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A person’s appearance is becoming more important, and with that this industry is flourishing. These salons now provide other services like pedicures, manicures, and waxing. These kinds of places are very popular for people that just want a change or need some help keeping their look current. They are the place when you need to go someplace fancy and need to look nice.

These types of salons have flexible hours, and this is great for those people who are looking for a second job. Most positions here do require specialized training, however. These are also great for those people who are students going to college to work around a class schedule. There are different positions for people who are interested in different positions in the salon.

The industry is great for job security. As long as people will need these services, this industry will flourish. Even more than that, salons are continually offering more services for their customers. A person working in a field like this will need to have excellent customer service skills, as this is a mostly customer satisfaction based business.

This is a fast paced field that a person will enjoy, especially if they love working with people.

Job Opportunities

Here are some employment opportunities one can find in an industry like this:

Hair Dresser/Barber: A hair dresser is responsible for cutting the tresses of their clients. They might also provide such services as shampoo, blow drying, and styling. They will also style tresses for weddings, proms or other special events. In most salons, a hair stylist is the one who will shape eyebrows and other cosmetology services. A hair stylist should have experience and training in all different aspects of styling tresses and cosmetics. This includes an ability to mix hair color, proper techniques for cutting tresses, and make up application. These are all things that are taught at specialized cosmetology schools. During down times, they are expected to clean up and organize the salon. To be a hair dresser, a person must have completed courses at an approved cosmetology school. All hair stylists or barbers are required to have licensing, which is obtained upon completion of schooling. The hourly wage for a person who does this is around $11, not including any tips they might get.

Manicurist/Pedicurist: These are people who specialize in tending to finger nails and feet and toes.  A manicurist is a person who cleans a person’s fingernails while sculpting them and designing them to their customer’s wishes. A pedicurist does the same for the toe nails, but will also massage and soften the skin on the feet to make them more visually appealing. Sometimes a hair stylist will be certified and have training in a specialty like this, especially if you work in a smaller salon. All manicurists and pedicurists must pass an accredited program to gain employment in this profession. They are also state mandated to pass licensing exams in this field to gain these types of positions. One might receive tips in this field. They can earn around $10 per hour.

Receptionist: A receptionist is the first person a guest sees upon entering a salon. They will greet customers that are entering into the salon. The receptionist will also answer phone calls or make calls to remind clients of their upcoming appointments or schedule future appointments. They will also take payment as a client leaves, so they should be aware of any payment policies that their company has in place. They should be aware of all the services that the salon offers in order to answer any questions that the customers might have. They will have to help clean up the area during their down time to help keep the place clean and organized for customers. A receptionist can earn their state’s hourly minimum wage, around $7-$10 per hour.

Spa Specialists: Often times to gain more customers, a salon might employ spa specialists to provide services in store. Such services might include facials, massage therapy, and waxing services. These people must have completed certifications in their field, as well as having a degree if required by the state in that particular field. When they have down time and after each client, they should ensure their area is properly cleaned for their next customer. This field is a new one in the salon world, but it brings perks to potential clients. The spa specialist can earn around $11 per hour. This does not include any tips they might earn.

Job Outlook

The estimated job outlook in this industry is around 13%. This is just above the national average, which is at 11%. This might be as a result of most of the current employees leaving this type of industry to move onto other careers. This could also be as a result of more shops opening up that provide these types of services.

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    I’m Debra shoemaker looking for a career in the hairstylist profession I’ve been in this field active for 38 years I’ve owned my own beauty shop for 20 yrs my mother got sick and closed down my shop to take care of her she’s gone and now I’m ready to get back to work so if at all possible and there’s a opening for me some where between Greeneville Tn and Morristown please keep me in mind I’m also wanting to do much more then being a stylist I want to grow with the company both my sons are in college my oldest son is graduating this spring from UT as a anesthesia my youngest son has just started Etsu now it’s time for me so if you think you would at all be interested in me please call me at 423 5521273 I know I’m very interested in a future with the team at great clips

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