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fantastic sams

Fantastic Sam is a hair care solution franchise company. The company was started in 1974 by Sam Ross with the aim of offering hair care solutions that work. It was in 1976 that it will become a franchise business promoting is remarkable policy of no appointments and fixed fees. In 2012 Desage International took over the company.

Their franchise opportunity is one of the largest in the world of full service salons. They offer franchisees a lot of support to help them establish their own neighborhood salons that allows for families to work in and get served.

This company that is well known for offering cuts, perms and hair services has evolved over the years. Today, it carries it’s own line of hair products which include; shampoos, hair conditioners, hair sprays and other hair equipment.

The company is proud to have been recognized by industry experts on various top franchise lists. In the Entrepreneurs top 500 franchises for 2014, Fantastic Sam is ranked 47th. It has received many other recognitions from leading industry award groups.

Fantastic Sams Interview Questions

How would you know you were successful on this job? Success at a job can be recognized through many ways. It could be through the appraisal of your boss or supervisor, admiration from your co-workers. Doing a good job on an assigned task, embarking on something no one in your place of work has never embarked on before only for it to turn into a tremendous success. And in most cases, getting a promotion at work or a pay rise for doing exceptionally well.

Tell me about yourself do not go about giving details about your personal life; whether you are a mother, a wife, or husband and the likes. Talk about your academic qualifications, as well as your previous working experiences with other companies or organizations. Shed more light into your professional expertise and give details about your growth professionally.

Tell me about the most fun you have had on the job: this could as well be the highest moment in your career. People will seek fun in many things. For some it could be being resourceful at their jobs, joining an organization of their dreams, successfully going through with a project, being recommended for a certain assignment, being able to impact people’s lives, coming up with innovations, it is basically so many things. Just go with what works for you as an individual.

Have you ever been asked to leave a position? If you have, be honest and explain why. Do not however talk negatively about the authority that initiated that to happen. Be made it known, however, that you do not harbor any ill feelings or motive towards them. We are all human after all, we have our faults and even the best of the best are never 100% accurate.

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