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Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean automotive manufacturer that employs people worldwide. It is currently the fourth largest car maker in the world and employees around 75,000 people.

The company began selling cars in the United States in 1986. Its first car offered in America was the Hyundai Excel. The car was very popular and much less expensive than many other cars in the American market. In that first year Hyundai sold 168,882 cars in the United States breaking the record of any other car brand sales in the United States in a single year`.

Sales in the following years plummeted as many cost-cutting measures caused the Excel to be unreliable. Hyundai has since invested heavily in improving the quality of its vehicles. Today, the Hyundai is a popular low cost car in the United States.

Hyundai prides itself on new thinking. It strives toward developing revolutionary technologies and innovations that make its vehicles safer, more fun to drive, and more environmentally friendly.

Many of the Hyundai vehicles in the United States are built at its factory in Alabama. Hyundai also has a design and research center in California and an engineering facility in Michigan.

The company is constantly seeking employees who are knowledgeable, motivated and talented. It believes sustainable growth relies on a talented workforce and fosters a challenging atmosphere of customer service and employee collaboration.

Hyundai Careers

Hyundai hires numerous full and part time employees for a variety of positions at its dealerships. Each dealership is responsible for hiring its own employees and positions are generally advertised under the dealership name.

Hyundai also hires numerous individuals for corporate careers at its regional centers, manufacturing facility, design and research center and engineering facility. Corporate positions are advertised on Hyundai’s career website

How old do you have to be to work at Hyundai? Check the age requirement for the state and position you are applying for. You must be at least 14 years old to work in the United States, but many states have states have a minimum working age of 16 or 18. Some states allow minors over the age of 14 to work with a work permit.

Hyundai  pay varies by position. Entry level positions pay at or above minimum wage while managers and executives have higher salaries. Minimum wage varies by state but is generally $7.00 to $9.00 per hour. Compensation for sales positions are based on sales commissions.

Work hours vary by location position. Most car dealerships are open from 8:30am to 9:00pm. Some locations close early on select days.

The company offers benefits for most positions including health insurance, retirement, and paid time off. Many dealerships also have a yearend bonus program and offer employee discounts on parts and service.

Job Descriptions & Salaries 

Automotive Sales

Sales Agents work one on one with customers to help them choose the car that is right for them. They are directly responsibility for generating sales, and driving dealership profit and volume. They are expected to maintain a positive an optimistic attitude and build a strong relationship with customers. They are also expected to anticipate customer needs and overcome customer objections. 

Automotive Technician

Automotive technicians perform light repairs and maintenance on vehicles. Typical duties include lubing, changing oil and filters, balancing and rotating tires, and flushing radiators and cooling systems. Automotive Technicians are also responsible for maintaining repair and service records and performing road tests on vehicles. 

Sales Manager

Sales Managers are responsible for the dealerships overall sales performance. Duties include setting sales teams goals and motivating the team to meet their goals. They are also responsible for managing the sales negotiation process with the Sales Agents and appraising the value of vehicles received as trade ins. They also work with General Manager to plan and manage vehicle inventory. 

General Managers

General Managers direct the day to day operations of the dealership team. They are responsible for ensuring the team provides superior customer service and meets all sales goals. 

Hyundai  Interview Questions

Use these questions to prepare for your interview.

Why should we hire you? This is one of the most commonly asked interview questions around. Take some time to learn about the job and the company. Talk about you experience, strengths and values. Focus on ones that align with the company’s goals and culture.

Tell me about yourself. This is your chance to highlight your background and experiences. Don’t just talk about your hobbies and interests. Focus on things that are pertinent to the job. For example, talk about your sales background if you are applying for a Sales Agent position.

What are your goals? Take this opportunity to talk about both your short term and long term goals. Focus on goals that are related to the position. For example, if you are applying for a manager position, a good goal would be “I am looking for a management position with a company that offers advancement opportunities to successful employees.”

What attracted you to this job? This is where it pays to do a little homework about the company before the interview. Talk about why you are interested in the job but focus on things that are important to the company. For instance, say something like “I am looking for a rewarding job with a company that values hard work and promotes from within.”

How do you handle working in a fast paced environment? Talk about any challenges you have when things get hectic but focus on solutions instead of your challenges. For example, say that you engaging the customer in small talk about recent events to help you remain genuinely friendly when it’s busy.

Advice for the Application Process

The Hyundai application process is designed to help match you to the ideal position. You can find Hyundai Jobs online and apply for them online.

Dealerships generally have conservative grooming and attire standards. Be sure to look your best whether you are going to an interview or asking for an application. Wear business casual clothing. Be sure your hair is clean, well groomed and a natural color. Your clothing should cover any tattoos and remove any unusual piercings. Keep your nails trimmed and neat.

To prepare for the interview, jot down some notes about your experience and strengths that you can refer to during the interview. Also bring any questions you have about the job to the interview so you remember to ask them.

If your interview goes well, the hiring manger might let you know if you are hired on the spot but sometimes they need to complete all of their scheduled interviews before extending a job offer. Be prepared to accept the position if it is offered to you or to wait if you need to. After the interview, thank them for considering you ask them how you can follow up on the hiring process.

How to apply for Hyundai job online? Follow the links below, to find a Hyundai job application online, obtain a printable application for Hyundai , and to apply for jobs at Hyundai .
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