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An Avis application could be the start to a career opportunity that you have been looking for. Now a company whose name is easily recognized around the world, this company had very humble beginnings with three cars operating out of Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, Michigan in the year of 1984.

On offer the company has a myriad of services meant to please every customer coming their way. These include the Car Guide, the Avis Signature Series, the Membership Services, the Business Programs, Miles and Points as well as a wide range of more specific services and products made to make the customer’s experience a fun and relaxing one.

Some of the company’s more precise services include Avis Cares, Avis Mobile, Chauffer Drive, Mini Lease Programs, expert Fuel Plans, the Select and Go service, the e-Toll, the Trip Service, International Assistance, special Pay Now Rates, Priority Return and Roadside Assistance. All of these can be complemented by the range of disability products, gps and satellite radio.

This is a still growing company that offers a fast paced and cheerful environment where people work as a team to make the customer’s experience an unforgettable one. The collaboration and dedication of its employees will keep you engaged and motivated at the prospect of being a part of this team.

Avis Careers

Within Avis you will be able to choose a career within many departments. Corporate, Sales, Logistics and the Agency Operator option will demand more experience than other careers with knowledge of the industry.

Field Operations and the Customer Care Center will offer training programs to help you with the beginning of what could lead to a fulfilling professional growth in an industry that can get you far.

How old do you have to be to work at Avis? To apply for Avis jobs the minimum age required is 18 years old. Other requirements include excellent customer service, driving license, good presentation, impeccable manners and feeling at ease when working in a fast paced environment. Patience is also a trait that employers will look for.

The benefits of Avis careers may include medical coverage, life insurance, tuition assistance, flexible spending accounts, retirement plans, paid time off, holidays and personal days and discounts on a variety of services.

As you prepare your applications it is important to take notice of the schedule that the company is looking to fulfill. The company’s hours of operation may vary from branch to branch, but generally these will be from 06:00am until 12:00am Monday to Friday and 07:30am until 12:00am on Saturday and Sunday. If you have any restrictions, make sure to make a note of them with your application.

Avis Job Descriptions

Vehicle Return Associate – This job description includes the following tasks, parking cars, safely directing inflow traffic and ensuring there are no valuables left in the car. This implies working in every weather condition and having good driving and customer service skills. The salary for a position like this is around $10,50 per hour.

Rental Sales Associate – The responsibilities and duties attached to this position fall heavily on providing direct customer service. Tasks include explaining available options, promoting other products and assisting customers with any car rental question they might have. The pay usually associated with this job like this is around $10 per hour.

Agency Operator – Being an agency operator comprises of being responsible for growth and success of the location assigned to him, hiring new staff, marketing, promoting the company values and maintaining a business plan. This position will require sales experience, ability to work independently and leadership qualities. The salary for job opportunities such as this is around $76000 per year.

Vehicle Service Attendant – This fast paced job requires that the employee spends most of his time on his feet. Duties include cleaning the interior and exterior of the vehicle, checking tire pressure, fluid levels, gassing the vehicle and identifying damage to the vehicle. The pay for these types of jobs is around $18000 per year.

Avis Interview Questions

Once you apply for jobs at Avis it helps to study some interview questions in preparation for the next step of your free application.

What do you know about the company? As you make your Avis job application online take time to explore the company site and learn what you can about the company and how it works. Takes notes, if need be, so that you can better answer this question later.

How would past employers describe you? Take into account the feedback you have from your previous jobs and talk about what your employers said about how you performed.

Why do you think you will succeed in this career opportunity? As you make your online application prepare for this question buy mental notes about what attracts you to the position you are applying for and why you feel you would be a good fit for it. Be confident and talk about your relevant qualities.

Do you work well under pressure? A lot of the job descriptions within this company require that you work under pressure and with strict deadlines. If possible talk about past experiences where you had to be working with this same environment.

What was the worst customer you ever dealt with and how did you handle the situation? Explain a precise situation that you went through at a previous job. Talk about the situation, how you felt and what your thoughts were about it and how you handled it. Explain the result and what feedback you had from your performance.

Advice For Application Process

If you are wondering how to apply for Avis online you will be able to find all employment opportunities in the link bellow. Once you have chosen the Avis careers that better suit your qualities and abilities you will be able to fill in your application form applying this way for Avis jobs online.

A direct application may also be made at your local branch or one of the many locations available. However, there is no printable application for Avis, so you will have to take with you your resume and cover letter. Since you are not able to download application form or use a printable application form, if going to the branch is not a possibility, you will have to apply online.

In every contact you have with the company when you apply for Avis jobs, take care to be presentable, polite and confident. Demonstrating to you interviewers that you are at ease and excited about the opportunity being offered to you can help set you apart from other applicants. Above all, always have a smile ready.

Your Avis application can be the start of a promising career within the industry. Keep in mind that you should show that you are knowledgeable about the company and its business and that customer service is a big part of the job. Be sure to show the utmost respect and gratitude for the opportunity being offered to you.
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