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With the growing necessity for technology in our lives, we need to be able to go someplace and get the products and assistance for those products. As a result, the computer and electronics sector is really booming. It benefits from the supply and demand for that technology that we desperately require to live our daily lives.

Within this industry are flexible hours and the opportunities for varying levels of jobs, which require a varying level of skills and education. Some positions are more entry level, which is great for people just starting out in the workforce. Others require a bit more skill and experience. There truly is something for everyone in this industry.

There are a few key requirements for anyone interested in entering into a field like this. One, a person must possess excellent customer service skills. This career requires a constant dealing with people, some happy and some who are not. Secondly, a person must have the knowledge of their products so they can properly assist the consumer.

This can be a great industry for people looking for full-time and part-time work. The flexible hours allow for college students a chance to obtain employment, and it also allows for people who must find a way to work around other schedules.

Job Opportunities

Here are some job opportunities available:

Salesperson: A key person in a field like this is the one who does the selling. A salesperson must have excellent customer service skills. The most important skill for the salesperson is the knowledge of products in their store. They must know which products work best for the customer’s needs, and the pros and cons of each item to properly convey that to the consumer. Ideally a sales person will have previous experience in their field and with skills in servicing the customer. Usually, this requires a person to be over the age of 18. No higher level education is required for this position. A salesperson can make about $10 per hour, with some making commission on the products depending on company policies.

Cashier: A cashier will deal with the customers. They will receive payment from them. Cashiers also deal with returns and exchanges, so they must be familiar with the company policy on such matters. They should be aware of their company’s policy on payments as well. Cashiers often have to deal with unhappy customers as well, so skills in dealing with people are important to this field. No minimum education level is required for this position. All training for a cashier is done on the job. The cashier can make around $9 an hour.

Computer/Electronic Repair: When the technology goes back, you want to have it repaired as quickly as possible while getting it repaired back to the way it was. That’s why you need someone who is capable of repairing it. They are responsible for knowing how to properly fix the products properly for the customers. They will also have to have excellent skills in dealing with customers in this position to help the person they are helping to understand the repairs that might be needed as well as listening to their concerns about the product. They might have to deal with unhappy people and will have to understand how to handle them in a professional manner. To obtain a job like this, you will need to have certain qualifications. You will need a higher level, specialized degree from either a college or trade school in this particular field. Many manufacturers and other companies provide certifications to work on their products. These tests are generally required before you are allowed to work on their products. Depending on certifications and other training, you can get around $30,000 a year to start in this field.

Managers: Managers are responsible for managing the employees and running the daily operations of the facility. When it comes to their responsibilities with employees, they are in charge of hiring, firing, and ensuring that they are properly trained. They must be sure that the employees are working to the standards of their company. They will be in charge of any disciplinary action that will need to take place. Managers need to have a high level of customer service skills to handle the consumers in the most professional manner. Managers have to deal with the scheduling of the employees as well. They should have experience in all the fields of the technology so they can answer more in depth questions that their salesperson cannot. To be a manager, you should have at least a high school diploma and have previous experience in an industry similar to this. They should also be well versed in their company’s policies for their employees and customer service. On average, a manager can make around $50,000 a year.

Job Outlook

Experts believe that this industry will have a growth at about 20%. This is much higher than the national average of growth, which is at around 11%. This is because the need for technology is expanding and there is a constant turnover rate in the entry level positions. As the demand for these products expands, the need for people in an industry like this will continue to grow.

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