best candidate. Point out your qualifications, experience and personal attributes that would be suitable for this position.

How do you handle stressful situations? You could answer this question by explaining a situation you have been in that was stressful and what method you used to cope with it.

What is your greatest strength? In this type of industry, strengths that would be an advantage would be communication, problem solving, time management, and working in a team environment.

Advice For Application Process

For entry-level positions, it is recommended that you make a direct application by visiting your local store and asking for an application form. Make sure you are dressed appropriately and be prepared in case you receive an on the spot interview. There is no download application form, and no printable application form. If you find a printable application for Orange Julius, make sure it is an official form. All methods of application are free applications.

If you wish to apply for a corporate position, you can submit an online application through their website. Information on how to apply for Orange Julius online can be found under the careers section of their website. Your Orange Julius application must be filled out correctly and honestly. When you apply online for jobs at Orange Julius online, you may be able to attach a copy of your resume to your application. Orange Julius jobs online can also be searched through third party sites.

There are many locations available throughout the US, Canada, and other countries overseas, so be sure to apply for the right job in the appropriate location you desire. Employment will be offered to those who are best suited for the job, and this may depend on qualifications and or experience. There are a wide variety of job opportunities often available.

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