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Office supply stores do not just provide products for the business office, but also for schools and for the home office needs. The services in these places are expanding, to really help serve their customers. Most now offer services like computer repair and places for people with home offices to ship products and fax items out.

The hours in this industry can provide a lot of flexibility for employees. This flexibility allows for a person who needs to find a second job a great place to work. This can also be ideal for students in college who have class schedules to work around. For people looking for full time work, you can find a career that offers many benefits. There is also an opportunity for seasonal work for those who want extra cash for the holiday season.

An office supply job is able to be gained by people of many different talents. There are different positions that can fit almost anyone. Most positions do not require any particular level of education or experience. For every position, you will need to have great people skills as every position requires contact with the customers.

Job Opportunities

Here are some employment opportunities that you can find within this industry:

Sales Associate: The sales associate can be found out on their store floor, walking around assisting the customers. They will be tasked with being very familiar with the products in order to properly assist the people in their shop. The sales associate should be able to help the customer decide on the products that best meet their needs. They must also be familiar will all of the services that are provided by their company, including computer repair services and other shipping/faxing services. A sales person must know the layout of the store, to help their customers quickly find the products they are looking for. Sometimes the sales person will assist the customer in getting an item that they can’t reach or help them bring the item up to the register. Sometimes a sales associate will work on the floor and at the registers, so they will need to have a familiarity with the cashier’s responsibilities. There is no education level required for this position, but there is on the job training that is necessary. Typically a person in a position like this will earn around $9-$10 per hour.

Cashier: A cashier will assist the customer at the register. They will receive payments and handle and returns or exchanges of their items. This means that a cashier must be familiar with the company’s policies on payments, as well as their policies on returns and exchanges. They are responsible for helping answer questions about the store and assisting the customer with any needs or concerns they might have. A cashier should be familiar with the products in their inventory in case they need to answer questions, as well as work out on the sales floor. They will also clean the register area and tidy up the counter to ensure that the store looks in good condition for the customers. No education is mandatory to be a cashier. On average, a cashier will make the state’s minimum wage.

Certified Technician: It might seem that the sole job of the certified technician is to simply repair the computers or other technology brought into the shop. Often times, the technician in the store will also assist in the purchasing of the technology in the inventory. They might also assist and answer any questions about all the products and programs associated with these items. The technician usually will also help the customer decide on ways to maximize this technology and give tips and ideas to keep the technology running smoothly and for an extended time. A certified technician should have a degree in computer repairs or a related field. They will also need all certifications that are required to repair the technology. Typically, a certified technician will make around $12 per hour.

Manager: A manager is responsible for all of the day-to-day operations of their store. They are the ones who hire, train and fire their employees when necessary to do so. When they train them, they must adequately teach the company’s policies to the staff. A manager should know everything about the positions within the store so they can fill in as necessary. They are in charge of all aspects of their store. They might often handle the payroll, inventory for their store, and handle the cash boxes. Most importantly, they must be there to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. They should have excellent customer service skills to handle all situations that might arise with customers. Most managers in this industry do not need specialized degrees, but will need at least a high school diploma. They should have previous retail experience and often times will work up the ranks within the company to become a manager. They might earn an hourly wage of $15-$16 per hour.

Job Outlook

The job growth in an industry like this is around 11%. This is equal to the national average for growth across all industries. This can be as a result of people who are first time job seekers gaining employment here, then moving onto other careers once they have gained the necessary experience.

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