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img- Honda ApplicationHonda is proud to invest in America, as it has done since opening its first US plant in 1979 – the first Japanese automaker to do so. Founded in 1946 by Soichiro Honda in Hamamatsu Japan, the Honda Technical Research Institute started out developing and producing small 2-cycle motorcycle engines. The Honda Motor Company evolved only two years later, and by 1959 had opened up its doors in the United States, with a six-person retail store in Los Angeles. For information on Honda careers, to search for available opportunities, and to apply online, please click the Honda application link below.

Now, 25,000 American workers are employed at Honda plants, while over 100,000 workers are employed at authorized dealerships and retailers in the US, and tens of thousands of Americans are employed by nearly 600 US official Honda parts and materials suppliers. Including all areas of Manufacturing, Sales, Dealers, Corporate, and Research and Development, the company employs a total of over 250,000 American workers.

Through a diverse array of products and the processes required to produce, sell and use them, the company recognizes that it impacts society in several ways. As such, Honda strives to be a responsible company and community partner in every one of its many locations, by minimizing the environmental impact of manufacturing operations, developing fuel-efficient and low-emission products, and assisting local communities in need.

As part of its campaign of integrity and good corporate citizenship, Honda’s company responsibility statement includes the following standards: Respect for the Individual, Human Rights, Good Working Conditions, Business Ethics and Compliance, Environmental Stewardship, Diversity and Inclusion, Community Involvement, and Commitment to Principles.

Honda Careers

A career with Honda can mean incredible opportunity for qualified individuals, and the potential to contribute to society in a meaningful way. The company’s philosophy encompasses a strong responsibility to exceed the expectations of its customers, the industry, and its employees. Committed to a fair and diverse workplace, Honda strives to have a work environment in which all employees are treated fairly and respectfully.

This corporate vision supports equal access to opportunities and resources so that every employee can contribute equally to team success, so joining Honda also means joining its wide range of associated and supplementary groups and divisions. Ambitious and hard-working individuals can earn additional qualifications to improve their own skills and can find job opportunities at any one of a diverse range of departments.

How old do you have to be to work at Honda? You must be at least 18 years old to apply for jobs at Honda. For instructions on how to apply for Honda online and to fill out the Honda job application online, see the Honda careers website. For information on required education, skills, certifications, and qualifications, please check the direct application for each position individually. (Currently there is no option for a printable application for Honda, a printable application form or a download application form – all applications must be submitted online.)

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Benefits of employment depend on the specific position, but may include: paid holidays, flexible work schedules, lease programs, volunteer community involvement programs, educational reimbursement programs, vehicle safety training programs, credit union membership, comprehensive health care plans, pre-tax spending accounts, competitive retirement plans, same-sex domestic-partner benefits, and on-site fitness facilities.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Manufacturing Engineer– The manufacturing engineer supports daily line activities, provides leadership and support for line staff, and works together with team members to develop and implement plans to improve overall efficiency and profitability. A bachelor’s degree in engineering or six years of relevant work experience is strongly desired, as well as a Manufacturing Engineering or Engineering Technology degree, CNC and Robot Programming knowledge, AutoCAD proficiency and some machining experience.

Administrative Assistant – The administrative assistant is responsible for supporting account representative activities, assisting customers as needed, creating sales and purchase orders, controlling and maintaining inventory, problem solving, processing customer claims and maintaining documentation and filing systems. This position requires, at minimum, a high school diploma and at least three years of general office experience. Excellent organizational and communication skills, and intermediate PC skills (including MS Excel and MS Word) are highly desired as well.

Maintenance Technician – The maintenance technician is responsible for the equipment in an assigned area, including daily inspections and PMs; the documenting of repairs, activity and downtime; emergency call response; staff technical training; and coordination with contractors and other departments as needed. This job requires basic AutoCAD, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint experience, basic knowledge of electric, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, as well as basic PLC knowledge with the ability to read Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, and Omron logic.

Assistant Manager of Auto Distribution – The Distribution Manager is responsible for the shipment of Honda vehicles from the manufacturer to the point of sale, by organizing personnel, equipment, facilities, and strategies. A B.S. or B.A. with a minimum of five years’ experience in distribution logistics is required, as is proficiency with MS Office, and knowledge of AHM operations and quality control standards. The candidate must be willing to travel, and possibly to relocate, as the job requires.

Honda Interview Questions

Once you have completed the free application online, you may be called for an interview. It is always useful to properly prepare for an interview – the following are some common questions asked by interviewers.

Why do you want to work at Honda? Be knowledgeable about the company, and the job you are interviewing for. Your resume is important, but enthusiasm and attitude also count for a lot in your Honda application.

Do you have any related experience? Explain any work you have done in similar jobs or similar fields, this will make you more of an asset to a potential employer. If you do not have skills directly related to the position you are applying for, highlight any skills that speak to your general abilities and desirability as a worker.

What do you think is your greatest strength, as an employee? Don’t be afraid to speak up about your best qualities, but be honest. This question is often asked by hiring managers who want to learn more about your attitude as a person, and how you will fit in with the other employees and the company culture.

Can you give an example about a problem you had at work, and how you solved it? Remember that the important thing here is how you handled the problem, not how it began. Did you need to rely on a manager or a superior to fix the problem? Are you someone who works to resolve issues with co-workers? Can you think creatively to solve a technical problem?

Where do you think you will be in five years? The answer to this question can show whether you are ambitious, open to new challenges, and willing to take on new tasks and responsibilities.

Advice for the Application Process

When filling out a job application form, be sure to read each question carefully, and to double check your spelling and grammar. Even small mistakes on an online application can show an employer that you are not attentive to details or not able to follow simple directions, so take the time to make sure everything is correct.

To apply for jobs at Honda, you may be called for an interview. When preparing for an interview, wear sensible and appropriate clothing. For technical jobs, make sure your clothing is clean and neat and is not vulgar or overly revealing.

Business-casual clothing is a good bet for almost any junior management or entry-level position. For an interview for a management position, business attire such as dress shirts and ties, or modest skirts and tops, will always look good.

Prepare for the interview with Honda jobs by practicing your interview conversation, anticipating questions the interviewer may ask and your responses. Read up on the company and the role responsibilities by looking at Honda jobs online so that you know what the interviewer is looking for. Interest in the company and knowledge about the job will show that you are going the extra mile.

The interview itself may be short, between 10 and 30 minutes.  Be relaxed, good humored and friendly, show a positive attitude. You do not need to be very formal, just conversational and polite. Be sure to ask about salary, job responsibilities, available benefits and opportunities for advancement.
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