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With cars being the main choice of transportation, it’s no surprise there are so many different car dealerships out there trying to sell their brand’s automobiles to you. There are many options for the consumer and it can be hard to choose the right one. A car dealership is a great place because you can test drive any car and gain great knowledge about the products from a knowledgeable person. You can also get your car serviced by one of their highly trained technicians.

In a dealership, there are many different jobs to choose from that can appeal to a various amount of people and their different skills. Most positions will require being good with customers but as long as you have that basic skill, anyone can find something in this industry.

Whether you are great with people, interested in financing, or love working on cars, there is something that you can find here. The hours can provide a lot of flexibility to those who need it for working around other schedules or maybe even for a second job. There is room for growth and there are competitive wages for employees and other incentives for them to succeed for the business.

Job Opportunities

Here are some employment opportunities that a person can find at a dealership:

Receptionist: They are the first face a person will see upon entering the dealership. A receptionist must be excellent with people and should be able to assist the customer in finding the right person to help them. They often let the salesmen know if there is someone looking for information about cars or point them to a finance person or where the service area is. They must answer the phones for the dealership and assist customers to the best of their ability over the phone. A receptionist should have a good knowledge about the products and sales personnel on staff, and be able to answer questions regarding them. They must be aware of the dealerships sales and other information to help the customer. They will generally be required to have a high school diploma to gain employment in this position. The receptionist should have excellent communication skills to properly articulate things over the phone or directly to the person. On average, one can make around $12.50 an hour.

Sales: Car sales personnel are the people who are out on the floor, assisting the consumer with their needs. They must know everything about the cars that they are selling to properly do their jobs and answer any questions one might have about them. This includes knowledge about all applicable warranties and discounts that may apply to their customers. It is especially important to know information like colors available, any safety features and the ever important gas mileage. Even more important than the ability to sell, they will need to maintain a professional and approachable appearance. The sales person should be outgoing, approachable, and very likable. They need to work as a team with their fellow employees and have a healthy need for competition with them. This industry is fast paced and high pressure, so you should be sure that these are strong points for you before gaining this position. There is no education level that is required for this position, but you will need to have previous sales experience. All other training is done on the job in this field. A car sales person can make around $40,000 before commission, while gaining an amount like $300-$700 per car sold.

Finance Manager: The finance manager is the person you see after you decide on which car you would like to purchase. They will assist in finding the best financing options for the consumer. This means that they will need to have in-depth knowledge of anything pertaining to obtaining the loan and financing process. This includes knowing about the laws and policies regarding this type of transaction. They will work very closely with the sales person and the customer to be sure everyone is on the same page. A high school diploma and a degree in financing is commonly preferred or required for this position, though sometimes a person can be promoted up to a finance manager. They must have great skills in communication and have critical thinking skills. They should also have at least 1 year experience in a similar finance position. One can earn up to $100,000 in this position, based on experience and education.

Auto Mechanic/Maintenance Mechanic: Most automobile dealerships have a service department, with certified mechanics to assist consumers. They often provide most services that other service stations can provide with a specialty in dealing with the maintenance according to their company’s standards and schedules. They should have an excellent knowledge of the parts and cars associated with the dealership that they work for so that they can provide the best service possible. They must also be there to answer any questions the customer might have about maintenance and how to prolong the lifespan of their car. An auto mechanic will need to provide timely but well done service so the consumer can get back on the road.  The mechanic needs to be able to properly diagnose the problem to get the right and most cost-effective solution. They are required to have an automotive technology degree to obtain this employment. They can make around $16 per hour.

Job Outlook

The growth in this industry is estimated to be around 6%. This is much lower than the 11% that is the national average across other industries. With the increase of warranties and durability of the cars, this field is not as popular and in need as it once was. This is also as a result of the growing popularity of internet sales.

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