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Officemax ApplicationOfficeMax Inc. was an office supplies retailer company with its headquarters in Chicago Suburbs, Naperville. It was founded in 1988.

OfficeMax Incorporated is a leader in office supplies and prime providers of integrating products, services and solutions for the workplace. OfficeMax offers innovative solutions that help their customers to be more productive. The leading enterprise provides is not just the leading supplier of office supplies, they provide print & document services, help in technology management.

The organization has an approx. of 66,000 associates eagerly servings its customers. The retailer’s has business interests in about 59 countries and has more than 2,200 retail stores, award winning e-commerce sites. They are delivered through wholly owned indigenous operation.

OfficeMax was named as the world’s most ethical companies in 2013. OfficeMax and Office depot merged on November 5th and became a $17 billion company with the motto of providing exceptional customer service and technological innovation to its loyal customers. The enormous sized company has a steady opening for fresher jobs. The company has openings for entry level positions, Managerial positions and Customer service & Sales positions.

Officemax Careers

Being the chief suppliers of office furniture and accessories, the rapidly growing company is constantly hiring highly motivated, knowledgeable people to provide services under various categories such as customer service, supervision and stocking. Applications are also open to persons who are well versed in technological innovations. Many people looking to make a career in this industry, but are limited to due to their locations  being in the suburbs or in downtown areas or even in rural communities  will find that there exist several job opportunities in  cities, Suburbs and across stores located in smaller and rural communities.

OfficeMax is chief providers of Printers, Computers, Chargers, Calculators and various technological accessories needed by the office to run efficiently. Persons in the employment of the organization are expected to have thorough knowledge about technology and should be able to satisfy the queries put forth by the customers and if needed recommend the latest products to their customers. Further responsibilities include memorizing the store layout and helping the clients by showing them the items they seek and assist the clients choosing the appropriate gadgets. Communication skills are most sought after in this industry. The employee will have to do manual labor, stocking the shelves, doing inventory checks and unloading shipments from the truck. All these duties will form part of your entry level career.

A sales Consultant or Sales Manager should hold a High School diploma or its equivalent. He should preferably have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in the related field inclusive of supervisory role. The candidate should have majored in business, Marketing, Retail Management.

Though a bachelor degree is preferred for Manager with a minimum of two years’ experience, you can make a career in OfficeMax with a high School Diploma or its equivalent. The candidate applying for online OfficeMax careers should be well versed in Human Resources System, Workforce Management System and POS.

You will be pleased to find that there is no requirement for prior work experience for a logistic applicant. He must know to read, count and complete a document without errors.

The Entry level jobs for Sales Associates begins with minimum wages while a full time employment will pay an hourly rate of $8 to $9.

The assistant manager may get an annual salary of $33,000 to $55,000.

The retailer offers flexible time, competitive hourlies that are a boon to entry level workers. Paid Vacation, disability compensation, retirement plans, life insurance, Stock option & bonuses, healthcare plans, flexible spending accounts are some the benefits offered to regular full-time workers.

National discount programs, National fitness membership discount, on site amenities, lactation area at larger locations, credit union are the benefits offered when you apply for OfficeMax jobs.

The most obvious question is, how old do I have to be to work in the organization? OfficeMax starts hiring personnel’s from the age of 16.

Officemax Job Descriptions

Sales Consultant

The Job description for Sales Consultant emphatically states that the person working as Sales Manager must render outstanding customer service by paying keen attention to the needs of the customer and should follow up with customers or resolve any issues as and when it arises.

The Sales consultant should be highly motivated and ensure positive customer satisfaction levels. His responsibility includes training his associates to offer an increased customer service satisfaction. He must initiate and lead a customer satisfaction program as ascribed by the Management keeping them constantly updated providing metrics and offering inputs that serve to improve the service of the store.

The job requires you to constantly grow and enhance your selling skills and acquire an in-depth product knowledge, have a keen understanding and support the associated programs, introduction of new products. He will be the mentor, teacher and leader who motivates his team, inculcates the culture of team spirit, loyalty and outstanding service delivery. He must create and maintain a conducive environment that stimulates creative thinking.

As an External Key Carrier, it shall be your responsibility to safeguard the store and ensure that the store is opened and closed on time, activating and deactivating the fire alarms. You shall be in charge of cash and the security of your associates as well as the store. Cash handling, balancing the accounts, entering the register voids, error logs comprising of cash and merchandise comes under the realms of this designation.

