Pier 1 Imports Application & Careers

Pier 1 Imports is an American retailer of home furnishing and decoration headquartered in Forth Worth, Texas. As of 2016, the company has approximately 14,000 employees.

Pier 1 Import’s first location was founded in San Mateo, California in 1965. The company had 16 stores and had opened their headquarters by 1966 and by 1972, the company was able to expand to Australia and Europe.

As of 2016, the company’s total assets are worth approximately $843 million. In 2015, the D CEO magazine honored the retailer in the Best Office Lease category after getting back their headquarters from Chesapeake Energy.

The company’s employees receive a comprehensive benefits package. It includes an intensive job training program, employee discounts, and a health, dental, and vision care coverage.

Employees love their experience working for the company as it is a very fast-paced and productive workplace. They also love the big employee discounts, nice co-workers, and the long lunch breaks.

How old do you have to be to work at Pier 1 Imports?

Before submitting an application, the applicants must ensure that they have the necessary skill set and job requirements and that they can pass the minimum age requirement of at least 18 years old.

Pier 1 Imports Careers

The company offers fulfilling careers for applicants who have the dedication, creativity, talent, and resourcefulness to uphold the brand.

Sales Associate: A sales associate provides assistance to the customers. Their duties include accommodating customers, answering questions, helping customers find certain products, and providing information about the store. Sales associates need to have good customer service skills and proper grooming since they interact with the customers. Furthermore, they need to have a good amount of knowledge about the store and its products.

Cashier: A cashier provides the customers with a great checkout experience. They operate the establishment’s cash register. Their duties include receiving money, processing transactions, and giving change. They also provide customer service by answering questions and providing information about the products. Cashiers need to have good customer service skills and the patience to do repetitive tasks.

Stocking Associate: A stocking associate duty is to make sure that the store is always filled with products. They check the displays if some products need restocking and bring supplies from the stockroom. They also check for damaged  goods. Furthermore, stockers can also find certain products in the stockroom when requested by the customers. Stockers need to be physically fit since they have to walk around the store and carry heavy products such as furniture.

Sales Leader: A sales leader works with a team of associates to help the store sell products. Their duties include training sales associates and watching how they work. They also do a sales associate’s duties such as educating customers about products and helping them find goods. Sales leaders need to have good communication and leadership skills.

Customer Relations Phone Representative: A customer relations phone representative communicates with customers through phone calls. Their duties include providing information about products, hearing complaints, and issuing returns or refunds when necessary. Their job requires them to have good customer service skills and the patience to handle rude customers.

Department Manager: A department manager keeps an eye over the operations of a single department. Their duties include monitoring stocks, directing employees, and checking product quality. Department managers report to the store manager. They need to have good leadership, organizational, and communication skills.

Store Manager: A store manager watches over the location’s day-to-day activities. They tell employees what to do and act as quality control by checking products, talking to customers and ensuring their satisfaction, and monitoring the performance of employees. Furthermore, they also manage the payroll and the paperwork. If needed, they can make business and staff-related decisions. Store managers need to have good communication, management, and leadership skills.

Assistant Store Manager: An assistant store manager helps the manager watch over the establishment’s day-to-day operations. They do a variety of jobs such as operating the cash register, providing customer service, and organizing products. They can also check the display products to see if the store requires products from the stockroom. If the manager is absent, they will have to manage the store. Assistant store managers need to have good management and multitasking skills.

Sales Auditor: A sales auditor works closely with accountants. Their duties include making improvements on sales entry processes and training cashiers to ensure that the system can operate smoothly. Sales auditors must have knowledge about accounting and bookkeeping.

Information Technology Security Analyst: An IT security analyst is responsible for making the company’s data systems secure. Their duties include planning and doing security measures. Furthermore, they also conduct tests to  look for vulnerabilities in the system. Their job requires them to have an extensive knowledge of information technology.

Pier 1 Imports Application

Job applicants who want a job at Pier 1 Imports can apply by gathering all of the job requirements and submitting their application to any of the company’s locations.

For applicants who do not prefer to apply in-store, the company also accepts online applications. They can begin by going to the careers section of the company’s official website, looking for their ideal job, and submitting an application.

In filling up the application form, the applicants must read the instructions first to avoid errors. They should also review their personal information so they can include everything relevant to their application.

For the resume, the applicants should avoid overdoing it with the credentials, as it can make the resume look too long and boring.  They can prevent this by tailoring the resume to the job and company that they are applying for.

During the interview process, the applicants must arrive ahead of the schedule and wearing a corporate attire. When it comes to answering the questions, they must listen closely so they can come up with the correct answer.

Facts About Pier 1 Imports

Employees love the culture at Pier 1 Imports because it is a fun place to work at, filled with good co-workers, and they get to meet new people everyday.

In December 2017, the retailer’s stocks went down by 30%. According to a quarterly report released by the company, the sales dropped during the first 2 weeks of December after a promising start during November 24.

The company is known for the affordability of the wide selection of products that they offer such as furniture, seasonal decorations, table-top items, and decorative accessories.

In order to give back to the community, the company has already donated more than $69 million to different organizations such as the United Nations Children’s Fund and the United Way of Tarrant County.

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