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Founded in 1930 as Geophysical Service Incorporated, Texas Instruments is an American electronics company that specializes in semiconductors, which it sells and designs internationally. This company is the third-largest manufacturer of semiconductors in the world. To become a part of this exciting team of engineers, technicians, and business people, please complete a Texas Instruments application.

The company began after the Geophysical Service reorganized in 1951. It created the first silicon transistor and used its invention to make electronics in the 1950s. IN the 1970s and 1970s, the company changed its focus toward making things like clocks, watches, and hand-held calculators. In 2007, it was awarded the Manufacturer of the Year for Global Supply Chain Excellence Award by World Trade Magazine.

The company’s responsibilities also include defense electronics. It makes submarine detection equipment, suing seismic exploration technology. It also has special airplanes and infrared and radar systems, as well as missiles, laser-guided bombs, and military computers. It partners with several international companies, such as Raytheon, using exploratory methodologies to work on defense equipment.

Texas Instruments is a slowly growing company, acquiring other businesses in order to expand its revenue and services. Since 1997, it has acquired Amanti Communications, GO DSP, Libit Signal Processing, Butterfly VLSI, Telogy Networks, Unitrod Corporation, Burr-Brown Corporation, Chipcon, Luminary Micro, and National semiconductor. It may also be working to acquire National Semiconductor.

Texas Instruments Careers

This company operates globally with offices in many locations. It innovates with more than 100,000 analog ICs and embedded processors, as well as with software and tools. This requires the largest sales and support staff in the industry. In other words, having Texas Instruments jobs is a very unique opportunity.

This company is an Equal Opportunity Employer, meaning it supports a diverse, inclusive work environment, and all hiring is done without factoring in religion, race, disability, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law. If you have a disability that prevents you from completing your application, Texas Instruments will help you. Texas Instruments also has Affirmative Action Efforts.

How old do you have to be to work at Texas Instruments? You must be at least 18 years old. The company provides engineering, technical, and business careers. You can complete a Texas Instruments application for jobs in either of these fields with the link below. Many of these positions require special Bachelors’ and/or Masters’ degrees, as well as experience in the field.

The company provides employment benefits. There are training classes, including special programs for college graduates joining the team. It also gives employees paid vacation and paid time off. It provides a 401(k) matching retirement savings plan and health insurance. There are also discounts provides at various companies on products including automobiles.

Texas Instruments Job Descriptions

Engineer – As this company works on designing and producing technologies, engineers are essential to its growth. Texas Instruments jobs in the engineering sector are incredibly diverse ranging from application engineer to product-marketing engineer to systems engineer to technical sales engineer. Each of these positions may be available in a variety of locations around the world. Salary depends on role and experience.

Technician – Technicians make sure that all products the company designs can be manufactured and are manufactured according to the company’s high standards. Jobs in this section include engineering technician, equipment technician, product technician, and reliability lab technician. You can apply for jobs at Texas Instruments in this sector online. There may even be local jobs available.

Business – This job description generally includes overseeing the employees and services the company provides. There are job opportunities available in finance and operations, human resources, information technology, marketing communications, and supply chain analyst. Find out more in each positions online application. Salary varies with position and experience. Salary is not listed, so you must inquire when you apply for Texas Instruments jobs online.

Rotation Program – This is a special way to learn about Texas Instruments careers. The program gives employees the ability to deal with challenging assignments, while finding their niche and working with a mentor. You will have the opportunity to be a part of the Make an Impact Program. You will work with many different teams in the company to get a sense of the industry. Apply online today for this unique entry opportunity.

Texas Instruments Interview Questions

Texas Instruments careers require a lot of experience and expertise, which you need to show in your answers to interview questions.

Why did you apply for this job? When answering this question, make sure to be as specific as possible. It is important to show that you did research on the position and that you know exactly what they are looking for. You could even explain how the job fits with your skills like being hard working or working with the degree that you have.

Are you a team player? Although this just seems like a yes-no question, it is not. In addition to answering yes, you should give an example of a time when you were a team player. It would be very helpful to show that you can handle conflict and different perspectives.

How has your schooling prepared you for this career? This seems like a very general question. You should focus on general concepts from your education, as well as on traits you learned from school like studying, perseverance, and listening. These personality traits are just as important as the specific knowledge you gained.

What are your long-term goals? It is good to come up with a couple of different goals, each of which has a different timeframe attached. For example, you could say something you want to do within the year, something within two years, and something within five years. It would help if these were career-related goals.

Have you ever had a conflict with a superior? How did you resolve it? Answering no to this question seems like lying because everyone has conflicts in their lives. Therefore, try to think of something, even if it is small. Resolution should always be kind and respectful, so make sure you come off this way.

Advice for Application Process

Texas Instruments is looking for applications that show that you are innovative, curious, passionate, and dedicated. The company recruits throughout the country as well has having a free application available online. It is simple how to apply for Texas Instruments online. You just go to the company’s website and can view all open positions by region.

After selecting the positions you want to apply for, download application form and update your resume. You can submit these, along with a cover letter, on the company’s website, or you can use a printable application form, which you can send by mail or fax. Although there is a printable application for Texas Instruments, it is easiest to use the online application form.

In addition to reviewing your direct application, the company may contact you for an interview, ask you to complete additional pre-employment assessments, or conduct a background check. The hiring process can take a while, so be patient. Also, be efficient and helpful when dealing with everyone at the company throughout the process.

Working for this company is a unique opportunity, so do not take it lightly. Make sure to be serious, kind, and respectful. You also want to display the characteristics the company is looking for in your answers to their questions and on your resume. This will help you stand out, increasing your chances of a jobs offer.
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