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A home furnishing store is a place where you can buy anything that you need for your home. Whether it is towels or new sheets for your bed or anything in between, a home furnishing store is the place you can get the best products for whatever you need for your home. There are so many options and departments to choose from, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.

Since it is in the retail industry of jobs, it has flexible hours and requires little experience and education to gain employment. This is great for both first time job seekers and people who just need an extra job to bring in more income. This is also great for those people who are students that need to work around a class schedule.

Another benefit of this industry is the opportunity for seasonal employment. During the busiest times of years, usually around the holidays, seasonal employment opens up. This allows for a lot of jobs to open up, for people who need work or for those who just want a little extra money to spend around the holidays.

This industry can offer jobs for people of any skill set because there are availabilities in various departments. This can allow a person to gain employment in a field that is really their strength.

Job Opportunities

Here are some opportunities available in an industry like this:

Cashier: A cashier is responsible for checking out the items for the customer as they leave their building. They will receive payments from the customers. The cashier should be aware of all policies regarding payments. Since they are also tasked with handling returns and exchanges for the company, they must also be aware of their company’s policies regarding returns and exchanges. The cashier must have customer service skills, as they are also supposed to help to ensure that the customer was satisfied with their experience in the facility. To be a cashier, you do not need any particular level of education. You will need to complete any on the job training that is required by the company. Typically, a cashier can make around $9-$10 per hour.

Sales Associates: These are the people that you will find out on the sale floor. The sales associate walks around various departments to assist customers. They should be familiar with the floor’s layout to help their customers find where the items they are looking for and tell them where it is located. They must also have an in-depth knowledge about the products within their store to properly assist customers. It is their job to help the customer decide on which items will best suit their specific needs, and make recommendations based on that. They must also know how to properly use the product to help the consumer know what to expect when using the item. They will often put on demonstrations with their products. If there is a gift registry located in the company, the sales associate is responsible for assisting customers with this as well. They will also help reach items that are out of the reach of the store’s patrons. They must know how to take over responsibilities as a cashier, as they often will help out if more cash registers need to open. There is no level education required to work in sales. A sales associate can make around $10 per hour.

Stock Person: When dealing with the stock room, you are talking about where the inventory of the store is located. A stock person is responsible for ensuring that the store is properly stocked at all times, in accordance with the standards set by the company’s policies. They will handle deliveries coming into the building and organizing them within the stock room in a safe manner. They maintain the backroom to see that it is always organized so people can enter and find what they need in a quick and efficient manner. They will deal with any shipments that need to leave the store, and will ensure that the orders are filled correctly. They also assist the patrons with bringing items the front for the customers and bringing any items out to their car if necessary. There is no educational level required, but there is on the job training. A stock person can make around $10-$12 per hour.

Loss Prevention: Loss prevention is responsible for ensuring that there will be a minimal loss in company profits. One way they try to prevent profit loss is by creating and enacting policies that can help prevent and stop shoplifting and theft. They will work with security and other staff to train them in procedures and signs they need to be aware of to help catch shoplifters. Loss prevention also will look over inventory and past sales to help decide the appropriate amount of a particular item that needs to be ordered. If too much of an item is ordered, or more items of products that are not selling are ordered, the company will have to hold sales to sell the remainder. Often when the company has a sale, the store will sell the items at little or no profit. A person in loss prevention will need to have a high school diploma or equivalent, though some college education is preferred. They should have previous experience in retail. They can earn around $12 an hour.

Job Outlook

The job growth in this industry is at around 11%. This is equal to the national average across other industries. There are a few reasons for this growth. One is that as people in entry level positions gain on the job experience, they often will move onto other careers. Another reason is that with seasonal employment during busy times of years, there can be a rotating door of employees entering and leaving the field.

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