The employee should be proactive in furthering the reach of the business, undertaking several customer centric schemes/programs or incentives such as the organizations Rewards program for the loyal customers.

Responsibilities include maintaining a clean, aesthetic store front and a well-stocked, up-to-date stocks. He should abide by the standards set by management in relation to labeling and stock presentation. He should possess sales leader certification and in such a case where he is not certified yet, he must obtain and maintain the Sales Leader certification.

Store Management

OfficeMax job application for Store Management enumerates that the candidate should be a leader, a mentor who leads, teaches and motivates his associates. His responsibilities include creating a positive working environment that helps in building trust, brand loyalty and top notch service to their customers. The store must maintain its focus on sales and growth of sales at all times and the manager is responsible to provide and maintain the aforementioned environment. He is accountable for the proper, thorough assessment of all managers working alongside him.

The employee Store manager must serve as a role model for his associates in terms of offering a superior customer service by exhibiting a high degree of understanding of OfficeMax credo’s and ethics. He must be a dispassionate observer and helpful coach who imparts constructive feedback aimed at improving the overall productivity of both the associate and the business.

He should be driven enough to increase the sales and profitability through conversion and lead to a customer satisfaction improvement. He must have in-depth knowledge of all the products, must be aware of the new products that are on the anvil, he should be able to help the customers with any queries that might arise.
He will be in charge of managing the inventories, assets, expenses and liabilities within the store by employing financial controls. The knowledge of Payroll management, cash handling, and data entry is a must. He will be responsible for assessing the potential of his associate and sending a timely performance appraisal of his associates.  Creates, encourages creative thinking and backs his associate in their risk taking.

The Manager should maintain an aesthetically pleasing and an easily understandable layout strictly following the guidelines laid out by the organization. The Manager will conduct recruitment and selection of talented people who have applied through OfficeMax job application through one on one interview or phone interview.

He must have enough tact and diplomacy to resolve conflicts among his associates without hampering the store operation.

The Manager Leads scheduled store meeting to ensure that the associates have clearly understood the directives as stated by the firm, is cognizant of the sales targets and he will use this opportunity to take in the feedback offered by the associates and acting upon them.

The OfficeMax jobs require you to be strong on verbal and written skills. You are also expected to be flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the customers.


OfficeMax careers in warehousing include logistics. Careers in logistics involve sorting, stocking and completing the freight process within the stipulated time. The logistics manager must keep the freight area organized for easier freight handling. He is accountable for maintaining the back-room in accordance with the business house’s company blue print.

The logistics personnel will check and fill the inventory, investigates and corrects any missed system outs, restocks the returned merchandise in the allocated area. He is also required to label and place the defective merchandise in its stipulated slots at the end of each shift.

The Logistics manager must be adaptable and assist customers when Sales associates are busy or unavailable. He will carry out sweeping, mopping and dusting as and when required. He will follow the policies and procedures of the company and be active in preventing loss to the organization.

Advice For Application Process

Interested in working for the retailer’s?  Are you looking for an OfficeMax Job application or looking to apply online? As an equal opportunity employer and as a retailer who has the pulse on the latest trends, the organization has made it easier for job seekers to apply for OfficeMax jobs online. The online application is available on their website.

How to fill the OfficeMax job application online?

The company provides you with two modes of applying online; the first mode is direct application where you simply fill in all the details after clicking on the link “ Apply Now” –  Once you have filled all the data, you hit the submit button. Another mode is where you register yourself with the company, apply online following the same above mentioned method and send the completed form to the company.

There is no printable application for OfficeMax nor can you download the free application form in PDF format. You can apply your ingenuity, copy and paste the application form, enter the details asked therein, and submit it at your preferred locations. The lack of Printable application form or the fact that you cannot download application form need not dampen your ardor, on the contrary, it might actually prove to be a boon as direct application may grant you an instant interview with the local store, where the manager might employ you pronto if you offer suitable replies to the questions posed instead of having to wait for the interview call.

Have an eye catching resume on hand when you approach or are approached for the interview. Sometimes this might just be the thing that will swing the job your way.

Apply for jobs at OfficeMax for a brilliant career ahead!

OfficeMax helps you in developing your inter personal skills, further your knowledge horizon, develop your innate leadership skills turning you into a productive, focused individual. The vibrant, positive working environment will turn on your creative thinking turning you into an asset for any company. You may wish to apply it in some other workplace in the industry, Office Depot & Staples are two such organizations that come to mind when we think of a firm that could utilize your talent for its benefit.
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